Your MLM Company is NOT The Answer to Your Problems

Today, I want to educate you about why your MLM Company is NOT the answer to your problems.  I know this might sound a bit weird to you, but I hope you will read the rest of this post so I can explain it in greater detail.

People join MLM Companies every day.  People quit MLM Companies every day.  People switch MLM Companies every day.

Most people quit MLM Companies because they aren’t getting the results they desire.  Most people join MLM Companies in hopes of reaching financial freedom.  Most people switch MLM Companies because they think the grass is greener on the other side.

In all three of these examples, people either joined, switched, or quit a MLM Company because they think that the COMPANY is/was the answer to their problems.  They think that if they can find the right company everything will fall into place.

Well, I’ll be the first to admit that working with a good company is important.  However, the company you join isn’t anywhere near as important as YOU.  It’s your commitment, your skills, and your perseverance that will matter most.  You are the key part of the equation, not your company.

People fail and people succeed in EVERY single MLM Company.  That’s right, there are people who are achieving success in a company that others are failing at.


Because successful people ACCEPT responsibility for their own success or failure.  They realize they are the Captain of their own battleship and only they can determine their own success.  Successful people look at the company as their VEHICLE, but they look at themselves as the DRIVER who controls the vehicle.

Most people do the exact opposite.  They think that if they can find the perfect company that everything will fall into place and they will be successful.  Simply put, they look to something other than themselves as the key success factor.

And when they fail, they blame the company!  Or, they blame the industry.  They do everything but accept responsibility for their own actions (or lack of actions).

When you have this victim mentality you will never be successful in anything you do.

So, here is what you should know.

You need to realize that the company you are in right now provides more than enough opportunity to be successful.  If you are struggling to build your network marketing business, you need to look YOURSELF in the mirror, rather than second guess your company (or the industry).

Until you develop the right skills and right mind-set, you will struggle with EVERY single MLM Company you join.  It took me YEARS to learn this lesson as I switched back and forth from a bunch of different companies.

I hope you can learn a valuable lesson from my own mistakes.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think the MLM Company you pick is the most important thing, or do you think that YOU are the most important part of the equation?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Your MLM Company is NOT The Answer to Your Problems”

  1. Chuck, you are absolutely right. Companies are not good or bad but it’s the people who make things done and are responsible for success/failure. Having skilled people around you with whom you can constantly learn, get motivated and collaborate for successful execution of MLM business planning/strategies and operations is certainly important.

    1. Many folks look at their company as the answer to ALL of their troubles. Truth is, until you develop the right skill-set you will struggle in any and every company you join. The same holds true in traditional business. If you fail in one business you will probably fail in your next business, UNTIL you develop the right skill-set. That’s why successful entrepreneurs can start any type of business and be successful. They know what they are doing.

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  3. This an excellent post. I have to admit I have fallen into that form of thinking. If only…. We are the ones who control how things go, not the MLM. I like how you stated there are those who succeed in every MLM. This shows it isn’t the company that is holding you down, it is the person in the mirror. This hits home right now as I have had some stressful stuff happening. I could blame it on other sources, but the fact is: I can only change the guy in the mirror.

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  5. This is absolutely true. An MLM business will not fix all of your problems, just like the right partner will not fix your life, the right car won’t fix your social life, and having a baby won’t cure your relationship woes. You always need to start with yourself. You need to find your commitment, the right attitude and the adequate confidence level before you can be able to pick the right MLM to be successful in.

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