Why Every Home Business Owner Should Have a Dog

In my childhood, I did not have the advantage of having a dog like so many of my friends did. Our living conditions did not allow this, but we did have a cat. That poor cat probably thought he was in hell with my brother and I in a small trailer home.

Our game was African safari, and Charlie our cat was the lion we had to capture. I used a large butterfly net and my brother had his cap gun that must have scared that poor cat terribly.

When we finally captured Charlie, we would put him in the lion cage which was actually Mom’s clothes drier. She was sure upset when a load of clothes came out with cat hair all over them.

So maybe it was best that we didn’t have a dog at that point in our lives.

But in my older years, I have made up for the fact that we did not have a dog then.

Let me count:

  1. Rocky was our first. He was a yellow lab and was hit by a car driving foolishly on our gravel road.

  2. Ice was half dingo and half chow. She was a great watchdog but because we soon had a baby grandson in the home, my wife made me give her away.

  3. Coco was a pure-bred pit bull. You may have heard some horror stories about pit bulls, but I blame the owners. Coco was one of the most loving dogs I ever owned.

  4. Chiquito is our small chihuahua here in Puerto Rico.

  5. Cerra and Merra were two dogs that we rescued when I was researching this story in the Cerro Maravilla mountains of Puerto Rico. Cerra and Merra were outside dogs and Merra was recently killed because our neighbor was driving stupidly. Cerra is now inside the house with us.

You can see Cerra and Chiquito with me in the picture.

As a freelancer and home business owner, I am quite happy I have these dogs here with me. They keep my days a ray of sunshine.

Here are some reasons every home business owner should have a dog

1: Companionship

Working from home can be quite lonely. Dogs just seem to be the perfect “spark” to take that loneliness away.

2: Protection

I live in a country that has a high crime rate. The economy is bad and there are individuals who will break into your home or car just to steal a quarter.

Most criminals will think twice before coming into a house with a barking dog. And, we have discovered that if even the chihuahua doesn’t know you, and I am not there to tell him to halt, he will bite. His teeth are like razors too.

3: Humor

Dogs do funny things, and we all need a good laugh from time to time. I am still laughing when that firefly was on Cerra’s butt and we turned off the lights and watched her chasing her tail trying to get that lit-up bug.

4: Loyalty

We hope that our close friends and family are loyal, but are they? That is never a question with our dog. Dogs are always loyal.

5: Helps Us To Be Social

For some, it can be difficult to start a conversation with a complete stranger. The thing is: our home business needs us to do so. What better conversation piece than our dog? When we walk the dog, even what looks like the meanest person on the block will say something. (Clean up that dog doo-doo!)

6: We Will Exercise

I may not feel like exercising, but when one or both dogs start going to the door, I know I have to exercise, and clean up dog doo-doo.

Yes, who needs a personal trainer when you have a dog?

They help keep me lean and fit.

7: Dogs Build Our Self-Esteem

Studies have shown that dog owners have improved confidence and a higher self-esteem. These are traits every home business owner needs.

8: Dogs Force Us To Be Responsible

It is easy as a home business owner to get into irresponsible stages. Having a dog will keep us in check. We have to be responsible because our dog deserves it.

9: Can Detect Health Issues

With heart issues that have run in my family, I feel safer having a dog around. Studies have shown that dogs can actually detect certain emergency health issues before they arise.

10: They Reduce Stress

I can find myself in a hair-pulling stressful moments, and then I look at Cerra laying at my feet licking my toes. The stress just magically disappears.

11: Dogs Help Build Immunity

It has been shown that children in households with dogs have higher immunity levels. I firmly believe there will be less flu, colds and other simple illnesses just by having a dog in the house.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few great reasons that every home business owner should have a dog. What other reasons can you list?

Is your dog your virtual assistant? I sometimes wonder what kind of great blog posts or articles I could get if my dogs could write.

Feel free to tell us about your dog and how he/she helps you with your home business.

You can leave all comments and questions in the comment section below. Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “Why Every Home Business Owner Should Have a Dog”

  1. Awesome connection between pets and home-based business owners.

    It’s true, it’s lonely working from home.
    We have a cat and cats are crazy. my wife and I talk about the cat more than ourselves sometimes!

    They add so much love into our lives. My wife and I never had kids, but we don’t miss that aspect because of having pets.

    Brilliant article, Greg!

    1. Thank you Eric.

      Living here in Puerto Rico, we also have several outside cats that keep the rats away. But, I just cannot handle cats in the house because of my allergies. But you are right, they are crazy and can make for a long and deep conversation.

      I suggest every home business owner have a pet. They can help keep us sane in many ways, and they are so loyal.

      I just suggest a person research the best foods to feed them and make sure you have a vet check them at times. Get their shots and you will have a happy and loving pet.

      Now, I must go take the dog outside before I have to clean up a mess-LOL

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