Why I Don’t Meet with My MLM Prospects Face to Face

Today, I want to share why I don’t meet with my MLM prospects face to face…

For 12 years, I built my network marketing business the traditional way: face to face, three-foot rule, home parties and warm market.

I admit, that way works for some people.  Most companies in our industry teach this method and many top earners use it themselves.  If it appeals to you, wonderful.  Keep doing it!  Just realize it’s not the ONLY way to build a successful business.

I am not knocking it.  It is still the most effective way to build your network marketing business. There’s something powerful about meeting with someone face to face, looking them in the eyes and watching their body language as you talk with them.

However, people are busy.  Most people in today’s society don’t have an hour to meet with someone at a home party or local coffee shop to learn about a business opportunity.

As a distributor, meeting people face to face is the most inefficient and most time consuming way to build a business.  There is no leverage in doing this and it requires lots of your time, to include getting dressed up, travel time, doing the presentation and then driving home.

Time is money. It can take several hours to do just one presentation (including travel time) and there is no guarantee you prospect will even show up for the appointment.

I can’t speak for you, but I truly wanted a home based business where I could work in my pajamas from the comfort of my own home.  I have no desire to dress up in a suit and tie, go to meetings or do home parties.  Been there, done that, got the ribbon!

Some people like to do those things and I think that’s cool.  It’s just not for me. I could argue that most people in our industry have no desire to do those things.

Most people who join our industry want a real home based business, not something where they have to drive all over the country to build a business.

endless referralsMy time is valuable.  So is yours.

It can take a few hours to give a presentation face to face, including travel time, whereas you could show 10 presentations in the same amount of time (or more) if you leverage technology and learn how to work smart.

Furthermore, I have found that most people in the real world are flakes. They will lie to you, waste your time, be wishy-washy, and not do what they say they were going to do.  That’s why you get so many no-shows, cancellations, and indecisive people who can’t make a decision.

That’s why people talk a big game the day they join your team, but disappear in less than a month.  That’s why people tell you they have to “think about it” but they never do make a decision.

I’ll talk with a prospect briefly by phone or SKYPE before they sign up.  But I won’t spend tons of time with them until they do sign up.

Remember, you’re not asking people to give you their kidney, their first born, or their inheritance.  In my company, I’m asking them to make a $50 decision to try a product and/or join the business.

If they can’t see the value in that, or afford that, I look for a new prospect.

To sum it all up, our business model has been built mostly face to face for the past sixty years. However, times have changed and technology allows us to work smart and leverage ourselves, right from the comfort of our own home.

I don’t think it’s smart to invest a ton of time in someone BEFORE they join your business.  Save your precious time and do that AFTER they join your team.

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Chuck Holmes
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