Youngevity Get Skinny Contest

Youngevity is a very successful health and wellness network marketing company. One of the ways the company promotes itself is through their Get Skinny Contest. This is similar to the Visalus “Body By Vi” Challenge.  In essence, the contest offers a way to create a friendly competition between distributors and customers, to get publicity for the company, and also to offer a great way to generate more sales in your team.

Both distributors and customers can enter the Get Skinny Contest. To get started, all they need to do is to fill out an application online, purchase a Slender FX® Weight Management System, take some before and after photos and provide a testimonial when they are finished.

According to the official website, you must be 18 or older to participate. The Corporate Committee will pick the winners each month. The company gives away lots of cool prizes such as free products, Reebok® gear and even paid trips.

I’ve found that contests are a great way to build momentum and growth in any business. You can leverage the Get Skinny Contest to get more product orders from your current customers and distributors, to create a friendly competition with current distributors, and to make more money.

Best of all, you can participate in the contest yourself to lose weight and improve your health. And you can help others do the same. Simply put, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you visit the Youngevity website, you will find lots of testimonials about the products. Many distributors have experienced great success promoting the Youngevity Get Skinny Contest. If you are involved with the company, you should check it out. It might be a great way to give your business that added boost you need to take your business to the next level.  If you have participated in the Youngevity Get Skinny Contest before please leave a comment to this post to share your story.

Here’s a good testimonial video of someone who did the contest.  Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. The name is a registered trademark owned by the company.

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4 thoughts on “Youngevity Get Skinny Contest”

  1. Contests are a great way to boost sales and get new leads or contacts, as well! I know a lot of businesses on Facebook do “like, share, & comment to win [X]”, and it seems to work quite well. I offer a prize to the person who brings the most friends with them to a party. The ROI for things like that can be pretty high, especially if you can get away with less expensive prizes.

  2. I participated in the Get Skinny Contest and lost 15 lbs. My mom and dad lost weight doing it to. After finishing the contest I decided to sign up as a distributor.

  3. Contests are such a great way to build momentum in your group. Get everyone on your team to participate and make sure they get their customers and team members to do it too. This creates more volume in your team and will put more profit in your business.

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