Width vs Depth in Network Marketing

Today, I’d like to share some helpful tips with you about building width vs. depth in network marketing.  

I once heard a famous Amway Diamond tell me that “width” made him profitable and ‘depth’ made him rich. Knowing what I know now, I must agree with him!

The quickest way to make immediate money in your network marketing business is to build your width. Your width is the people you personally sponsor into your business. These folks are often called your front line distributors.

Normally, your largest commissions (as a percentage) come from personally sponsored people, and each level of your group below that pays you a little bit less.

Width vs. Depth in Network Marketing

Width vs. Depth in Network Marketing

What would you rather have? 300 personally sponsored people on your frontline, or 3 legs each with 100 distributors in them? Personally, I would rather have three legs with 100 people in each leg, even if it meant my commission check was smaller. These legs are much more stable than legs without more than one person in them.

When you have a lot of width in your group, you can make a great immediate income. The problem is, it’s very difficult to mentor and support 50, 100 or 200 people at one time. It can be done, but it’s tough. As a result, many of your personally sponsored people will drop out. You’ll have a revolving door in your business.

When you have depth (and lots of it) you will have a stable business that can experience geometric progression and growth. When people have a team under them, even if they’re not making big money, they are much more likely to stay in the business. If you just keep recruiting yourself, you will struggle with attrition.

Remember this, “width is for show, but depth is for dough.” Most serious leaders in our industry focus on building depth, rather than building width.

What You Must Do First

When you first get started in network marketing, it’s just you doing most of the work. During your first few years in the business, you should really focus on PERSONAL RECRUITING. This means you are out and about prospecting, generating leads, giving presentations, making sales and closing deals.

You need to focus on personal recruiting UNTIL you find enough serious people to work with. In my own experience about 1 in 30 people I sign up is coachable and willing to work. These are the folks I work with.

Most Top MLM Leaders Earn MOST of their Income from Just One to Three Lines

Ideally, you are looking for three to five serious people. Using my formula, based on my own experience, you will have to personally recruit 90 to 150 distributors to find 3-5 serious leaders.

A serious person, a leader, is someone who is committed to the business, has leadership qualities, and is willing to put in the work consistently, for several years.

If you study top earners in our industry, you will quickly discover that most of them have (in most cases) personally sponsored at least 100-500 people, and sometimes more than that, in order to find these three to five key individuals.

While those numbers might sound huge for you, if you just signed up 3 new people per month, every month, in five years you will have recruited 180 people.

The Key to Building Width in MLM

The key to building width is quite simple. You have to get good at prospecting and lead generation. You have to work on your skills and personal development so you have confidence and posture. You must learn to master the basic skills in our industry: prospecting, presenting, following-up, and closing.

Most people in our industry do not have these skills when they first join the industry. That’s okay. Anyone CAN learn and master these skills IF they make the decision to do so. To make that happen, you must study and learn and take massive action at the same time. Find a good mentor, follow their lead, and learn by doing.

Remember that this business is a numbers game, no matter what anyone else tells you. The more people you prospect, and share the business with, the more people you will personally recruit.

The Key to Building Depth in MLM

I learned this lesson I am about to share with you from a leader in ACN. No, I have never been involved with that company before, but the lesson is very important.

This leader stated that a good network marketer could personally recruit two people and build a team with millions of reps by using a process called tap-rooting. This is when you sign someone up and then you immediately help them sponsor someone. As soon as your new person sponsors someone, you help that person go and sponsor someone.

Then you go work with the next new person. You keep repeating this process over and over in depth UNTIL you find someone in that leg who is a leader, and then you RUN with them in the business. Normally, that leader will not show up until you have driven that leg at least 20 to 50 levels deep.

You just keep repeating this process in two to five legs in your organization and before you know it, you will have a team with thousands of people in it.

Of all the team building concepts I have ever learned, this is hands down the most important lesson. Although I have not personally mastered this skill yet, I’m working on it every single day. Whatever you do, take the time to learn tap-rooting. That is the secret to building depth in your team.

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Width is for Show, Depth is for Dough!

Key Points

Here are a few key points you should remember about width vs. depth:

  • Width makes your profitable
  • Depth gives you long-term security
  • It’s hard to build depth until you’ve built some width
  • Typically, your best leaders will come in depth
  • Most top earners have personally sponsored 100-500 people, or more, over a period of five to seven years, which averages out to about 2 to 4 new business builders per month
  • Most top earners make 80 to 90 percent of their income from just one to three people in their organization
  • It’s better to have 10 legs that are each 30 levels deep than 300 front line legs with no depth
  • The only way you will ever be able to walk away from your business and have your income keep growing is if you build strong lines that are many, many levels deep and filled with leaders, backed by more leaders
  • Two or three good leaders can produce a high six to seven-figure income

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are the major differences between building width vs. depth in network marketing. At the end of the day you have to start out by building width; however, once you get some people sponsored who want to do the business, it would be in your best interest to help them get started and help them succeed.

Remember, width gives you instant profitability, but depth gives you long-term security. Ultimately, you want both.

What are your thoughts about width vs. depth in MLM? Which method do you prefer and why? Do you agree or disagree with what I mentioned in this article? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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