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Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Charles Holmes. My friends call me Chuck. I hope you will do the same thing. What I’d like to do on this page is tell you a little bit about myself so you can get to know me.

About Chuck Holmes

Here are a few other things about me that you might find interesting.

  • Both my wife and I work from home (in our pajamas) full-time with my business (I did not join the business to wear a suit and tie or attend meetings!).
  • I am 46-years young (as of JAN 2024).
  • I grew up in small town Skowhegan, Maine and have loving parents (they’ve been married almost 50-years).
  • I am a driven, competitive, and focused.
  • I enjoy shopping for treasures at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores with my wife.
  • I’m the author of approximately 20 books and numerous audio training programs and courses.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Management.
  • I am a Certified Small Business Coach.
  • I’ve been a selling on eBay for about 20-years (visit my store here).
  • I own two popular websites, this one and a military website.
  • I spent 15-years in the Army and Army National Guard; resigning as an Army Major.
  • Combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Kosovo, awarded the Bronze Star.
  • I enjoy reading, exercising, treasure hunting, writing, and watching funny movies.
  • I live in Homosassa, FL with my wife Rachel (our town is famous for manatees and scallops).
  • I am a NIGHT OWL, never call me before 10 a.m. in the morning (LOL).

My Career & Journey

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Watching my parents struggle, and eventually succeed, inspired me in a big way. I’ve always wanted to work for myself.

I’d rather be the Captain of my own canoe than the admiral of someone else’s battleship.

I tried the “corporate world” for exactly one year and one day and vowed I would never do it again. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I was miserable each of those 366-days.

I currently have several different income streams, all under one business, because I get bored if I only do one thing. My biggest passion is network marketing. Many people visiting my website will not understand that, but I know a few of you will. What I love most about this industry is helping others, the personal development, the ability to be your own boss and call your own shots, working from a laptop anywhere in the world, and the residual income.

chuck holmesI joined this great industry in March 2002. I was 24-years old at the time and was serving as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army at Fort Carson, Colorado.

My first network marketing company was Amway (known as Quixtar at the time). When I first saw the presentation I was hooked. I didn’t sleep much for several days. I was so excited about what this industry offers ordinary people.

If anything, I was angry that no one had ever taught me about residual income, time freedom, leverage, or network marketing prior to that. Now, more than 20-years later I still feel the same way about our industry.

My experience in this industry is similar to most people. It was not been easy for me. It was a constant, up-hill challenge for many years. I mentally quit thousands of times. I physically quit a few times.

Despite the difficulty I had for many years, the industry always appealed to me. It’s always drawn me back in. It’s like a disease I couldn’t get rid of. I believe that once you learn about, and understand residual income, it never leaves your mind. You will spend the rest of your life trying to create it, and rightfully so.

I knew that if I stuck with it, I would eventually figure out how succeed in network marketing. My journey to success took longer than most, but I am glad I stuck it out. Every struggle, failure, and setback was worth it.

When you stop and think about it, how many businesses offer you the following things:

  1. Residual income (this one thing alone makes it worth it, everyone needs residual income).
  2. Leverage without needing employees or capital.
  3. No need for a store front.
  4. A two to five-year plan to complete financial freedom.
  5. Low start-up costs, less than a few hundred dollars.
  6. Start part-time, without giving up your day job or primary source of income.
  7. Work from anywhere in the world.
  8. Free mentors.
  9. Personal development plan.
  10. No need to source or inventory products.
  11. No accounts receivable.
  12. No paperwork.
  13. No need to collect payment or deliver products.
  14. No territories.
  15. Recognition and Praise.
  16. Travel.
  17. No need to research and develop products.
  18. The company does the customer service, deliveries, refunds, product development and then pays you.
  19. You only succeed if you help other people succeed.
  20. Unlimited earnings potential; no ceiling on earnings.

Seriously… stop and think about this for a minute! Try to name even one other business model that offers all of these things.

At the time of updating this page (FEB 2024), I have been in the industry more than 22-YEARS.

When I first joined the industry, I had a lot of mental baggage to overcome (more than most). I had a horrible self-image, a bad attitude, and zero people skills. Thank goodness for the personal development! I am now a totally new person.

After committing about two and a half years to my first company (Amway/Quixtar) I decided to take a short break from the industry. I had a nice team going and was making some money, but I was burnt out and going through a painful divorce. I left the business for personal reasons.

