Top 17 Amway Quotes Of All Time

In this post, I will share what I believe are the top 17 Amway quotes of all time…

When a person mentions multilevel marketing, one of the first words that comes to mind is Amway.

amway quotesAmway is one of the oldest network marketing companies. This company has set a huge precedence on how other MLM companies operate.

While I am not affiliated with Amway, I, along with many of my family and friends have used Amway products. They sell quality products and many Amway distributors have built very successful businesses.

Top 17 Amway Quotes of All Time

Looking through many archives and from my readings, I am going to give you the top 17 Amway quotes of all time. Each quote is in bold and italics.  After each quote I will share my own two cents on it.

It’s hard to rank these quotes in order.  They’re all inspirational. While they are numbered, they are all important and are in no particular order.  Let’s take a look at these top 17 Amway quotes. These quotes are from a variety of people… Distributors, leaders, founders and more.

 # 1: It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle. ~ Richard DeVos

To succeed in life, you have to be willing to take chances and step outside of your comfort zone.

# 2: Amway gets people into a new life of excitement, promise, profit and hope. ~ Jay Van Andel

Jay is the other founder of Amway. He tells us here how people can find a new sense of being when they choose to build an Amway business.  Amway gives people hope of a better future.

# 3: I believe the Amway business is the best business opportunity that has ever existed in the free world. ~ Bill Britt

Bill was a top leader in Amway. He passed away a few years back, but his legend lives on. He explains how a person can use Amway as a means to build a business dynasty with very little investment except desire and action.

# 4: If you wait until you know everything, you’ll never know anything ~ Richard DeVos

Amway entrepreneurs have learned from their founder that the key to a successful is to just get started and learn as you go.  Do not get caught up with analysis by paralysis.

# 5: There are a lot of great ideas and if we allow the negative influences of others to stop us, then we will never accomplish anything. The truth is, most people are always ‘waiting to begin,’ but few ever actually get on the pathway to success. ~ Terry Felber

Terry Felber is an Amway Founder’s Executive Diamond. His motivational words help other Amway distributors realize their potential and this quote is one great example of that.  There will always be “naysayers.” It is best to not debate with them; just show them it is possible. Terry did!

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# 6: Now the Amway business is built on Christian principles, and therefore it’s built on God’s laws, because a Christian is going to live God’s laws. ~ Dave Severn

Dave and his wife Jan are Amway Executive Diamonds from Idaho. I put this quote here because too many people try to say that Amway has become a religion. I disagree… It is a business and many of the Amway distributors follow their religious principles in their business.

# 7: Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed ~ Bill Britt

More wisdom from the great Bill Britt… When we assume that we can just place someone in the Amway (or any other MLM company) downline and they will be born leaders, we are deceiving ourselves. We must nurture and train leadership.

# 8: I’m proud that Jay and I, from the beginning, focused our efforts on helping people and giving them an opportunity. That continues to be the secret of Amway’s international success today. ~ Richard DeVos

What Richard said here is the basis for success. If we are focused on helping others, we will help ourselves in the process.  The more people you serve, the more money you will make.

# 9: A man must do whatever he can to provide for his family ~ Terry Felber

Amway and MLM gives us the means to provide for our loved ones. It is legal and a viable business opportunity that takes little investment. Who can fault a person for using the system to feed, clothe and house their family.

# 10: He [an Amway distributor] owns his own business. It’s part of the estate that he’ll pass on to his children. It includes a network of thousands that produces an income whether he’s dead or alive. That drives his motivation to succeed. ~ Richard DeVos in Success Magazine

Just like a traditional business, Amway distributors can and do build huge business structures that are something they can leave their heirs when they have passed on.

# 11: Mistakes aren’t the end, they are the beginning. ~ Bill Britt

In life, in your Amway business, in any MLM business or traditional business, we will make mistakes. Bill gives an inspirational message with this quote in that, we can learn from that mistake and get better.

# 12: What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.” I’ve tried to do what is right regardless of critics. ~ Richard DeVos

Amway, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel have all had their fair share of critics. They have not always been popular with many, but when we look at the help they have provided people and how they have changed the world, how can we say it wasn’t right?

# 13: Don’t ever let anyone steal your dreams. ~ Dexter Yager

Dexter and his wife Birdie built an outstanding Amway business. It started as a dream and they followed the rainbow to the pot of gold.  The bottom line is don’t let someone who has given up on their own dreams talk you out of pursuing yours.

# 14: Pigs don’t know pigs stink. ~ Dave Severn

The power of association is very important.  If you compare yourself to broke, unhappy people, you might be doing pretty good.  Hang around people who uplift you, encourage you and bring out the best in you.

# 15: Show the plan, share the dream. ~ Anonymous

Draw the circles and share the Amway business opportunity and products with everyone you can. This business is a numbers game.

# 16: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that matters. ~ Bill Britt

It’s what is on the inside that counts.  You can never look at a person from the outside in and know whether or not they will be successful in the business.  Success is an inside job.

# 17: Some will, some won’t, so what. Next.  ~ Unknown

Make a lot of exposures and work with the willing.  Don’t worry about the people who say no. Focus on the people who say yes and help them.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you feel about the Amway organization, you have to admit that Amway has changed many people’s lives for the better.  I love all these Amway quotes and while I am affiliated with a completely different MLM company, I take these quotes to heart and use them in my own business.

Which of these quotes is your favorite? Do you have any other Amway quotes you would add to this list?  Please leave any comments and questions below. And please share this post on social media.  Thank you and may your business grow substantially.



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