Who Makes the Most Money in MLM?

If you are trying to learn the ultimate MLM secret and discover who really makes the most money in the MLM Industry, you are in the right place. Hopefully, after reading this article, the flood gates will open and you will have a better idea about how to earn a large income in this industry.

When people ask “who really makes the most money in the MLM Industry?” most people simply compare top earners from their company. In some cases, they might even compare top distributors from different companies. However, the most successful distributors aren’t typically the top earners! Say what? Chuck, have you lost your mind? Nope. While the “most successful” distributors frequently earn a high six or seven figure annual income, they typically aren’t the top earners in this industry.

In my opinion, the people who make the most amount of money in this industry fall into one of four categories. I will cover each category in greater detail in the paragraphs below.

1. MLM Company Owners: Rightfully so, the MLM Company Owners normally make the most amount of money in this industry. After all, they are people who took the greatest risk, invested their capital, developed the products and took a chance. Many top earners leave the industry to start their own MLM Company.  That’s where the biggest money is.

2. MLM System Owners: Within each MLM Company, there are normally several “system owners.” For instance, in Amway there are many different Amway Motivational Organizations. Each system makes additional income from distributors by selling websites, books, tapes, seminars, and other business tools. Other companies have similar systems. Typically, the system owners make an enormous amount of profit from their system. In many cases, the “system” income is more than the distributor’s earnings with the MLM Company.

3. MLM Top Earners: Within each company, there are a very small percentage of the distributors (less than 1%) who earn substantial six or seven figure earners. Typically, these distributors are experienced distributors with prior experience in more than one company. In all cases, these leaders are dynamic, self-motivated, charismatic and know how to recruit, teach and sell. Many of the top earners eventually stop building their downline and transition to system owner or infopreneur.

4. MLM Infopreneurs: MLM Infopreneurs are people who sell information to others. Within the network marketing industry, there are lots of MLM Infopreneurs who sell information products such as books, seminars, tapes, e-courses, and other information products. Some of the leading MLM Infopreneurs include Dale Calvert, Mike Dillard, Mark Yarnell, Jeffrey Combs, and Jonathan Budd. In many cases, these MLM Infopreneurs build huge seven and eight figure incomes from their products and services. This is why I decided to become a MLM Infopreneur.  I would also put the MLM Trainers in this category.

And then there is everyone else. The people who are trying to build a downline, pursue their goals, and make it big. Most of these people fizzle out of the industry and give up on their dreams within their first year. Others keep building their business and earn a nice supplemental income. And finally, there are a small group of people who evolve from distributor, into one of the categories mentioned above. Which one are you?

What do you think?  Leave a comment to tell us who you think makes the most money in MLM!

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4 thoughts on “Who Makes the Most Money in MLM?”

  1. Within MLM, I understand the concept of the company and system owners and even the top earners, but I’m unclear as to what an infropeneur actually does. I did read your post and know that they sell information products. Do you have a post that deals with infropeneurs? I’d definitely be interested in reading more about this topic.

    1. An infopreneur is someone who makes money selling information about a specific topic. This would include DVDs, CDs, seminars, webinars, books, etc. It also includes bloggers who write about certain topics. I am an infopreneur within the network marketing niche.

      1. I also believe infropreneurs and system owners are very similar. Not the exact same, but in many ways they do the same things. Some infropreneurs actually use system owner products to develop their own similar information product to sell. I believe that when you are involved in an MLM, it is very wise to add some infropreneur products to your system. It essentially allows you to not put all your eggs in one basket, and creates another income opportunity. What do you think?

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