During the next 11-YEARS I bounced around in many different network marketing companies. I wasn’t committed to ANY of those companies. I was one foot in, but never all in. I’d dabble with each company for three to nine months and then be off to the next shiny object.

I never found a company I was REALLY passionate about, nor did I ever put in the work it takes to succeed (in a big way). My failure, or lack or results, was my own fault. In other words, I never even gave myself a fair chance to succeed. Can you relate? Once again, my problem was me. I simply did not have the skills, mindset, or commitment it took to succeed.

I failed in network marketing for more than 13+ years. In 2015, I decided I would succeed at network marketing or die trying. Within five years of making that decision, working the business part-time, I was earning a six figure income in this amazing industry. If I did it, so can you!

My Mistakes

I’ve made more mistakes than most people in this industry. I’m not proud of that, but I did learn from each mistake and became a better leader, network marketer, and entrepreneur in the process. The biggest mistakes I’ve made in this industry in the past were:

  • Not committing to one company for the long haul.
  • Picking the wrong company.
  • Picking a good company, but at the wrong time.
  • Only having one foot in, not being “all in”.
  • Not taking all out massive action consistently.
  • Trying to create multiple streams of income before I built one solid income stream.
  • Not using my own talents and abilities to build the business in a way that works for me.
  • Chasing money rather than finding a company with a product line I am passionate about.
  • Not having a clear daily mode of operation for my business.
  • Not being persistent and consistent with my business day in and day out.
  • Not being coachable and not listening to my mentors.
  • Reinventing the wheel and trying to do everything my own way.

While it’s embarrassing to put these things down on my website for everyone to read, my hope is that you can learn from what I did wrong so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

While I made a lot of mistakes during those early years, there are two things I did right. I worked on my personal development and I did not quit. I took the time to develop the right skillset and mindset. I worked on my attitude, my leadership skills, my communication skills, my marketing skills, and my network marketing skills. Now, I am enjoying the benefits of doing that.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I DECIDED to become a network marketing professional. Basically, I was an amateur for 13+ years. My advice to you is don’t wait that long to become a network marketing professional. Make a decision you will succeed, act as if you have one million dollars invested in your business, put in the work, and work on your personal development. Do those things and you WILL succeed, eventually!

What I Can Offer You

Free MLM Training

You can fill out the form you see below to get instant access to my free MLM Training. I’ve written a detailed email series to teach you everything I know about recruiting, retailing, team building, duplication, and MLM leadership. These are tips I have learned mostly through trial and error during the past 20-years in the industry. The emails are easy to read, to the point, and filled with great info. Your info is never shared or sold and you can unsubscribe at any time. Sign up for it here.

Exciting Business Opportunity

If you’d like to learn more about what I do, you can take a free tour here to learn more. I am always seeking new customers and affiliates, and would love to help you reach your goals. This is a global opportunity. I’ve been with this company since May 2019.

Final Thoughts

I hope you will bookmark this site, visit it often, and share it with your friends, family, and team. Thank you for visiting my website and thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me a little bit about yourself.

61 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Chuck
    I really love this. I will read more about MLM from your blog and hopefully I will be a blogger too in this industry, I will like to do 75% of my business online.
    I really love network marketing Industry because it provide me the opportunity to help others to achieve their dreams.

  2. Hi Chuck, Your articles are one of the best that I’ve ever gone through concerning how to build up myself on everything regarding MLM. Although I may have some doubts and may be confused in selecting a very strong MLM company to affiliate with.
    I also wish to have a way to get more of your articles that I can use in specialized trainings.
    Best Regards.

    1. Thanks, Kingsley. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Do not overthink a company. Make a list of things that are important for you in a company and find a company that offers those things. Once you do that, spend just as much time finding a sponsor who is successful and is willing to help you succeed.

  3. I found you talking about 50 companies that were in your opinion good companies. I cannot wait to start working with a mentor of your caliber. I am serious just as you are. A challenging 2 year commitment will have its challenges but it will be worth it to put in the time and work smart and follow a great leader. It’s all or nothing. To me it’s all.
    Chris DiNunno

    1. Yes, the average person in our industry simply will not commit or stay persistent and consistent long enough to succeed. Some last a few months and most last a few weeks, before they quit. To make it to the top it comes down to self discipline and long term focus.

