Why Your Warm Market Won’t Join Your MLM Business or Buy Your Products

Today’s article is going to open your mind about how you view your network marketing business from this day forward.  I should tell you right upfront that I’ve never seen myself as a network marketer. Instead, I am a marketer and entrepreneur (who does network marketing), so I think very differently about my MLM Business than most distributors do.

If you’re like most people in this industry, you are taught that EVERYONE is a potential prospect. I personally think that’s a stupid idea.  If everyone is a prospect no one is a prospect!

Every business, regardless of the industry, has a crystal clear TARGET MARKET.  These are people who are qualified and MOST LIKELY to become a customer.  Just about every successful business in the real world can tell you who their target market is.  This could include age, gender, religion, income, where they live, marital status, etc.

Smart businesses focus their marketing, advertising and time on people EXCLUSIVELY on attracting people in their target market.  They know that not everyone is going to be a customer, so they focus on the group of people who are most likely to whip out their credit card and make a purchase.

Back to the family and friends thing for a minute.  If you’re like most people in this great industry, you are told to make a name list of everyone you know when you first join the industry.  I don’t think this is a bad idea or a bad way to get started, but it’s not a great long-term strategy.

By all means, contact everyone you know and let them know what you are doing.  But please realize that most of them are not in your target market, and therefore, are not going to join your business or buy your product. Some will, but most won’t.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s just a reality.

You see, most people you know are not entrepreneurs nor are they actively looking to get involved in network marketing or start a business of any kind.  Now you know why many of them will tell you no or look at you like you are crazy when you talk to them.  After all, it’s hard to get a non-entrepreneur to start a business!

The same holds true with your products.  For example, if your company specializes in weight loss products, not everyone in your warm market is looking to lose weight or buy weight loss products (even if they are overweight).  You could have the best weight loss product in the world, but they won’t be interested.  On the other hand, some people in your warm market are looking for weight loss products and they will be the ones who are most likely to buy.

Once again, these things have nothing to do with you, your company or the industry.  It’s marketing 101.

Think about it this way for a minute.  Let’s suppose you started a new job as a car salesperson today.  Do you think everyone in your warm market would buy a car from you this week, this month or this year?  Of course not!  Why wouldn’t they?  Because most of them are not in the market to buy a new car.  Does that make sense?

So here is my advice to you today.  By all means make a big name list and contact everyone you know about what you are doing.  Know that some people will buy or join because they are looking for what you are offering.  But also keep in mind that MOST of your warm market will not be in your target market and that’s why they won’t be interested in what you offer them.

After you work through your warm market, the best thing you can do is focus on prospecting and finding people who ARE in your target market.  This allows you to work smart and get better results in your business.  I hope this simple concept makes sense to you. I personally believe that knowing this upfront can save you a lot of time and frustration.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about this concept?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketer. He is a top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

8 thoughts on “Why Your Warm Market Won’t Join Your MLM Business or Buy Your Products

  1. Exactly, I couldn’t have said it better.

    Why do you think large businesses advertise to the mass? It’s because they have big budgets and can afford to do so. But not all large businesses show the same advertising to different group of people.

    And for smaller business with limited budget it’s even more important to identify your target market.

    This is exactly what you have to do in your MLM business if you want to get more results from/with less investment of time and money.

    • All businesses need to focus on their target market.

  2. So glad that I learned very early on not to rely on family and friends to help me build my business. They were great for helping to promote and get my name out there, but not reliable as prospects actually interested in joining. As you said, most were already comfortable or content where they were and weren’t looking for a change or any added work and responsibility. Affinity group marketing is the key to helping you build a strong business.

  3. The reason to make a list is to get everyone on it off it. You are practicing on them.

    In sports you practice fundamentals and then scrimmage to hone your skills. Later, you play the game against opponents where winning and losing count. It doesn’t really matter if you win or lose your games; except for your ego. What does matter is your ability to not quit the team because you are disappointed with the results. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

    After everybody is off your first list some will be your customers and a few will be business partners. The rest of the world is on your second list. These you will have the skill to qualify as “looking” or not looking. You will be able to determine if they are honest and trustworthy; people that can be relied upon to keep their word. They are the ones that will say “Yes” and are the ones that will do something more than buy a few products.

    • Sounds like good advice to me Howard. I appreciate the comment.

  4. Simple, brilliant, and right on! Those of us that are already business owners for a living will see your point immediately as self-evident, and I hope the folks who are new to business see it also as it will save lots of time and frustration.

  5. I really could not have said it any better myself.

    Some network marketers create bad relationships with friends and family because they “badger” them with the opportunity. I do agree that we should let everyone know what we are doing and how it can be a benefit, but we should never be upset if they say no, and we should not “spam” them with it.

    It just isn’t worth losing friends and family over something like this.

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