How to Make More Money in Your Network Marketing Business

Today, I’d like to share some of my favorite tips about how to make more money in your network marketing business.

Before I dive too deep into the training, please know that there are really only three ways to make more money in ANY type of business. Those three things are:

  1. Find more customers.
  2. Get your current customers to spend more on each transaction.
  3. Get your current customers to buy more often.

Smart business owners do a combination of these three things. While it’s important to find new customers, it’s more important to take care of your current customers, so they keep doing business with you. Remember this:

The real profits in any business come from repeat sales, not one time transactions.

How to Make More Money in Your Network Marketing Business

How to Make More Money in Your Network Marketing Business

Listed below are 8 of my best tips about how to make more money in your network marketing business. They are listed in no particular order.

Tip # 1: Get More Retail Customers

You should make it a goal to maintain five to ten ACTIVE personal retail customers at all times. In addition, you should make it a point to add 1-2 new retail customers each month to your business. This will help replace the customers who drop off, and also lead to more referrals in your business.

In most network marketing companies, having 10 loyal customers would generate you at least $300 in retail profit, which would cover most of your business expenses.

Also, imagine what your VOLUME would look like if every distributor on your team had five to ten customers!

Your business is driven by the volume produced by sales to the end consumer. A great deal of those sales will be to distributors who “buy from their own store” and use the products themselves. But there are many other people who will benefit from your products or services — but are not interested in building a business at this time. These people will become your consumer group.

Source: Medium

Tip # 2: Increase Your Activity

There is a saying that says if you want to triple your income you need to triple your efforts. I believe that. Take a look at your own calendar for a minute. How much time have you actually spent on the income producing activities in your business over the past three or four weeks?

Are you talking to five to ten or more new prospects each day, or are you sitting around at home doing busy work? Be honest with yourself. Most people in our industry don’t make enough exposures on a consistent basis to be successful.

To increase your income, increase your activity.

Tip # 3: Monitor Your Business Expenses

One way to make more money in your network marketing business is to reduce your expenses. Don’t be a tight wad, but look at each of your business expenses every month and see if there are any areas you can cut back on.

Evaluate the Return on Investment for each expense and make sure it is money well spent. Keep an updated profit and loss statement each month and look for trends. Know your business financial situation at all times.

Tracking your expenses ensures that you can reach your financial goals. By understanding your spending habits, you can make the appropriate changes so that you can ultimately achieve these aims.

Source: Entrepreneur

Become the person who would attract the results you seek

Tip # 4: Improve Your Skills

One of my best tips about how to make more money in your network marketing business is to improve your skills. Like any other profession, you must develop a certain set of skills if you want to be successful.

Be a student of your business and study sales, marketing, leadership, communication, team building, network marketing, etc. Attend events, read books, listen to a mentor, and listen to tapes and CDs in your car while you commute to work each day. Make it a goal to get a little bit better every single day.

Remember, skills pay the bills!

Tip # 5: Increase Retention

One of your goals each month should be to focus on retention. It’s cheaper and easier to keep a customer (or distributor) than it is to go out and find a new one. Send thank you notes, build friendships, keep in touch, send newsletters and do whatever you can to make people feel appreciated. Even if you can reduce your attrition by just five to ten percent, it can have a big impact on your bottom line.

This is really about long-term relationship building. It’s not about just bringing people into the business and just moving forward. It’s about working with these people and helping them to develop relationships.

Source: Entrepreneur

Sign up all your customers on your autoship program that your company offers

Tip # 6: Encourage Customers and Distributors to Order More Products

Educate your customers and distributors about the different products and services your company offers.  Provide product training on every call. Recommend different products as well. Encourage everyone to sign up for auto-ship.

Teach everyone on your team the importance of auto-ship, and talk about the benefits. Even if you can influence a small percentage of your team to order just one extra product per month, it can make a big difference in your bonus check.

Income can appear low at first because the strength of this model is in the residual income. Residual income results from repeat purchases from the same customers, often on auto-ship. These customers are sometimes retail customers of yours, as well as independent representatives who make up your team of both consumers and marketers. Due to the ongoing consumption in your network or team, your income can continue to grow even as your personal selling and recruiting plateaus or drops.