  4. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your networking. I see many people out there are in desperate need to make ends meet.
    I strongly feel that having a “passive income” will definitely booster families to enjoy luxurious & healthy lifestyle.
    The money earned from MLM is not easy as said but with perseverence, tactfulness, skill, knowledge, passion & commitment, one can definitely succeed in the networking business. I am glad to assist anyone who needs such help to prosper in life.

    1. There are much faster and easier ways to make IMMEDIATE income than our industry. What our industry is really about is the long-term residual income. Trading hours for dollars is easy. Anyone can get a part-time job, sell on eBay, or drive for UBER. In fact, if someone is hard up for money, that should do that first, in order to get their finances right. While they do that, they should do this industry PART-TIME until their MLM Income replaces their job income. Then they have choices.

  5. Hi Chuck ,
    My name is John , (Γιάννης ) I am in Greece .
    I do not even remember how I found your Blog
    I like it very much and I’ve never seen before
    a so powerful informative blog , so I check in
    every day .
    I am searching MLM business as an additive
    income opportunity for years to come .
    Greece is a beautiful country but the MLM
    business is downsized .
    There are five or six companies here as
    Avon , Oriflame ,Amway ,DXN Ganoderma ,
    Forever Living , Lyoness .
    Thank you for your efforts and
    think always that you are helping people
    and we are thinking of you from so far
    All the best..!!

  6. Hi Chuck,

    I came across your site just a little while ago. I am new to MLM since April 2016. I believe in the product that I am promoting; however,
    what I am finding extremely difficult is to find TIME to dedicate to it. I work full time (like I am sure countless others who do MLM); have obligations
    to an elderly mother, along with a couple of other commitments. What should I realistically be putting into my business on a weekly basis to make some
    headway in say 1-2yrs? Your challenge is suggesting 2+ hrs per day…there is no way that I can do that without becoming utterly exhausted and ineffective
    at what I am trying to accomplish. Any suggestions?

    1. If you’re truly trying to make headway in 1-2 years, you need to have conversations with minimum FIVE new prospects per day, every day. You could do that in about 20 to 30 minutes if you have a good lead generation system and you work smart. If you aren’t talking to two to five people a day, the business will never be what you want it to be.

  7. Hi Chuck,

    you have a very inspiring story. I know you have a long way to go. I wish you all the best for your future and Thank you for helping people to shape their life. I am also connected with one of the companies you talked about and doing good. You know, I have learned so many things from your blog here.
    Thank you for sharing Such a great knowledge with us.

  8. Great post Chuck,

    I too have been in a few companies over the past decade or so, with some success, but ultimately ended up quoting for one reason or another. I definitely have a few take aways from those experiences.

    1. Mindset – You need the fortitude to persevere.
    2. Knowledge – Knowledge is power as the saying goes. You need to be learning everyday, by reading books about a variety of different aspects of our industry, but I think most importantly, learning by taking action. Every action you take in your business, both positive and negative, will teach you something.
    3. Professionalism – This is a business. This is your business. Treat it like you have invested millions of dollars of your blood, sweat and tears. Be professional to everyone.

    Those are just a few of the biggest take aways. There are more, but, if I only knew then what I know now…

  9. charles I love the way you talk about mum and I also want to be great in the industry and I believe with what I will be learning from you I will also get there.

  10. Hi Chuck, I just received your email about the 10 day Bootcamp that was supposed to be FREE, and got to someone else’s website, selling me ‘ACCESS’ to something that I thought was FREE. I guess this is how this affiliate thing works. Is what you are offering really FREE or I have to buy something from some guy named, Fernando Ceballos???


    1. My Boot Camp is free and there is no catch nothing to buy. Once again, it’s 100% free. The info you saw in the P.S. line of the email is optional. That is what you clicked on. That is a course I’ve bought myself and promote, because I like it. Even that course offers 10 days of free training with no catch to buy anything. You can buy the course if you want to, but it is not required.

      I do run a business, so I do have to promote some things I make money on. I hope you understand.

  11. Hi Charles,

    Well done on the podcast! It’s looking good! I especially enjoyed the episode from June 18th where you spoke on the best prospects for your MLM business.

    I’m a VP of Sales at a company called WeEditPodcasts. Just wandering if you’d be interested in our services. We offer top notch editing, with the fastest turnaround on the internet. If this sounds at all intriguing, give me a shout at the email address provided.

