Why You Should Recruit More Women into Your MLM Business

Did you know that a large percentage of people in network marketing are women?  Depending upon which source you cite, women make up anywhere from seventy percent to eighty percent of our great industry.  Did you know that there are lots of successful female distributors in most companies? This includes married women and single women.

Women from all walks of life have joined our industry and done very well for themselves. Some of these women were stay at home moms initially looking to make an extra few hundred dollars per month to help with the bills.  Others were women initially looking to start a new career, and others were successful executives, entrepreneurs and professional women simply looking for a Plan B to exit the rat race.

The bottom line is that women do very well in this industry.  They are naturally a good fit for network marketing.  I credit this to several things. First and foremost, most women are very nurturing.  They know how to build friendships and relationships with others, and make people feel appreciated, loved and value.  They know how to listen.  Men can do this too, but I’ve found that women are much better at it than us men are.  And since our industry comes down to having strong relationships, it’s a natural fit for many women.

Another reason I believe women are so good at direct sales and network marketing is because they are great multi-taskers.  Most of the women I personally know are able to do several things at once.  They can manage a household, take care of the kids, handle the finances, and have a successful career at the same time.  Many guys could not do this as well as women do.  Sure, some could, but generally speaking women are better multi-taskers than men are.

Another reason women do so well in our industry is because many women want MORE for their family.  They either want to be able to stay home with the kids or they want to bring their husband home from work so he can be home, too.  Or, they want a nicer car or bigger home.  I think most women have a big WHY, something much bigger than most men have.

Now, just to clarify things for a moment I want you to know that not ALL women will meet this criteria.  Not all women will want to get involved in our great industry.  Not all women want a business.  Not all women are hard workers.  And not all women that do join our industry will excel or succeed.  Nor am I saying that men don’t do well in this industry.

I just want you to know that you shouldn’t overlook recruiting women into your MLM Business. Don’t overlook that stay at home mom you see in the food court at the shopping mall.  Don’t overlook the successful female executive you meet.  Don’t overlook the ordinary looking woman who is working on the assembly line at the factory.  You never really know if these women are keeping their options open or looking for something better until you ask them.

At the end of the day, it’s what is on the inside that counts most.  You are looking for women who have the desire to be successful, to make more money, to work from home or something else.  And you will never know that level of desire just by looking at someone.  It’s something that comes from within.  So never pre-judge!  Talk to both men and women.  Talk to everyone and let them decide for themselves!

You never really know WHERE you are going to meet your next superstar.

What do you think?  Do you think women are good at network marketing and direct sales? What tips can you offer to recruit more women into your business.  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
20+ Year Network Marketing Professional
Top Earner & Top Recruiter
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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11 thoughts on “Why You Should Recruit More Women into Your MLM Business”

  1. I think women, by nature, are better at relationship marketing. However, some women may be people pleasers and they may find it hard to negotiate and close deals. I agree that anyone with a big enough Why that wants to work from home, can be trained to do very well in a MLM business.

  2. What a flattering portrait you paint of women. Thank you. I agree that women are very good at multi-tasking, but then, so are men. (My husband is better at it than I am – I am more like Greg with the walking and chewing gum thing.) What I do think is that there are more women than men who are not members of the traditional work force, and are thus more available during the day. They could be more willing to take on an MLM business because they want to work from home. Who knows, but your point about not overlooking women as recruits is a good one.

  3. I agree that a large reason behind the success of women in MLM business is the fact that they know how to cultivate and really nurture their relationships with others. While not true for all men in MLM, I have had many experiences with men in MLM who were awkward or uncomfortable because they didn’t really understand how to be people oriented. Women on the other hand by nature seem to have this characteristic where they can easily form bonds and create relationships that help grow the business.

  4. Hi Chuck,

    Follow up … I got the stats wrong. I just read that of the top earners in MLM that only 5%-10% are women. What does that mean? If you want to recruit a lot of people who won’t have much of a chance to go to the top, recruit more women?

    No offense to your female readers!

  5. HI Chuck,

    Good post! I have also researched this phenomenon. It seems that 75%-80% of network marketers are women. I agree with you that network marketing seems to be a perfect for a woman’s skill set. What I couldn’t figure out is why the numbers are flipped when it comes to top earners in MLM. It seems that 75%- 80% of top earners in MLM are men.

    1. In my opinion the numbers are being looked at completely. I would be willing to bet that women are much more consistent. I agree with the things Chuck said here. Women, in general, are better multi-taskers. I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. I also agree with the nurturing part. Last, but not least, most people find it more difficult to say no to a woman in my opinion.

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