Top 27 Work From Home Business Ideas in 2022 and Beyond

Today, I want to share my top 27 work from home business ideas for 2022 and beyond. In today’s economy, most people would benefit from having a second income via a home-based business. When you factor in the extra money and tax savings, it’s really a no brainer.

Listed below, I want to share 27 different work from home business ideas that offer a good potential to earn a part-time or full-time income, depending upon how much time and money you invest in it. Many of these methods my wife and I use ourselves (currently or in the past).

They are listed by how I rank them (just my opinion). You may agree or disagree with my rankings and that is perfectly fine with me.

Top 27 Work from Home Business Ideas

Top 27 Work from Home Business Ideas for 2022

# 27: Blogging

Blogging is very powerful if you pick the right niche, have a solid game-plan and stay consistent and persistent for minimum three to five-years.

If you can pick a niche that is really targeted, that you enjoy and have knowledge in, you can make a nice income with a blog. Best of all, you can get started for $50 or less.

No, you won’t start making money right away, but you can build up an asset that you can eventually sell. Or, you can just have something that provides an ongoing monthly residual income.

Most blogs take a few years to make any kind of profit, but once they are built, they are good at bringing in money 24/7. Learn how to start your own blog.

Blogging is a growing career field that can encompass a variety of different niches and topic areas. If you enjoy writing, photographing and otherwise chronicling your family activities, it may even lead to a career as a professional blogger.

Source: Small Business Trends

# 26: Small Business Marketing Service

If you understand online and offline marketing, social media strategies, and/or direct mail, you can help local business owners get more customers and improve their marketing efforts. Most business owners would love to have someone help them, or take over their marketing campaign so they can get more leads and customers.

You could charge them an hourly fee or flat rate fee for your services. This is a huge market with tons of upside potential. After all, what business doesn’t want and need more customers?

Many small companies don’t have the staff or know-how to do all their marketing themselves, especially when it comes to putting their best foot forward online and on social media.

Source: Side Hustle Nation

# 25: Bookkeeper

If you love business finances, crunching numbers, or you have an accounting background, you can get certified as a bookkeeper and start your own bookkeeping business. You could find 10-20 local businesses that need a bookkeeper and make a nice part-time or full-time income doing it.

Many small business owners look to outsource managing their books, either because it’s not something they enjoy or it’s something that they have no desire to learn. This is why starting a business as a bookkeeper for other small business owners can be an excellent business idea.

You need experience with bookkeeping and/or accounting on a professional level, plus experience with various accounting software, such as QuickBooks. It’s also necessary to be extremely accurate, reliable and work with a high level of integrity when you’re managing the books for another company.

Source: the balance

# 24: Junk Removal

You could put ads in your local newspaper that you haul away unwanted junk. You could purchase a second hand trailer to tow behind your vehicle. When you clean out houses or buildings, you could keep the good stuff to resell on eBay or Craigslist and take the rest of the items to the dump.

It isn’t pretty, but trash could put you on the road to riches. Rubbish removal is charged by the hour, truckload, or by a quote before removing the junk. If you can offer home and business owners fast and convenient rubbish removal services at competitive prices, word-of-mouth advertising will generate more work than you can handle. Be sure to build alliances with people who can refer your business to their customers and clients; these referral brokers include real estate agents, residential and commercial cleaners, and home service companies such as carpet cleaners, contractors, and property managers. If you’re looking for a low-cost business start-up that requires little in the way of skills or experience, a rubbish removal service is one of the better choices. After expenses and dumping fees, you should have no problem earning in the range of $25 to $40 per hour.

Source: Entrepreneur

# 23: Dog Walker

I don’t know about you, but most people love their pets. Many of these pet owners are very busy with their jobs and would gladly hire someone to walk and/or babysit their dog each week.

This is another low cost business with great earnings potential. Check with your local county clerk to see what type of licensing requirements there are where you live. You might also have to get bonded and buy insurance.

As a pet sitter or a dog walker, you would get to spend time with other people’s animals while they’re away for business or on vacation. Simply follow your client instructions, as well as your own experience and expertise, to provide care and comfort to these pets. It’s an easy way to get paid, especially if you’re an organized and trustworthy individual with a reputation for or history of animal care.