    All the best,

    Andrew Delmar
    VP of Sales at We Edit Podcasts

  12. Dear Chuck,

    First and foremost, thank you for your service to our country. I am teaching my children to appreciate and be grateful for the freedoms we have and what those freedoms have cost those of you that have served.

    I enjoyed your comments on your personal and business journey. I too grew up in a network marketing family. My mom was “green” before anyone knew what “green” meant. She became an Amway distributor in the 60’s because of the laundry detergent being bio-degradable. We grew up on a lake, and at the time many homes pumped laundry water right into the lake. Can you imagine? So, until that could be changed, she had the foresight to make some environmentally conscious choices. Mom also had a Melaleuca business. Tea Tree Oil is still a constant in our home today. Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal life.

  13. Hi Chuck,
    What are your thoughts about getting involved pre-launch in a start up NWM that has a great concept, with very good potential? People joining can make a good business by offering a service that people naturally use anyway, no need to push products? They are incentivizing early adopters with attractive benefits. Do you see a worthwhile risk/reward here?

  14. Mr.Holmes.I would like to speak with you personally,please.I will tell you a little about me.mlm retired me as a police officer.I did $226,000.00 in my first full year.I tell you this to let you know I am very serious.I COMMIT to people that join me.This is the first time i have ever done mlm,so Im in need of industry direction.I don’t say this to brag or recruit from your sight.I only tell you this because I’m serious,and coachable.I have a burning desire to become more.

  15. Chuck, did I overlook Stream Energy/Ignite in your list of top-50, you know the company that has generated over $7Billion in the first 10 years and is debt-free and is the 14th largest network marketing company in the world? Maybe I need to go back and look again because surely they are on your list…

  16. Chuck,

    I so appreciate the informative emails. You give me encouragement with my business without really being on my direct team. Your sites and services help in so many ways. I appreciate you, brother. I hope everyone else who reads your posts and emails do as well. Live well!

  17. Hi Chuck, you have a serious website here! I am envious. I had a question about the frequency of submitting posts. Do you think it’s better for Alexa and Google ranking by posting 4 to 5 times a week, or more like 2. Interested to hear your thoughts. Obviously you know what you’re doing. You have a great rating.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Erik. Truth be told I worked my ass off to get here. I try to do minimum 10 LONG posts per week, all at least 1000 words. I try to write incredible content so people want to come back. I get lots of repeat visitors. I don’t think how often you post matters much. It’s the quality of the content and what you do to market and promote the content that matter more. Many popular blogs only post a couple times a week. Others publish 5-10 posts per day. It just depends. I love to write and I am passionate about this subject. I could spend all day every day and never run out of ideas.

  18. Just a question, is it wrong to continue with network marketing if i knew that my girlfriend detested it a lot? It has come to a stage that is either I choose her or choose network marketing. To her, NM is just like another job which will take up even more time to do other then the normal day job. I feel bad because I am actually still doing NM behind her back. It’s gonna be very tough. Any thoughts on this situation of mine?? Thanks in advance!

    1. Great question. I have mixed feelings on this. First and foremost, I don’t believe ANYONE should be able to tell you what you can or can’t do for a job or business. That is a personal choice. If I was dating someone and then said it was the business or them, I would tell them goodbye! That’s just how I operate. I would tell you to trust your instincts and do what you think is right.

  19. It is nice to read your bio and get to know you better as a person. (I have to comment on your Amway experience: I had no idea that earning as little as $1k – 2k a month would put you in the top 10% earners in that company.) It is amazing to see how you have stuck with the MLM industry and really turned it into a livelihood. I have enjoyed and benefited from your coaching over the past few years. Here is to a continued bright future.

  20. Chuck, Reading your about page, almost literally brought me to tears. Did not realize have much we have in common. Although I am currently affiliated with a MLM, my heart’s passion really is in empowering and informing all network marketers in the industry. Giving them information that will help them make the best possible decision. So glad that we connected.

  21. Hey Chuck
    I realized there must be a better way to do this business. I really enjoyed reading your tips. I would like to call and speak with you personally. I am not a tire kicker.lol I want to get set up and moving in the right direction. I am 45 years old and I know Mlm is for me. I just don’t know how to do it. I am currently with Vemma for the last 2 months doing the warm market. May I call and speak with you personally. Thank you in advance.

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