Source: Dummies

Tip # 7: Encourage Customers and Distributors to Order More Often

Not everyone on your team will order every single month. I wish they would, but it just won’t happen. In most cases, no more than 20 to 30 percent of the distributors order in any given month.

Your goal is to find creative ways to get people to place an order each month. You can do this by staying in touch, by building depth so there is fear of loss, and whatever other creative methods you can think of.

Repeat orders for the same product or service is what makes income residual.

~ Russ Paley

A good contest will get more production out of more people

Tip # 8: Have Contests

Run contests in your team every single month. Not everyone is competitive, but people who are competitive will appreciate it. Even if just 10% of your team “competes” in the contest, it can create a surge of additional volume.

The prizes don’t have to cost you a lot of money either. I give away free products, free leads, gift cards, certificates, or sometimes put a distributor I signed up on the contest winner’s team.

In their article The Psychology Behind Competition: Why Incentives Work, Gavel Intel finds that “healthy competition is effective because it encourages people to work hard and do their best […] It also provides validation and recognition for top performers and motivation and accountability for slackers.”

Source: Nextiva

Bonus Tip

My bonus tip is to find and build leaders. This could easily be the most important tip on this page! Customers and reps come and go like the common cold, but LEADERS create volume. Recruit up. Look for leaders in your downline and work with them personally. Even finding just 1-3 good leaders can totally transform your team into something HUGE.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are eight simple ways to make more money in your network marketing business. These tips are simple and fairly easy to do. I encourage you to evaluate yourself in each area and look for things you can improve upon.

What are your thoughts? What do you think are the best ways to make more money in your network marketing business? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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104 thoughts on “How to Make More Money in Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. I learned years ago the fortune is in the follow up! There are many people that strive to acquire more customers and more team members, which is great, but they don’t take the time to follow up with the customers they already have. If you have a loyal customer they won’t stay long if they feel unappreciated.

    Always follow up with your customers to see how the products are working for them. Most importantly listen to their concerns, recommend other products they might enjoy and just be their friend.

    With team members, if they feel lost and you haven’t kept in contact with them, they will not be productive. If anything, they will quit.

    Finally, tell your customers/team members that you are there for them and to contact you. As your business grows it’s going to be harder to connect with everyone. Assure them it’s okay to contact as much as they need to. Just remember it works both ways and they can’t be the only one to keep the communication.

    1. Staying in touch with prospects, customers and team members is vital. Once someone has joined your business or purchased a product from you, that is only step # 1 in the success process. You must get them in, keep them in, and move them along. The only way to really make that happen is to communicate frequently with everyone on your team.

  2. I noticed that a lot of people offer free eBooks or eNews letters via email as part of a way to get people on board with what you are doing. I never tried this. I wrote a book years ago and I would love to know if this is something I should consider as a “free” incentive to have people join me.

  3. These are great tips Chuck. The whole point in being in business is to make money, and the top one is getting more retail customers. I totally agree and when you have retail customers, you will end up picking up distributors who want to save or get their products for free.

    I do have one question. You mentioned Top-Tier MLM companies. If a person is in a lower level MLM, would it be a good idea for that person to also join a top tier one too? It just seems that would provide from both levels. That is, if a person could manage marketing for both.

      1. Yes, that makes sense. So do you think a top tier is a better choice, or is it purely our gut instincts?

        It just seems that joining a top tier seems risky. It is much easier to get people to spend 10-20 or even 100 dollars, but getting people to spend 1,000’s can be much more difficult.

        I am just curious how other people reading this blog think about that situation.

        1. I’ve actually found it easier to get someone to spend several hundred or several thousand, compared to spending $50 to $100. It’s a different type of client, with less drama and hassle.

  4. I think the best way to make money in network marketing is to set goals and then develop a plan to achieve those goals. Next it is important to share those goals with an accountability partner and family. Sharing your goals and plans with a partner who will check in with you to make sure you are working on your goals and your family so that they can be supportive and be aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

  5. If you want more money in MLM, focus on building depth. The deeper you drive your organization the more long term security you have and the more money you can make.

