Working by Appointment in Your MLM Business

Today, I want to share a simple idea about working by appointment in your MLM Business.

Let’s face it, many businesses and most professionals work by appointment.

When you get your hair done, you set an appointment.

When you go to the doctor, you set an appointment.

When you want your car fixed, you set an appointment.

When you visit your CPA, you set an appointment.

I could give you countless other examples as well, but I hope you see the point.

working by appointment in your mlm businessYes, some businesses have walk in services available, but most professionals work by appointment.

You should work by appointment in your network marketing business.  I think so anyway.

This gives you additional credibility and lets people know you are serious about what you do. It shows people that you value their time, and more importantly, you value your own time.

When you talk with your prospects about what you do, your primary objective is to set an appointment with them so you can give them a COMPLETE presentation at a future date.  You want them to see a complete presentation so they can make an educated decision.

What most people in our industry do is puke their information all over their prospect.  They try to explain everything they know about the products and the opportunity right away.

That is a huge mistake.  It gives your prospect information overload and makes you look like an inexperienced sales person.

Your job is to sell the appointment and then let the appointment sell the business opportunity.

If you get nothing else out of this blog post, please remember that.

Get a weekly planner and set appointments throughout the week.  This lets you work smart, keeps you focused and on track, and allows you to manage your time wisely.

Working by appointment in your MLM Business is the only way to go, especially if you have a day job and family.  Manage your time wisely, or you will be out of control.

Take pride in what you do.  Don’t give your prospects information overload when you first talk to them about the products or business.  And always, schedule an appointment to give a presentation, to follow up, to talk with a team member, or to help someone get started in the business.

I hope this simple concept makes sense to you.  Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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One thought on “Working by Appointment in Your MLM Business

  1. Good post. Thank you. I will be contacting Leads again and was unsure how to approach it this time around.

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