Why I Really Do Network Marketing

This post is going to be weird.  I want to take some time and write about WHY I do network marketing and not something else.

From the time I first learned about this industry, back in 2002, I have been completely mesmerized by it.  That was more than 13 years ago. I still wake up every day, in love with our industry.  The concept of passive income and leverage without risk is very appealing.

For the first couple years in the industry, it was like a honeymoon and a nightmare, all in one.  I was excited by the potential of what our industry had to offer, but I was also confused, trying to find my way.  When I started, I was REALLY rough around the edges and needed a lot of personal development.

After my two and a half year run with my first company (Amway), I grew a lot as a person.  I learned a lot about setting goals, personal development and the power of personal development.  I left the company for personal reasons, but I am eternally grateful for the experience.

For the next decade, I was in and out of the industry.  I stuck around because I never stopped believing in what the industry had to offer ordinary folks, especially compared to traditional business.  I knew that the industry worked, even if most people failed at it.

During those ten plus years (following Amway), I never committed to any company like I did Amway.  I was in and out of many different companies, more than ten.   None of these companies were bad.  I simply couldn’t find a company that was the right fit for me.  More importantly, I never truly buckled down and did the work.

I’m not proud to admit this, but it is the truth.

After twelve years in the industry, I finally got serious when I joined my current company in April 2014.  I was fortunate to have more than a decade of personal growth.  I feel like everything I did up until this point helped prepare me to be successful.

Now that you know a little bit about my background, let me tell you WHY I still do network marketing.

I do network marketing because it is the one thing left on my bucket list, career wise, that I have not accomplished.  That is the ONLY reason I do it.

I have been very successful in many other endeavors, but I feel that I owe it to myself to succeed in a big way in this industry.  I have the need to prove to myself that I can do it.

I don’t do it for the money, the fame, the prestige, or even the residual income.

I do it because I have seen SO MANY people have walk across stage at their company’s events as success stories.  I have looked at all of these people and not once have I ever thought that they are better than me or superior to me (nor, do I feel I am better than them).  These people are all ordinary people who have a vision, brass balls, and commitment.

I have been jealous (at times) of their success, but never once have I thought that I couldn’t do what they do.

That is why I am in the trenches every day.

Whether I ever become a MLM Millionaire or not is irrelevant.

My only purpose now is to build a team of at least 10,000 people.  Once I have done that, I can cross MLM off my bucket list.

It doesn’t mean I will leave the industry and do something else, but if I did, I would have absolutely no regrets.

The only thing I would ever regret is leaving our great industry before I ever get to that point.

There you have it folks.  That’s why I am in the trenches.  That’s why I am motivated and serious about building a huge downline.   That’s why I do network marketing.

Why do you do network marketing?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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8 thoughts on “Why I Really Do Network Marketing”

  1. Using the internet combined with offline marketing is a killer combination. With online marketing you can reach way more people than you ever would with building your business face to face only. Not to mention the leverage from making blog post like this one and videos that work for you around the clock 24/7.

  2. If what you say is true, Chuck, then you are going to have to get out of your chair and into the real trenches. You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone and meet people face to face. Real networking, as I see it, is asking people (face to face) “Who do you know…?” Building a business network of like-minded people requires establishing relationships face to face; not looking at them on a computer screen. Dealing with people on an emotional level has to be done face to face.

    Face up to it Chuck, you are more comfortable communicating electronically. What you are doing from your computer is a good start, but to build a business of 10,000 people will take duplication. Very few will duplicate what you are doing right now. They may try for a short period of time (90 days?) and then move on. When they do, how many of them are going to continue to buy your limited line of products; and for how long?

    Chuck, if you are serious about accomplishing what you say you want to, you are going to have to make some changes to your strategy and get out of your comfort zone. Talk is cheap! Lets see some action. You, more than anyone, are capable of making it happen. You can do it, Chuck!

    1. I’ll compare my recruiting results with anyone in the industry. You do not have to build face to face to succeed. That is one way of doing it, not the only way. I did it that way for 10 years and the attrition rate was just as high as building it 100% online. Throw in time driving around, getting no shows, plus gas mileage and expenses, and it is probably the least efficient way to build a business. It is effective, but it is extremely inefficient. I think that relationships are important, but you can build those on SKYPE. I do it every day.

    2. I will have to ask you Howard, how many people do you have on your team?

      By no means am I trying to start an argument, but in these days of better technology, the internet is a great way to build a network marketing business if done correctly. You are preaching in this comment, but show us the proof of your figures and we will be able to accept what you are saying better.

      I am on Chuck’s team, as I know many others are too. I have been for quite some time and guess what? I have never met Chuck in person. We have Skyped, but never in person.

      There are many ways to skin a cat, and as network marketers we need to always remember that just because we do it one way doesn’t mean everyone has to do it our way. Keep on keeping on and may success be upon both of you.

      1. Hey Greg, you and Chuck make a great tag team. Chuck is a very knowledgeable and a talented communicator. You do a good job of following up his articles with praise. I’m a bit surprised that he asked you to comment after he and I talked by e-mail about him not posting my comment to his comment. I’d be surprised if he posts this one because “It is not what I want my readers to read.”

        Chuck has told a little about himself in this article and a lot more in previous articles. I’ll tell you a little about me. I joined the company I’m affiliated with when I was 24 years old; back in 1969. The company was ten years old at that time. I was attracted to the integrity and patriotism of the owners and the high quality of their products. Like Chuck, I had a lot of personal growth to accomplish. Unlike Chuck, I’m not a quitter.

        To answer your question: I have no idea how many have joined my team and if I did I wouldn’t tell. I also have no Idea how may people I have personally sponsored. No, I will not open my books to you or anybody else. My business is private and to open one door invariably invites people to ask for more information. BTW, Chuck agrees with this.

        I am a consultant – I help people. I got into this business to make money; I stayed in because of the people. People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. I care deeply about people. I love people and use money. I enjoy giving my money and time to worthy causes. As far as Chuck goes, I thought I could help him see the value of face-to-face contact. I recall what Mark Twain once said, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” I thought I could encourage Chuck to face what I perceived as his fear of “personal” contact (once burned, twice wary) and achieve his full potential. My mistake. I won’t make it again.

        1. Actually, I did not ask Greg to moderate your comment and I am not a quitter. I simply left Amway. If that makes me a quitter, there are millions of us. I’m still in the industry and doing fine. Thanks.

        2. As Chuck said, I had no “push” from him to come in and make a response to your comment Howard. Actually, I believe that if I would have asked him if I could respond how I did to you, he would have told me to not do so.

          Howard, I must admit that you speak a lot of wisdom, but you also are diving into areas that are unreasonable. Just because a person leaves one company and puts their efforts in a different company does not make them a quitter. We could look at many successful network marketers who left their original MLM companies and found success in other ones.

          As for Chuck not giving you room to “speak” your mind, he has that choice, but he chose to post what you said. He shows transparency and there needs to be more of that in the network marketing world.

          I am going to leave it at that Howard. Don’t stop commenting and giving your opinions, but I would suggest that you look deeply before you judge others.

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