You Need Confidence, High Self-Esteem and a Good Self Image to Succeed in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a lot like sales.  To succeed, you need good confidence, high self-esteem and a positive self-image.  You need these things because you will deal with lots of rejection, ups and downs and temporary setbacks.  You will also deal with difficult people.

People with depression or low self-esteem will seldom make it big in our industry.  Once they get a couple NOs, some rejection, or someone that is rude to them, they quit.  They just can’t handle the criticism and rejection.  Their self image and confidence are already so low and they don’t want it damaged anymore, so they return to their comfort zone.

What’s great about our industry is you don’t need all of these things to get started.  You don’t have to be happy and bubbly.  You don’t have to be enthusiastic and have high self-esteem.  You don’t need to be confident to get started in MLM.  Sure, it helps if you have these qualities, but you can also develop these things by reading lots of books, attending seminars and associating with positive minded people.

If you were to look at the person I was when I first joined this industry twelve years ago, I didn’t have a lot going for me.  Sure, I was self motivated and gung ho, but I didn’t have a good attitude, a positive self image or high self-esteem.  I was definitely a diamond in the rough. Thank goodness my sponsor saw some potential in me.

If you are already someone who is confident, thinks highly of yourself and has good self-esteem, this could be the dream career for you.  There is tons of potential for you to build a part-time or full-time income in network marketing.

And if you are someone who has low self-esteem, no confidence, and a bad self-image you must realize that it will be tough to build a large team in network marketing UNTIL you improve yourself!  Just because you aren’t Mr. Enthusiasm doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started in network marketing.  It just means you will need to work on yourself before you will ever achieve massive success.

I consider network marketing to be the best personal development course on the planet. There are very few other industries that focus so much on self improvement.  In fact, that is the # 1 thing I love about our industry.  I love that you can develop your potential and become an amazing person while you help others AND make money.

The bottom line is that confidence, self-esteem and a good self-image are important in sales, network marketing and in business.  That’s why it’s so important to work on yourself and focus on continuous improvement. Try to get a little bit better each day.  Read lots of books, listen to audio training, attend seminars and associate with positive minded people.

Do that and you can change your life for the better!

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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6 thoughts on “You Need Confidence, High Self-Esteem and a Good Self Image to Succeed in Network Marketing”

  1. We must always realize the only people we can truly change are ourselves. Self-esteem is not only important in network marketing, but in all of life. I have discovered that as a nation, more and more people have developed depression and low self esteem. I cannot put my finger on exactly why, but I believe every person can raise that esteem and self image if they would just look in the mirror and realize they are special and have talents that can be used for good.

    I also believe that low self esteem and depression are not illnesses, they are choices. It is time to put on a new face and realize you do have what it takes.

    I guess I jumped on a soapbox there Chuck, but this was a great post that fired me up.

  2. I have learned from experience that it is next to impossible to motivate and convince people and make them feel confident in your abilities if you have no confidence in yourself. Actions speak louder than words so you have to be able to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

  3. Chuck, I completely agree with this article. Having confidence, high self-esteem and a good self-image could make you win any battle. Whether you are a businessman or an employee, working on your personality development is crucial. Learning and improving is a continuous process that goes on in life. You cannot get success overnight but having a positive image of yourself would keep you motivated and will ease up process of achieving grand success.

    1. The best thing I ever did in business was to work on myself and focus on my own personal development. When I first started this industry I was very rough around the edges. I had a chip on my shoulder, an attitude, I was cocky, I didn’t have people skills, I had no goals in life, and I just wasn’t much fun to be around. After YEARS of reading self help books, going to seminars, and hanging around positive, successful people, I am a completely different person.

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