Why You Need an Auto-Responder: Tips for Network Marketers and Business Owners

In today’s post we are going to talk about 10 reasons why all network marketers need their own auto responder.

I believe that EVERY network marketer needs their own auto-responder, even if they are building their business the old-school way.

An auto-responder is such a powerful and valuable business tool.

Basically, an auto-responder is a software program that manages your leads and emails, so you can send out emails automatically and stay in touch with your prospects 24/7.

This will allow you to stay in constant contact with your team, prospects, and customers.

In the paragraphs below, I’ll cover in detail the 10 reasons why auto-responders are so important for your network marketing business.

# 1 To Build a List 

You’ve probably heard the term before that money is in the list.

Let’s face it, all businesses that I can think of: eBay, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart; they all have a subscriber list.

These are people who do business with them; the company has their name, their email, their address, and their contact information.

For these companies, their most valuable asset isn’t the product and services that they sell.

Their most valuable asset is their list. 

Now think about what happens with Facebook or with Amazon.

When you go on Amazon the first time, you create an account; you give them your name, your phone number, your mailing address, your email, and other contact information.

Once you do that, you get periodic emails about deals, promotions and special offers you might be interested in.

All of these emails drive you back to their website.

The power of Amazon is not their website.  The power of Amazon is their customer LIST.

The same thing holds true with cell phone companies.

Companies like Verizon and AT&T have millions of people who subscribe to their cell phone services and pay them an ongoing monthly fee.

Where these companies really make their money is with their list.

They can market any offer they want to their list and make money.

They can rent out their mailing list or they can send special offers.

Once you own a list, you have an asset that you can use in many different ways.

How does this all pertain to your network marketing business?

First and foremost, most of the people that you meet today or that you talk to today about your business or products are not going to be interested in them at this specific moment in time.

What you want to do is get them on your list.

What I do is I give away free information to build my list.

To build my list I give away a free boot camp.

To build my MLM company list I give away a free weight loss report.

When people request the free information they are automatically added to my list (my auto-responder), and then over a period of time they receive follow-up messages from me to educate them about my business opportunity and about my products.

As they get my emails they start to like me, know me and trust me.

When the timing is right, many of these folks ultimately do business with me.

If you get nothing else out of this blog post remember that building a list is the best thing you can do for your long term success in ANY business.

95% of the people you talk to today, or even more, are not going to be interested in what you have TODAY, but if you build a list, you can stay in touch with them until the timing does become right for them.

# 2 To Build a Relationship with People 

The second reason that network marketers need their own auto-responder is to build a relationship with people.

This might sound kind of weird; most people think of relationship building as face-to-face.

By all means, you can and should build relationships face-to-face.

That is the most ideal way, but you can also build a relationship with people through email.

I know you can, because I do it.

How do I do that?

It is done by educating people.  You educate people by providing value.

Write that down.

You do that by sharing your personal stories, your victories, your triumphs and your failures.

You connect with people by showing them you are a real person, just like them.

You show them that you are trustworthy.

You show them that you are an expert at what you do.

How do you do this with an auto-responder?

You send emails that educate and entertain, rather than just sending out emails to sell stuff.

Once you build a relationship with people, you can sell them almost anything you want to, because they know you, like you and trust you.

Remember this: know you, like you, and trust you.

That is what you want to do with every single person on your email list.

It is not to sell them something.  It’s not to recruit them.

It’s to get them to know you, like you and trust you by providing value, and by educating them.

When the time is right, introduce them to your products and services or business opportunity.

Building a good relationship is paramount.

Once again, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust; focus on building those relationships.

# 3 Automatic Follow-Up 

The number three reason you want to use an auto-responder is to follow-up automatically.

You don’t have to type up a message every time and send it to your prospect within a regular email.

When you have an auto-responder, you type up all your messages one time and they automatically get sent to your leads at the frequency you determine.

Suppose you created a list of prospects, and you wrote ten different emails to educate your prospects about your business, your products, and your industry.

These ten emails are designed to go out every five days.

On day 1 they get their first email, on day 6 they get the second email, day 11 the third email, and so forth.

These emails are going to get sent out automatically once you have them created and you have the frequency set.

When someone subscribes today, they are instantly going to get the first message; five days later they are going to get the next message.

If someone subscribes tomorrow to your list, they are going to get their first message automatically, they are going to get your second message five days later.

You don’t have to physically send out emails anymore.

This really saves you a lot of time and it allows you to follow-up automatically.

Having an auto-responder probably saves me one hundred hours a week from not having to type up all these messages to send to people. 

# 4 Convert More Leads Into Buyers 

The number four reason that network marketers need their own auto responder is to convert more people into buyers.

The average person needs to see a message anywhere from 8 to 20 times (maybe even more) before they are going to buy that product or service.

If you only follow-up only once with someone, there is a good chance they are not going to become a customer today.

If you only follow-up one time, you are leaving a lot of money on the table, and it’s just not a smart way to do business.

By having an auto responder send your follow-up messages that go out sequentially every 3, 4, or 5 days over a period of time, you are going to convert more people into buyers. 

Let’s take a moment and put this into perspective.

If you have an opt-in form and you get a hundred people who visit your opt-in form and become a subscriber, maybe 1 or 2 of those 100 people are going to be interested in your offer at that specific moment in time and buy what you are offering.

That means that the remaining 98 to 99 people are not interested RIGHT NOW.

