Who Actually Joins ACN?

Who will join ACN?

I believe there are five groups of people who will join ACN, or any other network marketing company for that matter.

I am basing this off eleven years of experience in the network marketing industry.

Although I have never been affiliated with ACN personally, I have researched the company and industry extensively.

Here are the five groups of people who would join ACN, listed in no particular order.

1. People Looking to Get Rich Quick: acnWithout a doubt, this will represent at least 40%-50% of your entire organization, and maybe upwards of 60%.

These are the folks who are unemployed, financially destitute or “lottery mentality” folks who think joining a MLM Company is like playing the lottery.

Most of these folks will only stick around 30-90 days at most, before they quit.

They won’t use the products, find customers or sponsor ANYONE.

They will sign their name to the dotted line on the distributor agreement and then sit around and wait for the magic to happen.

Sadly, they will fizzle out and then they will claim that the business doesn’t work, or that they got scammed.

It’s sad, but it’s a huge reality in our industry.

who joins acn2. Honest, Hard Working People Who Want Their Own Business: This might represent 5%-10% of the people who join your ACN team.

Many of these folks have no prior entrepreneurial experience, but they do have a strong desire for to become a business owner.

They come from every walk of life, but are usually middle-class Americans with a big dream of owning their own business one day.

Many of these folks will go on to build a successful ACN business because of their desire and work ethic.

Some will become top earners with ACN, others will earn $5k to $10k per month, and some will earn much less.

The reason these folks will succeed is their vision and work ethic.

They are not your typical American or ACN distributor.

3. MLM Junkies: This crowd might represent 20-25% of the people on your ACN team.

These are the folks who switch to a new network marketing company every three to nine months.

They think the MLM Company is the answer to all of their troubles, so they keep joining new companies hoping they can join a company and “get lucky” and be successful.

Most of these folks never take the time to develop their skills, or apply what they are taught.

Sadly they fail over and over again.

Eventually, they end up quitting the industry for good. Read more about MLM Junkies.

4. Successful Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers and Professionals: These are the mavericks; the people you really want to join your ACN Team.

These are the folks who have already achieved a high level of success in their regular profession, and in life, but they are looking for a Plan B, or a new challenge.

These folks usually have the leadership skills, a large social network, and the required capital it takes to build a successful ACN business.

This group might represent 1-5% of the people in the company.

Most of these folks will eventually become top earners in ACN.

If you are actively building your ACN Team, you will find most of these folks in depth.

You probably won’t sponsor them personally, but someone else in your group will lead you to them.

The thing is, everyone knows a “Maverick.”

Everyone knows at least one person who matches this description.

5.  Customers: These are people who don’t want to pursue the business opportunity, for whatever reason, but they want to be a customer with ACN.

Please know that you need lots of customers in your business, so make sure you treat these folks well.

I’ve also found that many happy customers will eventually become distributors if you treat them well.

It’s also important to know that many people from the four groups mentioned previously can also be converted into customers, even if they decide to stop doing the business.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to focus on getting customers first, because that is where you generate your true residual income with ACN.

You need people ordering and using the products and services every single month.

So, if people don’t want to join your business opportunity, do what you can to get them to become a customer. Learn more about building a team of customers.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the five categories of people who will join ACN (or any other company).

As you can see, they come from every walk of life, race, religion, age group, financial background, and experience.

Most people who join your ACN team won’t achieve much success with the company, because they won’t be able to make a lasting commitment to build a business.

Many of these folks expect instant results, and won’t do the required work it takes to succeed.

So, they will quit. But, some people will stick around long enough to learn the ropes, develop the skills and achieve success.

Ideally, you want to keep an eye open for the mavericks.

If you can find 3-5 people like this to personally sponsor (or in depth), you can build a financial legacy that pays you for many years to come.

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: ACN is a registered trademark. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. All views in this article are my opinion.

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8 thoughts on “Who Actually Joins ACN?”

  1. I have seen so many of them “get rich” quick BS businesses and people always fall for them. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and have money. It isn’t. Then you have legit businesses that get hard hits because of other people running these scams. You have to work and work to earn money this way. It isn’t as simple as sitting on your bum all day!

  2. These are all very realistic figures you have provided Chuck. In my opinion, as a ACN business owner, I would strive to get customers first and foremost. It can be much easier to convert a customer to a distributor. Once a person uses the service or product, they will be more apt to want to distribute it. I also know that the primary reason MLMs fail is they are short of customers.

    1. Yes, spending your time to find new customers would be a great use of your time. I think that’s much wiser than just trying to go out and recruit a bunch of people into the opportunity.

  3. Since such a large percentage of people who are going to join ACN are those who are not going to stick around for long because their true motive is money, how do you work around that? It seems like such a distraction and a deterrent to have all of these people who are not serious coming in and out of ACN. Is there any way to spot these individuals and prevent them from wasting time? Or do you just have to deal knowing that they will be gone soon enough?

    1. I think the top earners in ACN realize that most of the people who join their ACN team won’t do anything with the business for any period of time. They realize the money they make from most distributors will only last 60 to 90 days. They’re simply looking for the few that will take the bull by the horns and run with it. Most of the people in our industry, and in ACN, are part-time distributors anyways. So, they’re not as serious as the heavy-hitters or full-timers. But it does a take a team of 1000s of people doing a little bit to build a big team. You need the “little guy” just like you need the “heavy hitters.” If you have 5000 people on your team, you might have 50 very serious people. That’s just the way the numbers fall.


  4. When you’re looking to sponsor prospects, you must keep in mind that not everyone has the time to make a success of the business opportunity you present them. Even if everything looks just right, the unexpected should be expected. The birth of a child, a death in a family and other events can eliminate a person’s availability so you must be ready to adapt.

    1. Good point, James.

      Most people who see ACN won’t join. And most people who join ACN won’t do anything!

      The truth is, you never know who will get in and take the bull by the horns. If I could figure that out, I would have a lot more money in my bank account.


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