    1. Building depth will definitely give you more money in the long run. Building width gives you profitability and gets your business growing. You should focus on that in the beginning. But the sooner you can start driving each leg deep the better off you will be.

  6. The best way to make more money in your network marketing business is to promote a top tier company, one that pays you $1000 or more, just for signing someone up.

    1. Top tier companies work and are a great business model, but they’re not for everyone. What makes me cautious with these companies is that there is seldom a physical product involved.

  7. If you want to make more money in MLM you need to look at what most people are doing and to the complete opposite. Most people do not go on auto-ship, do not get customers, do not sponsor people, do not do what their upline tells them to do, do not stay around more than 90 days, etc. If you do the opposite of these things you will make money. It’s really that simple.

    1. This is definitely great advice, Marvin, and I think it applies to anything in life. Study the most successful people in any industry that you are pursuing and then model their behavior. Look at what the failures are doing and do the opposite.

  8. If you want to make more money in your MLM Business, you want to develop multiple streams of income. Don’t have all your eggs in one basket just with your MLM Company. Sell leads, training, seminars and affiliate products to people your prospect, but aren’t interested in joining your MLM Company.

    1. David,

      I’m a big fan of having multiple streams of income. All businesses need multiple streams of income. Having one income stream is a recipe for disaster.

      Thanks for the comment.


  9. I think that if you want to make more money in network marketing, you should reinvest a portion of your profits each month into your business education. Spend at least $100 per month on books, courses, seminars and coaching. Try to keep improving your skills daily and over a period of a few years you will really master your craft.

  10. I think the best way to make money in network marketing is to find what works for you. There are literally hundreds of different ways to build a business. What works for one person might not work for another person. Try out a few different strategies (with the same company) until you find something that works for you. Once you find something, simply take massive action for a period of a few years.


    1. Good points, Donny. Everyone has different skills, strengths and abilities. Try out a few strategies and pick the one you are most comfortable with. That’s the recipe for success.

  11. The best way to make money in network marketing is to “sell out” to the concept. You must burn your bridges, take massive action, keep learning and persevere until you succeed. That’s what all the top earners do.

  12. My advice is to team up with successful people. Find someone in your upline who is real successful with your company and jump in their hip pocket. You can’t learn how to be successful from someone who hasn’t done it themselves, so make it a point to work with someone who has achieved what you are trying to achieve.


  13. If you want to make more money in network marketing, I suggest you invest in your business education. Make it a point to invest at least $100 per month on books, courses and training. Never stop learning. Be a student of your business. As you start making more money, educate yourself even more. The most successful distributors spend lots of money on coaching, seminars, and training. You should do the same thing. Start small and never stop educating yourself about your company and the MLM Industry.

    1. Investing in your business education is definitely a smart way to learn new skills, improve your attitude and ultimately make more money in MLM. Thanks for the comment.


  14. Chuck,

    My tip to make more money in MLM is to have a laser like focus. Set goals, create an action plan and do no activity that doesn’t move you closer to your goals. Don’t diversify. Don’t try 2-3 different businesses at once. Pick one good business and focus for a long period of time.

  15. I think the best way to make more money in MLM is to be honest with people. Alway treat people well and do the right thing. Never lie to people to make money off them. Be a good example for others to follow.


    1. Good point, Jenna. It’s hard to build a legitimate business of any kind if you aren’t honest with people. Be ethical and honest and good things will happen.


  16. One way to make more money in network marketing is to keep a close eye on your taxes. Keep good records, save every receipt and be meticulous with your bookkeeping. This one thing alone can save you thousands of dollars in taxes each year.


  17. I think the best way to make more money in network marketing is to do home parties. I realize that most folks are obsessed with the Internet, but it’s also true that home parties work. I’m affiliated with Pampered Chef and I do nothing but host home parties. I do two parties a week, every week. On an average month I net almost $2000. The best part is that I’m not stuck sitting at my computer all day. And I get to interact with other people. It’s like the best of both worlds.


    1. Good points about the party plan, Heidi. Many people forget that our industry started out by people doing home parties. It worked in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and still works well today.


