The Top 23 MLM Companies In India

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Let’s talk about the most popular MLM Companies in India.

India is a country where multilevel marketing is widely accepted. With the large population base, many individuals are looking for ways to either supplement their income, or make a full-time income.

Many of these India citizens do not have the capital to start a traditional business, so having a MLM Business is their best choice.

Multilevel Marketing businesses have come and gone in India, but there are some that are standing strong in this country.  In today’s post, I am going to provide you with the top 23 MLM companies in India.

Top 23 MLM Companies in India

Please know that Online MLM Community and I are not affiliated in any way with any of these MLM Companies. This post is for educational purposes and not intended to support any certain company.

1: Balaji Multi Services

This home-grown Indian MLM is gaining a large following. Using an approach of getting wholesale services, Balaji allows their independent distributors to sell these services at a profit and also build teams of distributors and get a piece of the profits they make.

Visit the Balaji Multi Services website here.

mlm companies in india2: Oriflame

This highly competitive cosmetics multilevel marketing company is quite popular in India. They carry a wide assortment of make-up, bath and body items and more.

Visit the India Oriflame website here.

3: RMP InfoTec Private Limited

This is another highly popular India based MLM Company. The primary products is software and information products. They use a binary compensation plan.

4: Tupperware

Tupperware kitchen storage essentials are huge in India. There are many independent distributors offering these high quality plastic storage containers.

You may want to visit the India Tupperware website here.

5: Dewsoft Overseas

Dewsoft is a technology based MLM Company. With its headquarters in New Delhi, India, Dewsoft has different forms of software that independent representatives are able to sell.

You can view the Dewsoft Overseas website here.

6: Amway

One of the largest multilevel marketing companies in the world, Amway is very popular in India. Their large supply of nutrients, cleaners and other quality health and wellness products are accepted very well throughout India.

You can see my review of Amway here.

7: Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever is another India based MLM Company. They are headquartered in Mumbai and offer an extensive product base including:

  • food

  • water purification

  • cleaners

  • and personal care products

Independent representatives have been happy with the system Hindustan Unilever uses. They use quality products and make money doing so.

This is the Hindustan Unilever website.

8: Avon

Avon products are not just popular in North America. Indians are overjoyed selling and using Avon products too. With cosmetics and other personal care products, Avon is one of India’s favorite MLM Companies.

You can visit the India Avon website here.

9: Nu Skin

Women all over the world want to have beautiful skin. India women are no different, and they want to make money too. As a result, Nu Skin has gained a large following in India.

You can visit the Nu Skin website here.

10: Barefoot Books

This is a unique MLM. People love to read, and independent representatives can sell books of many varieties. As a book author myself, I know that I get a high selling percentage from India, so no wonder Barefoot Books is doing well there.

Visit the Barefoot Books website here.

11: Herbalife

The nutrition and weight management products offered through Herbalife independent consultants are very popular in India.

If you may be interested in having a Herbalife business in India, you may want to visit this website.

12: Tiens

Tiens is a very popular MLM Company that offers a range of products from personal care to nutritional products. They have a high degree of popularity in India and Pakistan.

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13: Global Travel

Just like every other country in the world, people in India like to travel, and they also like to earn money. As independent travel agents, Global Travel MLM business owners can book travel for their friends and family and make commissions on those bookings.

14: Modicare

Modicare is an India based MLM Company that offers personal care, health & wellness and home care products. Many Indian representatives have made a healthy income selling these products and also attracting other Modicare representatives.

15: K-Link

Known as K-Link Healthcare, this MLM offers a wide range of health related nutrient foods and drinks. There are also body system cleansers and much more.

K-Link offers an extensive training system for new representatives and many are finding this to be a tremendous business opportunity.

16: Global NPN

Global NPN is an online marketing and training MLM that has been rolling huge in India. With India being a high technology country, it is no surprise that Global NPN is doing so well there.

You can view the Global NPN website here.

17: RCM

RCM has a large catalog of various products that their independent representatives can sell for profits. RCM has become one of the leading multilevel marketing companies in India.

18: Jafra

Jafra is a popular cosmetic and Skin Care MLM Company in India. One of their most popular products is the Royal Skin Care Jelly. They also offer many other quality cosmetics that Indian consultants are having fun sharing.

You can see the Jafra website by visiting this link.

19: Immunotec

Built on the idea of improving people’s health and wellness, and also improving their wealth, Immunotec offers super, high quality nutritional supplements and products to make life more manageable. It has grown extensively in India.

20: Guru SSR India

Guru SSR is an India MLM Company that allows its independent representatives to sell health and wellness items within their selection. Besides selling the products, the representatives can also sign up new reps that are in their downline, and they will make commissions on their sales also.

Guru SSR loves India, and you can see their website here.

21: DXN

The worldwide expansion of the DXN Global has not skipped India. With products made from the popular Ganoderma mushroom, people in India are attracted to its health properties.

You can see more by visiting the DXN website here.

22: Flavon Max Club

Flavon Max is a European MLM that had a grand reception in India. With a full line of health and well-being products, Flavon Max Club is gaining high praise in India and making headway into other parts of the world.

Be sure and visit the Flavon Max website here.

23: Elken

Elken is an MLM that says they enrich people’s lives. There are many individuals in India who have started a home-based Elken business. With health, home and personal care products, Elken seems to help satisfy many people’s needs in products and in extra income.

You can know more by visiting the Elken website here.

