Why People Buy Your MLM Opportunity and Products

Successful salespeople and entrepreneurs understand WHY people buy.  They study buying behaviors so they can focus their advertising, marketing and overall customer acquisition strategy to appeal to more people and get more sales.  Mike Dillard taught me a few important lessons about why people buy.  These lessons are very helpful when you are presenting information about your products and business opportunity to your prospect.  The information really applies to any business owner or any profession, not just MLM.  In the paragraphs below, I want to share a few things I learned from Mike Dillard about why people buy.

why people buySo, why do people buy?  First and foremost, buying is an emotional decision, not a logical one.  People make emotional decisions and then justify their decision with logic; not the other way around.  Never forget that.  That is a million dollar lesson.  Therefore, it would make more sense for you to try and appeal to your prospect’s emotions rather than appeal to their logic.  Appeal to people’s logic and you will starve.  Appeal to people’s emotions and you can get wealthy. 

For example, instead of talking about the ingredients (features), the price (features), and the quality (features) of your weight loss product, talk about how much weight the person could lose (benefits). Talk about how easy it is to replace two meals a day with a shake (benefits). Talk about how good they will look when they lose weight (benefits).  Talk about how much energy they will have (benefits).  Talk about how easy it is to order the product and have it shipped to their home (benefits).  Talk about how much money they can save on their grocery bill by taking the shakes instead of buying groceries (benefits).   Talk about how you will be their wellness coach and help motivate them throughout the entire process (benefits). Just making this small switch in your presentation will generate more sales.

And when you are talking about your business opportunity, you really need to sell the dream!  Position your opportunity as a SOLUTION to people’s problems.  Sell the dream of financial independence, firing your boss, supplementing their income, or whatever else appeals to the person.  Find out what the person wants financially and show them how your business opportunity can help them solve their problems and reach their financial goals. If you can do that you will sponsor a large percentage of your prospects.

If you do what most distributors do and focus on the FEATURES (logic), you will bore your prospect to death.  They will not buy your products and they will not join your team.  People are emotional, so appeal to their emotions.  Get them excited.  Show them how your product or business opportunity can HELP them.

Another key point that Mike Dillard mentions is that “people buy a drill because they want a hole, not because they want a drill.”  That makes so much sense when you take the time to think about it.  SO it would be really stupid for a drill manufacturer to advertise drills when they should be advertising how to make holes!  And it would be really stupid to spend all your time talking about the company leadership, company history, company growth, etc.  Once again, you should focus your presentation on how the company and/or products can help the person get what they want, not how the person can help the company.

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, people are emotional not logical.  We make emotional decisions and then we justify it with logic.  Knowing WHY people buy can really help you with your network marketing business.  Make sure that when you are talking to people you focus on the benefits of what you have to offer and make sure you show them how what you have to offer them can help them solve a problem or get what they want.  That really is the key to success.

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5 thoughts on “Why People Buy Your MLM Opportunity and Products”

  1. When you take the opportunity to build a rapport with a prospect you can get to know their triggers. So each person you meet you need a little info about what triggers them. Then when you appeal to their emotions you know what you are appealing to. For instance, if you are talking to a mother who tells you she has kids going to college. Your business has helped several mothers put kids through college and the kids are making money in the business as well. Getting to know people can be a goldmine.

  2. This article was very well-said. I’ve never heard anyone speak about the benefits before the features before. It should be about what the prospective client will get from the company. If we make it about what the client can do for the company we’ve lost a great opportunity. I don’t know why someone hasn’t said this before. MLM should be about how we can make the client feel, what we can do for him or her. Only by positioning ourselves to solve their problems will we be successful.

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