Building Depth vs. Personal Recruiting in MLM

Building depth vs. personal recruiting in MLM… Should you focus on front line recruiting or building depth?  Which method is most effective and most efficient? More importantly, is it your job to make someone else successful?  Is it your job to motivate your team and drag people across the finish line? These are important questions EVERY […]

Does Face to Face Selling Still Work in a Digital World?

Does face to face selling still work?  Someone sent me an email yesterday asking me that question.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and I figured it would make a great blog post. To answer the question: YES, face to face selling still works.  It is proven and time tested.  It is effective.  Nothing […]

Amway E Spring Water Filtration Treatment System Review

Let’s talk about the Amway E Spring Water Filtration Treatment system… Do you drink water straight from the tap? Or maybe you are like some people I know that skip the water and pop a beer bottle open. I have news for you if you are one of those people, you are not getting the […]

The # 1 Organic Weight Loss Shake

The # 1 organic weight loss shake… If you do a search for weight loss shakes, I guarantee you will be amazed at all the varieties. But do they work? I will be the first to admit that some do if used properly but in many cases, there are ingredients that have not been deemed […]

All Businesses Need New Customers and Must Keep Recruiting

All businesses need new customers AND must keep recruiting to stay in business…. One of the biggest complaints that you hear in the MLM Industry is that the entire focus is just on recruiting new distributors. Many companies don’t even teach their distributors how to retail the products.  As I see it, that is a […]

Essential Oils: Top 19 Cool Facts and Uses

Essential oils seem to have become quite popular in homes across America and the rest of the world in the last few years. Many believe this is because humans are trying to find natural means to heal and cure what ails them. The thing is, there are no absolute scientific evidence that essential oils cure […]

Top MLM Company for Baby Boomers

The top MLM Company for Baby Boomers… It is my generation! I am a baby boomer. Do you know what the generation breakdowns are. Well, I am about to give away my approximate age… No more playing off like I am 28 anymore. Okay so you know, these are the generation breakdowns: Silent Generation – […]

Employee or Entrepreneur: Which Option is a Better Fit for You?

Should you be an employee or entrepreneur? There are many people who will offer their opinion as to where you should go in your future. Some may tell you to just get a good job, save your money, buy a house with a white picket fence and invest in a retirement plan so you can […]

Top 25 Ways to Avoid Scams Online

Ways to avoid scams online… Since early in time, there have been humans who have a goal of separating other humans from their money and material goods. These people will use devious means to achieve their goals. And in these days of technology, those devious means have reached new heights. Online scams are developed daily […]