YOR Health: 15 Cool Facts

Today, I’m going to educate you about Yor Health, a popular network marketing company specializing in health and wellness products. I’ll cover the company history, leadership team, products and compensation plan.

YOR Health, from what their website claims, is committed to helping you with your health.

Here is the company description from the DSA website.

YOR Health is more than a company that sells health products—it is a movement; a new era in nutrition and healthier living. A movement characterized by passionate individuals who are discovering that there is more to exceptional health than being happy, healthy and in shape.

It’s about the abundant joy, peak awareness, ultimate performance, accomplishment, and celebration that comes with feeling satisfied in every aspect of your life. Supreme health and vitality are the foundation for a great life—without them you have nothing. And spreading this message is what YOR Health is all about.

The YOR Health advantage rests in our founding philosophy that more important than what you eat is what you absorb. With an unwavering commitment to purity and quality, our goal is to provide innovative top-of-the-line health products that help you achieve optimum health and well-being through our enzyme-based product line.

Because we only do things with the intent to be the best of the best and designed everything with simplicity in mind, we are able to help the average person progress and have a better life. Our transparency, compassion, and dedication to help people succeed permeate from the top on down, eventually reaching our customers that naturally become our distributors.

With the YOR Health Distributorship opportunity, you will make some new friends and experience the fun spirit of everybody involved; all while building towards your financial freedom and living a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Direct Selling Association

Yor Health Overview

15 Cool Facts About Yor Health

#1: When Founded

The YOR Health MLM company was started in 2007.

#2: Headquarters

The company is headquartered in Tustin, California. Tustin is located in Orange County, California and has a population of just over 80,000 people.

#3: Where Does YOR Health Operate

YOR Health currently does business in the United States and Mexico.

#4: Founder

The man behind YOR Health is Dennis Wong. Dennis was born in Hong Kong and his family immigrated to the United States in 1968. The family was poor but Dennis followed the path his family wanted for him and he went to college for electrical engineering.

Electrical engineering was swamped with unemployment, so Dennis followed his sister into the Real Estate industry. He learned quickly and became a millionaire.

Unfortunately, his health deteriorated and he had to find products that could help him. He ended up finding a manufacturing company and he decided to partner with them as their marketing element. This is how Yor Health was founded.

Advisory Boards

Dennis Wong knew that by having expert advisers, YOR Health could offer the best and most needed products.

#5: Global Advisory Board

The members are:

  • Agustin Arana – Mexican model, actor and singer
  • Gabriel Soto – Model and actor
  • Martin Hagerman – Attorney and Mexico advisor

#6: Athletic Advisory Board

These members are:

  • Ben Handsaker – Australian fitness model
  • Daniel Jacobs – Boxer
  • Jerome LeBanner – Kickboxing champion
  • Hattie Boydle – Fitness model
  • Kim Hairston – Bodybuilder
  • Sid Taberlay – Mountain biker
  • Terry Hairston – Mr. America 1995

#7: Scientific Advisory Board

They are:

  • Dr. Debrah Zepf, Ph.D, IMD, DNM, DTN, BCMH, CCA, and CMT
  • J. Stephen McColgan, M.D., and MBA
  • John R. Bookwalter, M.D., and F.A.C.S.
  • Richard B. Couey, Ph.D.
  • Patrick I. Okolo, III, M.D., and MPH


These are the various product categories. Keep in mind that YOR Health also has gift cards and sets.

#8: Bare Oils

A range of organic essential oils.

#9: Bare Living

Several personal care products.

#10: Health

Nutritional supplements and weight management products.

Yor Health Utilizes the Binary Compensation Plan


And the last part of this post is the way representatives get paid. YOR Health uses a binary compensation plan.

#11: Retail Profits

Distributors get wholesale prices on products and they earn the difference between that and retail mark up when consumers buy.

#12: First Order Bonus

Each time a new customer or distributor makes their first order, if it is over 200 PV, you get 20% on total product volume, but bonus cannot exceed 0.

#13: Team Commissions

Each week, you get paid 10% commissions on the lesser of your 2 team legs.

#14: Generation Check Match

To qualify for the Generation Check Match, you must achieve the rank of Silver and above, and be active with 200 monthly PV.

It will match the first $2,500 of team commissions that are paid to your personally sponsored Distributors. This also includes Distributors that they have sponsored, going down as far as 7 generations in your organization.

#15: Leadership Bonus

5% of the company’s 50% weekly payout pool is reserved for leadership bonuses. You must be of Blue Diamond rank to qualify.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it seems like YOR Health has a good product line, compensation plan and leadership team. If you are considering a health and wellness MLM Business, you may want to consider this company. Their website link is in the reference section.

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way with this company or any of the company’s representatives. This information is provided for your education.


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