Quick Facts About India

  • Located in South Asia
  • Population of 1.2 billion people, making it second most populous country behind China
  • The capital is New Dehli
  • The largest city is Mumbai
  • The official languages are Hindi and English
  • Approximately 80% of the population is Hindu
  • The currency is the Rupee

Final Thoughts

There are lots of network marketing companies operating in the country, but from what I see, these are the top 23 MLM Companies in India.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree, or are there any other companies you would put in this list?  You can give any comments or questions down below. Thank you for visiting.

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AuthorGreg Boudonck

Greg Boudonck is a freelance writer and author of more than 50 books. He is also a distributor in a health and wellness MLM Company. He lives in beautiful Puerto Rico with his wife and two dogs.

39 thoughts on “The Top 23 MLM Companies In India

  1. The indian top most higher growthing mlm compony is mi lifestyles marketing global privet, limited. This is brand and wide range products of hailth care, personal care,beuaty care, home care, agro care, and helth care ayrvadic products is the grand
    Best quality tested of ministry of ayush departmend in government of india , the quality tested mark of ayush primium the mark proof is ayurvedic quality satisfied brand higher products, quality you can trus in “ayush primium’in govt.of india.

  2. best mlm company uniq product and uniq plan aane vale time me ni 1 company hogi india ki

  3. A good network marketing (mlm)company beyond resarch and development limited in kanpur

  4. Dewsoft company is the best mlm company in word

  5. I am very thankful to u for providing us this important info.
    And I am also the part of MLM it is EBIZ.COM PVT. LTD
    and i want to suggest everyone than u must be a part of any mlm now otherwise u will not safe. It doesn’t mean that u earning or not at least ur backup os in ur hand while studying. Bcz in future job has no value everyone will go to find us so do it early and join the best organisation which focus on developing u from inside.
    Thank you

    • You are right and thank for sharing the valuable and very right and useful information to the people who are needy for money. But before to join any MLM, clear all activities for that company, I found satisfactory, Now doubt to join and it good to join yet otherwise it too late. On one can get the more income without the network (Group Income). A factory owner also have the network (Labour, staff etc.) then he earns a lot of money. Any billionaire have their networking (Team). It may be Reliance, Tata, Birla any huge companies. All have their network. Without any team, group or network. There is very strength in network.So, I will suggest to join MLM.

      Thanking you,

  6. Thanks for the information. In India each and every one must take up atleast one networking company and should do it. This will give wealth health and happiness. Right now i am doing Sri Karyali chits india limited. which is amzaing. Anyone intrested can drop a message. Everyone must get associataed with Network marketing for financial independence, that is truth. Thanks for sharing this news .

  7. FOREVER LIVING is one of the Biggggest Ethical Company in the World. The only company which leading more than 160+ countries.

    Yes, I Am FOREVER.

  8. You left 18 year old company . Safe shop is the best NWM CO.

  9. Chuck, I am from South India. Amway is one of the famous and oldest company. I can see lot of the people still using their products. Lot of MLM companies are growing though Amway has it’s own place for long time. Tupperware is reached almost everywhere. We cannot find the kitchen without having their items. Every woman loves to buy Tupperware products. The video you posted at the end is really cool.

    • Yes, Amway and Tupperware are both powerhouses in our industry, especially in India.

  10. One coy is Dtm travel marketing pvt Ltd. What about it, fake or good. Please reply

  11. What do you think about Future care India pvt Ltd….this company is also growing with very fast pace…within 40mo this this co has reached at the level of 20,000.crore.which is a record.

  12. UNIAYUR MNH healthcare is also an growing indian mlm company must be in this series

  13. Ebiz is best mlm company

  14. Dinamic beneficial accord marketing pvt ltd company is the best company in India. And he works in Matrix System in India. India’s first company who works in Matrix System. Any one know what is the power of Matrix System.

  15. VESTIGE is the best mlm company growing fast in India & worldwide.

  16. Brans is a vary wonderful company in india

  17. There Vestige MLM Company not shows. It is also one of the best MLM in India.

  18. future maker life care


  20. Where is QNET in this series?

    • Smart value product and services Ltm give suggestion about this mlm??
      And how can I grow through this mlm??

  21. Smartway India Enterprises should be the top company name in India as per the consumer affairs list published by the government

    • Yes it has the cental govt cerificate and is legal and sucess full why didnt you add SMART WAY in it

  22. Smart Value products and services Ltd No. 1 org.
    1 education
    2 health care
    3 life style
    4 personal care
    Join smart value injoy smart value
    Thank you

  23. I Think pvt ltd must be in thiz list.

  24. Dynamic benificial accord MKT PVT LTD also is an growing indians MLM company it have its own brand it deal with fashion and it’s product is garments, accessoires,cosmetics ,future planning and also work on MATRIX system

    • nice

      this comapny is good

  25. what about kanwhizz industries ltd. …. this mlm company is also a growing company…. where the bright future begins….

  26. amway is the qualitywise and productwise top company.

    • Amway is a great company, the biggest MLM in the world, and one of the oldest.

  27. What about ShineCity
    Its also based on MlM

    • I’m not familiar with them myself. Why don’t you reply to this comment I am leaving you and tell us a little bit more about it? Thanks.

  28. Even I can say Vestige can be the top 10 MLM companies in India

  29. Good information.It could be better if you give the comparison among these companies products values as well as the carrier plan .

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ll have one of my writers start writing detailed reviews for each of these MLM Companies in India. Thanks.

  30. Good information thanks dear web publication

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