Source: fundera

# 22: Business Coach or Personal Coach

Depending upon your education, experience and business background, you could become a business coach or personal coach. You could take your job experience or entrepreneurial experience and offer coaching services to people in that niche.

For example, if you owned a restaurant in the past, you could coach other people on how to start their own restaurant, or how to solve a problem they are experiencing with their current restaurant.

You could charge people a monthly fee for your service, or by the hour.  When I do coaching, I charge $100 per hour. There is money to be made in coaching if you are good at what you do and you can help people solve their problems.

If you have some experience under your belt, put it to good use as a life or career coach. Many of us are looking for guidance in our careers — and finding someone with the time to mentor us can be tough. Life/career coaches don’t come cheap, but they are able to offer clients the intense and hands-on training and advice they need to make serious moves in their personal and professional lives. After all, sometimes everyone just needs some uplifting advice.

Source: HubSpot

# 21: Babysitting or Daycare

If you love kids, you could start a babysitting business right out of your home. This idea isn’t for everyone, but it does offer a good money making opportunity if you like kids.

You could also start your own daycare center. Before you go this route, I highly suggest you work at another daycare for a few months, to get some experience, and see if you actually enjoy it.

If you decide it is for you, contact your local county clerk to see the legal requirements to start a day care in your local area.

Many parents forgo commercial daycare programs or nannies and look for home-based child care solutions that allow their children to be watched in someone’s home with other children.

If you love kids, are exceptionally responsible, have impeccable references, and can handle high-stress situations, a home-based child care business may be an excellent small business for you to start.

Source: the balance

# 20: Buy & Sell Antiques and Junk

I’ve been doing this for over 17-years now. You can visit local thrift stores, auctions, flea markets and yard sales and purchase stuff to resell on eBay or Craigslist. You can also sell your stuff at auctions and flea markets.

You could put ads in the local newspaper with what you are looking to buy and have potential sellers call you. You can buy items outright or sell them on consignment. This is one of my favorite work from home business ideas.

It is estimated that there are more than 36,000 antique dealers in the U.S. alone, with many of them operating from home. A low risk and high return business, you can even do the bulk of the work on weekends and build up your capital while still working at your main job. An antiques business allows you to have fun while learning how to run the business.


# 19: Computer Repair

If you are tech savvy, you could start your own computer repair business. You could fix people’s computers for a nominal fee, or help them upgrade their computers. Or, you could give classes on how to use a computer, or a specific software program.

In the U.S today, more than 84% of households own at least one computer. 74% of these homes are connected to the internet where they can get computer viruses and other forms of malware. These are all potential customers. Provided you can offer these people a convenient and trustworthy service, there is a good chance that you can make a great deal of money running a computer repair service company.


# 18: Tutoring

If you are really good at a certain subject, AND you have the credentials, you could start a tutoring service. You could do this out of your home or go to a client’s location. There are plenty of opportunities for tutors, depending upon what your area of expertise is.

Skills from teaching languages, to music, to helping with reading or writing, are all easy to turn into businesses — and they can be reasonably lucrative and hugely rewarding, too.

What you can charge will depend upon your experience, location, and the vocation you’re teaching; just don’t expect to make your millions this way. That said, most of your customers will visit on a recurring basis, so tutoring should at least provide you with a regular, reliable income.

Source: HubSpot

# 17: House Cleaning

Who doesn’t want someone to help them clean their house? If you enjoy cleaning houses (yes, some people do) you could get certified, bonded and insured and start doing this. Start with your local neighbors and expand from there.

As long as dirt and grime exist, there will be a need for house-cleaning services. In many homes and apartments, people want to enjoy the luxury of not having to scrub floors and dust furniture.

Source: Entrepreneur

# 16: Personal Shopper

Since most people are busy, many of these folks would gladly hire someone to do their personal shopping for them. This could include grocery shopping, electronics shopping, price shopping or whatever else they want done.

Shopping for groceries, clothes, or electronic goods can eat up a lot of time very quickly. A personal shopper can help busy people reclaim this time in exchange for a small fee.