  18. I think the best way to make money is to focus on promoting ONE company and do nothing else. So many folks try to promote different systems, affiliate products, training programs and other things that they end up getting crappy results. You really need to FOCUS. That’s the best tip I can give you to make more money in MLM.

  19. I think you could make more money in MLM if you focus on sponsoring quality people. Avoid your cousin Joe and look for successful people in the sales and marketing industry. Or look for other network marketers or entrepreneurs to sponsor.

  20. I think the best way to make more money in network marketing is to work harder and longer. Put in more hours than you are doing right now. Talk to more people. Show more presentations. Work the numbers more and everything will fall in place.


  21. I think the best way to make more money in network marketing is to promote a program that pays you well. You want to earn at least a few hundred dollars per sign up. Making $2 to $10 per month per person on your team is simply a bad business model. When you need a couple hundred people on your team just to make $1k per month, you’re heading down the path to failure. It’s simply too much work for too little money.


  22. I think the best way to make more money in network marketing is to use an auto-responder. When you use an auto-responder you can work smart and follow up with your leads automatically. And you can recommend a variety of products and services to your leads.

  23. I think it’s best to pick a good company and stick with it for the long haul. That’s what most of the proven leaders in our industry do. They stay with one company 10-20 or more years.

  24. The best way to make more money in MLM is to sponsor leaders. Most of your income will come from 2-3 legs in your organization any way, so it’s best to look for leaders. Look for successful people in the sales, marketing and entrepreneurial fields. Find people with a big sphere of influence who are accustomed to getting paid on commissions. This can really pay huge dividends.

    1. Sponsoring leaders is definitely a great strategy to succeed in MLM. You can earn a large six or seven figure income just from 2-3 real serious people. I’d personally rather sponsor 5 serious people than 100 amateurs.


  25. I believe the best way to make more money in MLM is to have your own blog. Create a blog. Write 1-2 posts a day, seven days a week for your first year and build up a following. Write good content and offer some affiliate links. Generate leads, send out a weekly newsletter and never look back. That’s the best way to succeed.

    1. Having your own blog is definitely a great move, Jose. I have my own blogs. They are hard work and took a long time to build, but after a couple years of hard work things really paid off.

  26. To make more money in MLM you must adopt the “do it or die trying mentality.” You have to burn your bridges and get rid of your Plan B. Make it a point that you will succeed no matter what.

  27. If you want to make more money in network marketing, focus on recruiting leaders. Instead of sponsoring 100 amateurs, find 10 leaders to sponsor and work with them. I’d rather lead leaders than try to motivate a bunch of broke and lazy people.

  28. You can make more money in MLM by working with successful people. Find 2-3 successful people in your upline and jump in their hip pocket. Follow what they teach and do what they tell you to do. Learn everything you can from them. Attend their training events, calls, webinars, etc. Be a sponge and soak up their knowledge.

  29. If you want more money in MLM, work your business more! Part time work equals part time pay. Full time work equals full time pay. Start doubling or tripling the amount of time you work your business and watch your income soar!

  30. If you want to make more money in MLM get TONS of customers. That is the fastest and easiest way to make more money. Get 20 customers yourself and get everyone on your team to do the same thing. You will make more money and all the distributors on your team will start making more money.

    1. Jerry,

      This might just be the most important piece of advice in all the comments. All businesses need customers. Get 10, 20, 50 or even 100 personal customers and you can make a very nice income. Sponsor a few people and teach them to do the same and you can make even more.


  31. I think the best way to make more money in your network marketing business is simply to treat your business like a real business. Invest more time building your business each week and you will get better results. You can’t work it one or two hours a week and expect to make any kind of real income.


  32. I believe the best way to make more money in MLM is to find a mentor in your upline. Work with someone who knows what they are doing and do what they recommend you do. That might just be the fastest way to get better results in your business.


    1. Finding a successful mentor is a great way to make more money in your MLM Business, Larry. Everyone needs a mentor they can counsel with and learn what to do.


