Your Best MLM Distributors Will Require the Least Amount of Help

Did you know that your best MLM Distributors will require the least amount of help?  After spending the last twelve years in the network marketing industry, I’ve found that the best people I ever sponsored were self-sufficient pretty much from day one!

Yes, they needed a little bit a help to get started.  But after their initial training session, they were off to the races!

As you start to sponsor a lot of people into your business, you will quickly find some high maintenance people that ask you hundreds of questions, call you every single day, and seem very excited.  But normally what happens is they do this for a month or two and then QUIT.

They talk a big game, act excited, yet never do anything to build their team.

And you end up WASTING 30, 40 or even 100 or more hours of time that you spent one-on-one trying to help that person.

Worst of all, you made peanuts in commissions from that person, if anything at all!

It’s so frustrating when this happens!  Yes, it’s part of the network marketing business, but there are a few things you can do to minimize this.

Here are a few of my best tips to help you work smart and minimize wasted time with the high maintenance distributors.

1.  You should help everyone on your team – You have the responsibility to help everyone on your team, but YOU get to decide what that means.  I suggest you set a “time limit” for how much time you will work with someone one-on-one.  You need to let people know what you expect of them, if you are going to work with them.

2.  Invest the most time with the people who are doing the work – You will work smart by working with people who are doing the work.  People will fool you.  They will tell you they are excited and talk a big game, but once they get off the phone with you they will do NOTHING to build their business.

3.  Try to train in group settings whenever possible – Whenever possible, do all of your training in a group setting.  This frees up your time and works very well.  If you have to do everything one-on-one, and you have a big group, you will never have any time for yourself.

4. Limit the amount of hours you work with someone if they aren’t producing – After the first month in the business, you will have a fairly good idea as to whether or not someone is serious about the business.  And after 90 days you will really know.  I suggest you limit the one-on-one time as much as possible for anyone not “doing the work” OR “producing the results.”  If they are putting in the effort and not getting results, that is one thing.  But if they aren’t implementing what you teach them, move on to the next person.

5. Be nice to everyone, but work with the producers – Once again, spend 80% to 90% of your time with the top 10% to 20% of your team.  Love on everyone else and be kind, to them but focus your efforts on the people doing the work.

Once again, you support everyone, but you work with the willing.

It’s true, your best producers usually require the least amount of your effort.

  • If they have a question, the will find the answer.
  • If they have a problem, they will try to fix it on their own.
  • They won’t need motivation because they are self-motivated.
  • They’ll take the information you share with them and APPLY it in their business.
  • When they come to you with questions or asking for help, it’s because they’ve exhausted all other options.
  • They take responsibility for their own actions and their own business.
  • They value your time and don’t want to waste it.

Final Thoughts

In summary, your best MLM Distributors will require the least amount of help.  They will be self-sufficient and self-motivated right from the beginning.  They will look to you for guidance from time to time, but they will take responsibility for their own business and treat it like a real business.

On the other hand, many people will fool you.  Many distributors will have tons of questions, act excited, yet never do anything.  Your job is to identify these folks and not spend very much time with them.

What are your thoughts about this?  Leave a comment below to share your opinion.

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Chuck Holmes
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7 thoughts on “Your Best MLM Distributors Will Require the Least Amount of Help”

  1. This post is so incredibly true. You can quickly and easily spot those people within your team who are poised to be really successful because they have a certain drive that makes them quite self sufficient. Aside from an occasional question or tidbit of advice, they really go on to create their own path of achievement because they enter into the opportunity knowing what it is they want to accomplish and how they plan to make their vision a reality.

    1. This holds true in any business or job. A few percent of the people pull most of the weight and do most of the work. Your goal is to find the people who are willing to work and partner up with them!

  2. Group training (your number 3) is a great strategy because it not only saves you time, and allows you to give a consistent message to each person on your team, but your team members also benefit from the interaction with each other. Especially the competitive team members. They can bounce ideas off each other and be motivated by the collective energy in the room. Just be sure to quickly nip any negativity in the bud.

  3. You are so correct. If a person really wants to succeed in MLM it really does not take someone holding their hand at all times. Yes, some training and follow up is needed, but overall, they will step out and do what needs to be done if they really want it bad enough. I believe in group meetings it would be good to point out the top producers and have them say what is working for them. This may give the low producers some inspiration. Just a thought.

      1. You can also really tell if they are serious if they are taking notes during meetings and using the resources provided to them. Some people assume their sponsor will just do the work for them. It would be like a normal business getting a loan from a bank, and expecting the bank to do all the work. Some individuals seem to think riches will just fall in their lap and are not willing to work for them.

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