A personal shopper can be someone who goes to stores in person, or it can be someone gives online recommendations about which product the client should buy.


# 15: Dinner Preparation

If you are a good cook, or a trained cook, you could do dinner preparation for people you know. As your business grows you could expand into catering.

Some well to do people have full-time chefs on payroll. Other people would hire you to come in and prep a week’s worth of meals for them.

Not everyone has the time to create their meals, especially if they have specific dietary needs. A personal chef can become an essential part of keeping the day-to-day aspects of a family moving. Being flexible in this business will help you stay competitive. Don’t just think of dinners or working with only one family. You can offer a week’s worth of healthy lunches or quick breakfasts. You may also want to be on call for special family or holiday events. Specializing in a specific area such as gluten free, low calorie or vegetarian will also help you target people looking for solutions to more specific needs.


# 14: Etsy Seller

My wife LOVES selling on Etsy. She makes and buys jewelry and sells it for a nice profit. Etsy is designed for people who make all types of homemade crafts and jewelry and millions of other things.

Think of something you like to make and check out Etsy. There’s a good chance someone else is already selling similar items on their website for a nice profit.

If you’re even a bit artistically inclined, selling products on Etsy can be a great work-from-home business. Users love checking out Etsy for unique specialty gifts, and many customers appreciate how easy it is to order custom pieces from Etsy stores. See what’s selling out on Etsy and consider whether you may be able to offer something similar.

Source: Inc.

# 13: Resume Writing Service

If you have experience writing resumes, you could take that knowledge and have a “for hire” resume writing service. My wife has a background in HR and she does this from time to time for a nice fee. I do a resume service for people in the military. The options are endless.

Submitting a resume, cover letter, and — when necessary — portfolio for a new job can be tough and time consuming. That’s why many people hire help. Assist clients with tailored resumes, beautifully edited cover letters, and carefully crafted portfolios that make it impossible for employers to ignore.

Source: HubSpot

# 12: Lawn Care Business & Snow Removal

You could start your own lawn care business for a small budget, just using your own lawn mower. Start in your own neighborhood and see what type of demand there is.

Even if you can find 5-10 jobs a week, you can make an extra few hundred dollars per month. Removing snow in the wintertime can also be a great side hustle.

If you love working outside and don’t mind yard work, you could start your own yard maintenance service business. Jobs can range from mowing and weeding to tree trimming and pruning. The amount of money you earn will depend on many factors including the size of the job, the tasks, and the location. There are start-up costs, but many people can get started with little more than a lawnmower and weed eater.

Source: theWorkatHomeWoman

# 11: Direct Mail

Direct Mail is like a dream business. I love it. Yes, the price of mail has gone up every year, but there is still plenty of opportunity to make money with direct mail.

There are countless books on the subject with ideas about what to sell and the best way to do it. You could use direct mail to sell your own product or service or you could create a marketing campaign for another business owner. Start your own direct mail business.

With a direct-mail coupon service, you’ll sell local businesses on placing coupon ads in your publications, then mail them out to local residents. Everybody benefits, including you! With the new plethora of small businesses these days, direct-mail couponing is positioned for success. Entrepreneurs can advertise in a medium where results can be measured quickly and easily–the more coupons customers bring in, the better the campaign. And coupons generate more sales than other types of ads. People respond to ads where they have to take action, even if it’s something as simple as clipping along a dotted line. The advantages to this business are legion for the extrovert. You get to talk to all kinds of people in all sorts of fields, and you do it all day long. You can feel good about helping people improve their businesses and their revenues while at the same time aiding the consumer with savings. Since you’ll visit customers at their business locations, you can be homebased. To succeed in this business, you should have a sales background–or at least a sales personality. It also helps to have a background working with the printing, graphics and mailing industries. You’ll outsource all of this work, but you’ll need to know the basics to get the best prices and timeliest turnout.

Source: Entrepreneur

# 10: Newsletter Business

Newsletters are big business. You could offer a free newsletter, or low cost newsletter in a specific niche. You could sell advertising or sell affiliate products (or your own products and services) in each issue.  You could also help other business owners create a newsletter to send to their prospects and customers.

