You Must Commit to Something to Be Successful in Life and Business

You must commit to something to be successful in life and business…

This post is not rocket science.

Many of you already understand what I am about to say, whether you realize it or not.

To some of you it is common sense.

To others, this lesson might be life changing.

Today’s post is about COMMITMENT.

I will talk about what it means to me and what you should know.

Let me start by telling you that we live in a crazy world!

We live in a society where most people quit EVERYTHING they do.

They quit marriages, diets, savings plans, New Year’s resolutions and just about everything else they do.

And most people give up at the first sign of adversity.

People are wimps.

It’s crazy!

We live in a society of STARTERS, not FINISHERS.

Our country’s founding fathers would be ashamed of us.

People START things all the time, but seldom follow through and finish what they start.

Part of it is to blame on our society.

After all, our society demands instant gratification.

We want and we want it now.

We are entitled to things.

We deserve certain things.

God forbid we actually have to pay our dues and work hard to accomplish it.

We need it now.

No, we needed it yesterday!

And when things don’t go exactly as planned, or as quickly as people think they should, they QUIT.

Look at your own life for a minute.

reach your goalHow many things have you quit in the past that you now regret?

On the other hand, look at your biggest accomplishments in life for a minute.

I guarantee you went through pain, temporary failure and sacrifice to accomplish those things.

I guarantee you were 100% committed to those things.

That’s why you completed them.

And that’s why you are so proud of those accomplishments.

Some of my proudest accomplishments are:

# 1 Graduating College

# 2 Serving in the Military

# 3 Building a Great Marriage

# 4 Building a Successful Blog and Business

You might even have some of the same accomplishments I have had.

Well, let me take a moment and tell you about what I had to sacrifice and persevere through to accomplish these things.

I earned my Associate’s Degree at night and on weekends while serving in the Army.

While my buddies were drinking and chasing women, I hit the books (then I came home and drank beer and chased women).

After earning my two-year degree, I finished up my four-year degree at a regular college.

To earn my Master’s Degree, I sacrificed EVERY weekend for more than a year.

Most of the students I started with did not finish.

I served 15 years in the Army.

I sacrificed tons of time away from my family and even lost my first marriage.

I deployed twice and put many of my own career goals on hold while doing that.

To build a successful marriage, I failed at my first one.

I am extremely embarrassed to admit that, but it’s the truth.

I was gone a lot and I was not a good husband.

I learned from that experience and have been with my current wife, Rachel for almost 11 years now.

We have gone through some MAJOR ups and downs, but I am 100% committed to her and our marriage.

We have never been happier.

To build a successful business, I spent several YEARS without making a PENNY.

Everyone questioned my sanity and judgement.

Now, some seven years later, neither my wife nor I have or need jobs.

We both work from home in our pajamas, live in our dream home and own our life.

People who used to ridicule me now want to work for me.

No, I’m not hiring!

I say none of this to brag.

I simply want you to know that if you want to achieve something great, you must be 100% committed to it.

No dabbling or dinking around with it…

Look at professional athletes.

Most of these people have been playing their sport since they were five years old or younger.

They have done the same sport for 15 to 20 or more years, before they made it to the pros.

Even crazier, less than about 1 in 5,000 (or more) people in any sport ever make it to the professional level.

Many were committed and still failed.

I can’t assure you that being 100% committed will guarantee you will reach your goal, but I can guarantee that if you aren’t 100% committed you will never reach your goal.

Let me choose between someone with talent and someone with commitment and I will choose the committed person every time.


So many folks in our great industry struggle because they have not made the decision that they will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

You can’t dabble with MLM and succeed.  You really can’t.

You can’t be one-foot in.

You must be all in.

You must burn your bridges and never look back.

If you don’t do that, you will find an excuse to justify your inaction.

You will make an excuse as to why you should quit.

You will blame the industry, your company, or your sponsor, rather than blaming yourself.

mlm is not for flakesThis business is for serious people, not flakes.

Success in any endeavor is for serious people, not flakes.

If you aren’t willing to make that commitment to your business, just be a customer and do something else with your life.

If you’ve made the decision to be all in, never look back.

Even if you are all in, it’s still going to take five or more years to build it really big.

Don’t complain after a year or two if you aren’t making much money.

Press on and build it.

Most top earners took five to ten YEARS with ONE COMPANY to get where they are at.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.



Commitment is the missing ingredient for most people who want to be successful, but aren’t.

Anything worth accomplishing in life requires a lasting commitment.

It requires a 100% commitment.

You can’t dabble with something and succeed in a big way.

It’s easy to be excited.  It’s what you do after that excitement is gone that makes all the difference.

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “You Must Commit to Something to Be Successful in Life and Business”

  1. As Erik somewhat mentioned, I can view commitment in some of my own family members who traveled to the United States from Belgium and sweated to build successful farms in Iowa. It is only by being “all-in” will we gain any type of success.

    This goes for everything, MLM included. While you can be successful working MLM part time, you have to be committed to do so. It can’t be 1 hour today and skip 2 days and then another hour.

    I look back on my accomplishments and it was only when I was fully committed did I have success. Thanks for the reminder Chuck.

  2. Powerful post, Chuck.
    Most of the accomplishments you listed were unknown to me and I’m really impressed.
    One of my favorite documentaries is “New York.” It’s a 10 episode DVD set I found at the library. My favorite episodes are between 1900 and 1931.
    I loved it because it showed how excited and how hard the immigrants had to work just to live in America. They struggled so much and were so poor but never quit.
    Same reason I love the movie “Shawshank Redemption.” Andy dug through a prison wall every day for 19 years to get to freedom. I think MLM is the same way and it should take blood, sweat and tears. If it’s just a little hobby, then you won’t make it.

    I’m truly committed just as you are my friend. From your success, I am truly inspired. Awesome post.


    1. Anything I have ever achieved in my life (of significance) has required an extraordinary amount of commitment. That is something the generation you talked about had a lot of. The views in America have changed from hard work and opportunity to laziness and entitlement. When it comes to the movie Shawshank Redemption, I have tons of respect for Andy doing what he did. Most people would have given up.

      I believe that anything worth accomplishing requires a sacrifice. To get the reward you must pay the price.

      1. vinz gamlanga

        Great Day Chuck! Thank you very much for all the wisdom & rich experiences you have been sharing to a lot people including me. Topic on commitment struck me the most Thank you so much & God richly bless you today & every single day!

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