  33. Want to make more money in MLM? It’s simple. Start working in depth. Instead of trying to sponsor hundreds of people, start working in depth as quickly as possible. Always work at the bottom most level of your team. Work with the excited people and keep driving each leg of your organization as deep as you can. That is where you will make the big bucks.


    1. David,

      I agree. Working in depth is a great way to make more money in your network marketing business. Most of your leaders will be found in depth. And if you can light a fire in the basement, everyone above them gets excited and is bound to stick around a little bit longer.


  34. If you want to make a good income in your network marketing business, get good at generating leads. Learn how to generate leads so you always have someone to talk to about your products and business opportunity. Most people fail because they don’t have anyone to share their opportunity with, especially after they’ve worked through their warm market.


    1. So true, Crystal. Once you know how to generate leads on your own, the sky really is the limit. If you always have someone to share your business with, you will sponsor people and make money. It’s inevitable.


  35. I’m a big fan of the network marketing industry. Although I am not a distributor with any company, I made a very nice living selling websites, systems, leads and training to other network marketers. With more than 30 million people in our industry world-wide, there is plenty of opportunity for others to do what I do.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Rachel. That’s pretty much what I do. Like you, I love the industry but make most of my money in the picks and shovels business.


  36. I think the best way to make more money in MLM is simply to promote high end programs that pay you $500 or more just for sponsoring someone. With most companies, you can bring in 10-20 new people a month, but you get paid very little for bringing someone in. As a result, you work like a dog, but you don’t get paid much for your effort. With these top tier programs you can earn $1000 or more just for signing someone up. To make the same amount of money in a traditional company you would need to bring in 30-40 people.

    1. Promoting high end or top tier programs is definitely a great way to make more money in MLM, Jenny. I’m a big fan of these programs myself. If I ever rejoin the industry as a distributor, it will be with a top tier program.

      Thanks for the comment.


  37. The best way to make more money in MLM is to be a student of your business. Invest your time and money learning everything you can about your company and the industry. Read books, find a mentor, listen to CDs, go to seminars and never stop learning. As you learn, apply what you learned, tweak your mistakes and keep pressing forward. Within a few short years you will be a completely different person.

    1. Be a student of your business. What great advice. Of all the successful business people I know, every single one of them is a student of their business and their industry. They do everything you mentioned, like reading books, listening to tapes, reading trade journals, going to seminars, listening to Mastermind Calls, etc. I think there’s a big lesson to learn from that. Your business education never stops. You must actively improve your knowledge and skills every single day or you will get left behind.

  38. If you want to make more money in network marketing you simply need to (1) get a mentor, (2) do what they say, and (3) work hard for a couple years. It’s not rocket science. Most people are simply lazy and aren’t willing to the work it takes to succeed.

  39. Here’s some things I suggest doing to make more money in your MLM Business.

    1. Study marketing, specifically direct response marketing
    2. Use all of your company’s products
    3. Identify your target market and prospect people in your target market
    4. Learn how to give an effective presentation
    5. Learn how to follow up
    6. Help your new team members achieve success as quickly as possible
    7. Focus most of your efforts in depth

    I hope that helps.

  40. I’ve never personally known anyone who achieved success in this horrible industry. The industry prays on people’s hopes and dreams and ends up taking all their money. I hope the government will shut down all of these pyramid schemes.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way about the MLM Industry, Mason. The truth is, plenty of folks make good money in our industry. However, the industry isn’t for anyone. Like any business model, there are risks and no guarantee of success. People fail and people succeed in every business model. Individual results will always vary.

      Thanks for the comment though.


  41. Social media marketing is another proven promotional tool. I am continually amazed at how many people can be reached with a simple status update, and the linking features that are now available for many social sites make it very easy to keep it fresh with one post. My experience as a consumer of several social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter illustrates its power. I find awesome resources and products through clicking on links brought to my attention through one of these sites. Not to mention that it’s very inexpensive to use to supplement your branding and marketing efforts.

    1. Good points Amy. I believe every network marketer and small business owner could and should leverage social media to expand their reach and influence. You can use free and paid strategies but the bottom line that it is a must do to make more money in your small business.