Some people create newsletters primarily as a revenue-generating mechanism designed mostly to please the advertisers. Most of these are nothing but ads, with little content. While this approach may give you income, you must consider how many among your subscribers enjoy reading nothing but ads every time. The ideal thing to do will be to balance the need of your advertiser and the reader.


# 9: Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product or service for them and get a commission from the sale. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, especially if you have a good understanding of internet marketing, list building, SEO and blogging.

Affiliate marketing, a sort of product placement, will let you receive payment from companies in return for advocating for their goods and services. Although this might sound a bit iffy, if you truly do recommend that your readers try out these products, then it doesn’t need to come across as sales-y or insincere. Readers will understand that you need to make money somehow, and many will appreciate your recommendations if they’re accurate.

Source: fundera

# 8: Telemarketer

Good telemarketers are still in high demand. You could be an independent contractor for hire and do telemarketing for small businesses. Of course, you need to educate yourself about the DO NOT CALL laws and have a good long distance phone service.

If you like selling on the phone, there is plenty of opportunity to make money as a telemarketer. You could even sell your own products or services by phone.

As a telemarketing business is a relatively lean start-up idea, you could consider running it from home. This is because it requires minimal set-up costs, especially in the beginning.

If you think about it, when you first start out, you’re likely to only require a phone, internet connection, a computer and a headset, so you don’t necessarily need to find an office.

Instead, if you have a quiet space in your home, this could be an ideal initial base for your telemarketing business.

Source: startups

97 of freelancers are happier than permanent employees

# 7: Virtual Assistant

Most business owners would love to have a virtual assistant to help them. A virtual assistant can do all of the petty tasks for someone else, such as answering emails, editing, organizing, or doing specific time-consuming tasks the other person doesn’t want to do or doesn’t have time to do.

Becoming a virtual assistant is extremely affordable and requires just a laptop, internet connection, and the ability to successfully complete all tasks you are given.

You can find most listings on freelance websites such as Upwork, People per Hour or even Craigslist. You could also approach high-ranking corporate executives directly through professional websites like LinkedIn.


# 6: Freelance Writer

If you love to write, you could write content for other bloggers and webmasters. Good writers are ALWAYS in high demand. Greg, one of my writers on this website makes a full-time living as a freelance writer. Start out by visiting or to learn more.

The key to freelance writing is never to stop selling yourself. Don’t get complacent once a project comes in—always look for the next one. Network like crazy online and in person. Ask for press passes to events in the field of your choice. Attend writing workshops and writer meet-ups; they happen everywhere.

Source: BusinessTown

# 5: YouTube Channel

If you love making videos and posting them on YouTube, you can make a nice income with your own YouTube channel. Plenty of folks make a full-time living just with their YouTube videos.

YouTube has a partner program where they allow you to have ads in your videos, in which they do profit sharing. You could also promote your business or sell your product or service through YouTube videos.

As an alternative you could do video editing for someone else, if that is your specialty.

Becoming a known person of interest on YouTube is tough work, and earning views and subscribers is competitive, as more people are getting dollar-sign eyeballs when they see what the big YouTube power users make. Still, if you have something unique to bring to the table or have a great onscreen personality, YouTube could be the spot for you to make your millions (from the comfort of your own home, no less)!

Source: Inc.

# 4: Amazon Seller

If you can find a product to resell, or create a good product of your own, you can put in on Amazon and be an Amazon seller. You can ship the items yourself or let Amazon handle everything for you via their Fulfillment by Amazon program.

Lots of people are doing this right now.  What many people do is visit local stores and scan the bar code on each item to see how much it is selling for on Amazon. If they can make a profit they buy the item, ship it to Amazon and make money.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube if you want to learn how to sell on Amazon. It will take some initial capital to source your inventory, but you can start small and work your way up to whatever level you desire.

If you want to be successful on Amazon, finding the right products and buyers is absolutely essential. Due to the success of the platform, there is a vast amount of competition across almost every niche and product. The biggest factors that will decide your success are choosing the right product, understanding the demand for that product and selling it at a profit.

Source: incfile

# 3: Kindle Book Publisher

Kindle books are here to stay. If you enjoy writing, you should consider writing and selling Kindle books. Amazon offers generous royalties compared to traditional publishers AND they will do a lot of your marketing for you. You can write books yourself, or even hire a ghost writer to do it for you.