If you have a good follow-up campaign, you might be able to convert another ten or fifteen of those people into a buyer, a distributor, or customer over the next three to twelve months.

Converting more people into buyers is definitely a good reason to have an auto responder.

# 5 To Make More Sales 

The number five reason why all network marketers need their own auto responder is to make more sales.

I think of my auto responder as its own little ATM machine.

Every time I send out an email I can potentially make money.

When it comes to making more money, there are two ways that your auto responder is going to help you.

The first one is the back-end sales.

These are sales that you make to people AFTER the initial sale.

Suppose that when someone joins your list, the first product you offer them is one of your company’s products and they decide to become a customer.

Maybe 30 days later you can introduce them to a different product.

That’s called the back-end sale.

I like to sell low cost products initially, and then gradually sell higher priced products as I move people through my funnel.

Another beauty of the auto-responder is that you can have multiple streams of income.

I have about 30 or 40 different income streams that I promote.

Two MLM Companies and 30 to 40 different income streams.

I have auto-responders, affiliate products, training programs, coaching, consulting, and many other different services that I provide.

My auto-responder does all the selling for me.

It’s really a beautiful thing.

I have multiple streams of income and I make money whether people join my business or not.

That is a paramount lesson that you need to learn. 

You need an auto responder so you can have multiple streams of income.

You can make money whether people join your business or not.

If you do it right, you’ll make more money from the people who tell you no than the people who join your business.

# 6 To Save Time 

The number six reason that you need an auto responder is to save time.

Most people have a full time job, a family, other commitments and they are doing their network marketing business part time.

Using an auto-responder is going to save you a lot of time.

When you have a message that you want to send out to your team, rather than making 30 phone calls, you can send out one email message to your personally sponsored people.

If you want to let people know about an upcoming event, you can send out an instant message.

I disseminate information to my team once a week by email.

It’s easy, its simple, and it saves me time.

Time is your friend; but time is always working against you.

You only have so much time in a day.

Why not have systems in place that free up some of your time so you can focus more on the money producing activities, rather than taking all your time just to maintain your business?

# 7 To Automate Your Business 

The next reason you want you want to have an auto-responder is because you want to automate your business.

Once again, you only have so much time in a day.

When you look at successful businesses, especially online businesses, they automate things.

You want to automate your lead generation, you want to automate your follow-up, you want to automate training your team, and you want to automate educating your customers, because this frees up your time to go find more people to add to your funnel and to bring into your business. 

Automate whatever you can in your business. 

Auto-responders help you do that. 

# 8 Drive Traffic to Your Website 

The number eight reason you want to use an auto-responder in your business is to drive traffic to your blog or your website.

I get about 15% of my total traffic to my website from email marketing.

I send people who are on my email list back to my website to learn about special offers, to read content that I just posted, to learn more about my company, and to learn about different affiliate products or books that I recommend.

I find it’s a substantial traffic generator.

Suppose that over a course of a couple years you could build up five or ten thousand email subscribers.

If you have your own blog, every time you do a new blog post you can send out an email, and you could send those five or ten thousand people back to your blog to read your website.

This allows you to be less dependent on the search engines, and gives you more control over your traffic (and business).

# 9 To Share Information, Updates and Specials Quickly

The ninth reason you want an auto-responder is to share information, updates and specials quickly.

Suppose your MLM company is doing an incentive for a two-week period where anybody can join for free.

You could send out an instant email to all your leads and let them know about this in a matter of seconds or minutes.

You could do the same thing with your team members.

Maybe your company is doing a special on a product for a certain month.

You could send out a quick email and make sure that everybody on your team gets the same message.

Maybe you are doing a special promotion yourself or you have an update that you want to share.

You could type up a quick email, click a couple buttons and your message goes out to everyone.

Everyone gets the same message.

They get it quickly.

There is no distortion in the communication process, and you don’t have to spend hours of your time typing emails.

# 10 To Increase Retention 

The last reason you want an auto-responder for your business is to help with customer and distributor retention.

You can do a much better job retaining customers and distributors on your team by communicating with them often.

This is what I do with my auto responders; I try to send out one or two emails a week to everyone on my team.

I share weekly tips, some information, anything that I learn, maybe a book of the week, an inspirational quote, etc.

This does a great job with retention.

I still lose people just like anyone else, but because I am communicating often, providing value, teaching and educating people, I probably have a higher retention rate than people who aren’t doing those things.

If you want to retain your team and customers, you have to communicate with them often, and you need to educate them.

Using an auto-responder is really a great way to do that.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, these are the ten reasons why I think every single network marketer should use an auto-responder.

Even if you’re doing your business by home parties or old school belly to belly methods, why not build a list?

Why not automate your follow-up process and why not generate multiple streams of income and convert more of your prospects into paying customers and distributors by using an auto-responder?

It just makes perfect sense.

What are your thoughts?

Leave your comments below, and if you have any questions, you can post those here too.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need an Auto-Responder: Tips for Network Marketers and Business Owners”

  1. Just the thought of having to send out singular emails to each person on my list makes me shudder. It would take too much time.

    You gave some excellent reasons we all need an auto responder. I use mailchimp, and it seems to do quite well.

    The money is in the list, and by keeping in regular contact, we gain sales that we probably never would have got. Plus it gives us a system to keep our current customers up dated on new developments.

    There are just so many great features about having an auto responder, I believe that any network marketer who doesn’t is far behind in the MLM business world.

    Thanks for this great post Chuck.

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