  42. Here are the steps to achieve success in MLM or anything else in life.

    1. Decide what you want
    2. Decide what you are willing to give up to reach your goal
    3. Plan your work
    4. Work your plan
    5. Associate withe people who have what you want
    6. Never give up!

    It really is that simple.


  43. I’ve achieved success in the MLM Industry by doing the following things.

    1. Find a company with great products
    2. Focus on getting customers
    3. Upgrade happy customers into distributors
    4. Identify leaders and work in depth
    5. Lead by example at all times.

    This worked for me and I know it will work for you.

  44. Here are some more tips to achieve success in network marketing.

    1. Determine what you want to accomplish (money wise)
    2. Familiarize yourself with the compensation plan and determine what you need to do to reach that income goal
    3. Create a daily action plan highlighting what you must do every day to reach that goal
    4. Stay persistent and consistent until you reach your goal.

    I hope that helps.

  45. Here is my best advice.

    1. Find a mentor
    2. Find out what they did to achieve success in their MLM Company
    3. Do what they did

    That is quite perhaps the best and simplest way to achieve success in network marketing.

    1. Carri,

      Those are some great tips. Everyone needs a mentor and a game-plan. There’s no point re-creating the wheel when you don’t have to.

      Thanks for the comment.


  46. I think the best way to make more money in your network marketing business is to do what all the top earners do: have seminars, sell products, sell systems and sell leads. There’s much more money to be made selling those things that trying to convince your cousin Joe to buy your magic juice.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Alexander.

      The only thing is, you still have to know how to build relationships and market your business if you want to sell those things. Most people won’t just buy from you, without getting to know you, like you and trust you first. They want to make sure you are real, and successful, and provide value to them. If you can do that first, you will sell those type of MLM Tools all day long, and make a good income doing it.


  47. I don’t think the average guy can make any money whatsoever in network marketing. I tell everyone I know and meet to avoid this industry like the plague. The only thing that will happen is that you will lose all your money.


    1. Damon,

      Sorry to know you feel that way. I know plenty of people who make money in our industry, so I will have to respectfully disagree with you. I’m curious, have you ever been in the industry before. If so, with which company, and for how long? You must have had a bad experience.


  48. If you’re trying to make more money in network marketing you definitely want to have your own blog. You need multiple streams of income in your network marketing business. When you have a blog you can promote affiliate products, lead programs, systems and many other things in addition to your MLM Company. Your blog is your HUB of operations. You can make money even while you sleep. I think it’s the best approach you can take.


    1. Nate,

      I think having your own blog is a great way to make more money in network marketing. I have three blogs and I have multiple streams of income from my blogs, just like you mentioned. It’s definitely hard work though. It took me several years of daily blogging to get significant traffic to my blogs. And most people aren’t willing to do that. Just my thoughts.


  49. I simply love the idea of top tier companies, just like some other people mentioned. I’m giving up the traditional MLM business model for good and switching over to the top tier program business model.


  50. I think the best way to make more money in your network marketing business is to promote a top tier program. You need a company that pays you AT LEAST $500 for signing someone up and $1,000 is even better. With most companies, you need to build a small Army just to make $500. Personally, I’d rather get compensated for my time and not have to work as hard or recruit as many people.

    1. Good point, Louie. This is a very popular trend for people looking to make more money in network marketing. These top tier programs are showing up all over the place. Many of these programs pay several thousand dollars just for signing someone up. Of course, you should still do your due diligence before you join a top tier program. Make sure it is legit and there aren’t too many complaints about it. And make sure it makes sense to you, and you feel comfortable promoting it. But if all those things work out, pick a good company and role with it.


  51. Promoting additional products and services is just smart business. Why wouldn’t a person want to jump at the opportunity to create income from different sources. This then gives you somewhat of a financial cushion because money is coming in from different directions. Meaning if sales are low in one area you can still maintain decent business with sales in your other areas. In today’s society you have to know how to do this because experience has shown us that putting all your eggs in one basket can be something you regret.

    1. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad move, in any business endeavor, even network marketing. You should diversify and have a MLM Company, a leads business, a system business and a training business, at a minimum. This lets you make money, even when people don’t join your team.

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