Why I Hate Sponsoring Excited People Into My MLM Program

I HATE sponsoring excited people into my MLM Business.  I really do.

Now, some of you might be saying, WHAT?  Chuck, what the heck is wrong with you?

Most people DREAM of finding someone excited to sponsor into their network marketing business.

Here’s what I’ve found.  And here’s why I hate sponsoring excited people.

What goes up must come down!

Just about every EXCITED person that I’ve ever sponsored into my network marketing business has quit within two weeks of joining.  Some might have lasted 2-3 months, but that’s about it.

They come in “pumped up” promising you that they are going to be your “biggest” and “most successful” person on your team.

They talk a big game.  They are excited. Heck, they even get you all fired up!

Yet, within a couple weeks of joining your team  they disappear.  They stop answering your calls. They don’t return your emails.  They go into the Witness Protection Program.  And then you never hear from them again.

Even worse, they never sponsor one person.  They never get one customer.  And in most cases they never even order the products!

Why does this happen?

They disappear because they are off to the next biggest thing.  The next “shiny object” has hit their email inbox and they are off to the races chasing it.  These are the MLM Junkies that make up a large portion of our industry.

It’s sad, but true.

I see these people all the time in our industry.  They are the people looking to get rich quick. They are the folks with the lottery mentality, looking for the SECRET company.

They are looking for the magic dust!

And once they find a new company, they repeat the same process again.  And then again. And then again.  Many of these folks have spent 10-20 years in this industry (or longer) and worked with 40 to 100 different companies. Even worse, many of these folks have never made a dime!

How do I know?  Because I used to be one of these folks.  Yeah, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s the truth.  And the truth can set you free.

I spent about 10 years bouncing around companies.  No, I wasn’t looking to get rich quick.  I just couldn’t stick with anything and be consistent for any period of time.  Fortunately, I got my head out of the clouds and learned that the key to success is to pick a good company, get to work, and stick with it minimum five to ten years.

When your excited people quit, they are gone for good.

More importantly, it has nothing to do with you or your company.

It’s just the way that some folks are wired.  And there is nothing you can do about it.

Now, I don’t say all of this to be doom and gloom.

I just want you to know that there are people out there who will fool you.  You will think you’ve found gold and sponsored your next DIAMOND distributor, only to find out that you found nothing but FOOL’S GOLD.

Once in a while you will find an excited new distributor that sticks around and builds a team. But eight times out of ten, your newest most excited person will disappear as quickly as they joined.

Just know this upfront.  Knowing upfront makes it a little less painful when it happens.

On the flip side of the coin, remember this.  Just because someone is negative and skeptical at first does NOT mean they are a bad prospect.  In fact, these folks typically become your best prospects.

Someone who was skeptical and negative at first, but did their research and homework and convinced themselves to join your team is a dream prospect.  Never forget that!

The bottom line is that over the top excited distributors seldom last in this industry.  This industry is a lot like dating.  Anyone can be excited for a week or two, or a month at two, but at some point in time they will realize there is work involved, so they cut their strings and move on.

What you really want to look for in a prospect is DESIRE and COMMITMENT.  Those two qualities trump excitement any day of the week. Those are the two important success factors.

What do you think?  What has your experience been like with excited prospects and new distributors?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “Why I Hate Sponsoring Excited People Into My MLM Program

  1. So I was definitely thrown off guard by this title, but what you went on to say makes sense. I think what you want is someone who is enthused and committed and not just excitement, because as you said excitement is just a temporary feeling. Enthusiasm paired with commitment is a great blend because when the excitement fades that commitment will keep them invested and working through the tough times.
    Good point Charles.

    • Exactly. What goes up must come down. You want someone who has done their homework and made an informed decision.

  2. This is something that I had not considered. The people who seem the most excited and pumped up usually attract a lot of attention, but you are right: it would be almost inhuman for someone to be able or willing to maintain that level of intensity for an extended period of time. (And no matter what they might claim, most people are not inhuman.)

    So who do you look for? The calm, thinking type? Confidence is certainly something to look for. Might want to hear your thoughts on the ‘ideal’ personality to look for in a recruit.

    • I look for people with an open mind, who do their homework, ask some questions and research the business like they would a real business. Sometimes negative people turn out to be the best prospects you can find, because once you convert them to someone positive they will typically be a great distributor to work with.

  3. Chuck, you make some good points here. But I think if you can focus that excitement you may really be able to work with a person. I think the problem sometimes is that excited people are left on their own and don’t have enough connection with their team and or company. Then someone can sweep in and scoop them up. Some suggestions would be find ways to continuously excite them about what’s in their current business and have some really great conversations from the start about sticking with your business for a minimum of one year before making a decision to leave. But be aware that anyone on your team can always leave.

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