Selling your books on Amazon is a great way to monetize your blog, podcast, or social media channel. It has never been easier to self-publish a book, using Kindle Direct Publishing.

When it comes to publishing, stick to what you know well and work on becoming the authority on your subject.

Source: Hack The Entrepreneur

# 2: eBay Business

I love eBay. I started selling with them back in 2003. You can start selling your own items on eBay to learn the ropes and then you can look for a good drop shipper or local distributor to provide you items to sell.

You can also sell items for neighbors on a commission basis, or visit thrift stores, auctions, flea markets and yard sales like my wife and I do. eBay is very inexpensive to start and can be very profitable.  It’s a lot of work, but once you learn what you are doing, you can scale your efforts.

This is not an enterprise for the lazy. eBay sellers need to respond to customers quickly and politely, and ship items promptly. A seller’s success is in eBay users’ hands after all; a negative seller rating can sink an eBay business before it even gets started. Sellers also need to familiarize themselves with eBay’s return policies, which tend to focus on making the overall experience better for buyers but not necessarily for sellers.

Source: BusinessTown

# 1: Network Marketing

I’ll always put network marketing as my # 1 work from home idea. I believe this is a wonderful way to create a leveraged, residual income for the right person.

Unlike most of the other side hustles listed in this article, this business model allows you to develop an immediate and residual income. Plus, you get leverage. You can earn a commission from hundreds, even thousands of people’s work, not just your own efforts. If you’re looking for a network marketing company to join, click on the image below. It’s free to join, comes with a free marketing system, and I even put people on your team.

Earn a reasonable living depending on your level of commitment to selling the products through a multi-level marketing business (MLM). To join an MLM, there is a buy-in amount required, so you pay to purchase a starter or consultant’s kit that has a lot of the products for you to showcase them for people to sample. They can range from $150 to $1,000 depending on the MLM and the types of products like beauty products, clothing, and essential oils. The time commitment is up to you and what you would like to earn. Some MLMs, however, have minimum sales goals and purchase requirements that are monthly or quarterly as they want people committed vs. using their products just for a discount. You receive discounts on products ― purchasing at wholesale ― and sell at retail and/or earn money from commissions or signing on new consultants.


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Final Thoughts

In summary, there are TONS of different business models you can use to have your own work from home business in 2020 and beyond. The real key to success is to find something you understand and are passionate about.

Look for a need in the marketplace and FILL THAT NEED. By all means, keep your day job and focus on your side business outside of work hours, either during the evening or on weekends.

Also, it’s important to know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Regardless of what business model you choose, you will need a game-plan, some capital and lots of hard work. Individual results will always vary.

Who knows how your new business venture will turn out? While there is no guarantee of success, you might find something you do really well with.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about my top 27 work from home business ideas for 2020 and beyond? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “Top 27 Work From Home Business Ideas in 2022 and Beyond”

  1. I became aware of how profitable babysitting could be when I went away to college. I wanted extra spending money and there were a surprisingly large number of people in the area who needed childcare and were willing to use college kids. I had three families I babysat for regularly and I was really making enough money to do whatever it was I wanted (and needed) to do. You have to have a heart for kids though because they sense it when you aren’t really into it.

  2. This is a very good list Chuck.

    I had recently found an idea that utilizes the Amazon Fulfillment Program that you also may want to consider. The trick is creating your own brand. Search Amazon and find a basic item that sells well. I will just use the example of a plastic water bottle. At this point, you see these water bottles sell well, now search a wholesale supplier that will put your brand on the outside of the bottle. You could even use the water bottle to attract buyers to a website or blog. Have the wholesaler manufacture your water bottles and ship them direct to Amazon Fulfillment. I believe you “get the picture.” Head to the bank and deposit your royalty checks.

  3. These are all great business opportunities. Thank you for listing them. In addition I would like to talk about my from home business. It is Seattle-Bellevue town car service. What I did for step 1 is developed a limo-travel related website and optimized it for search engines. Step two established a network with reliable drivers. And dispatch the reservations made on website. Hope this adds on to this article!

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