Where to Get Parts for Your Kirby Vacuum

There are tons of different Kirby vacuum parts.

The most common parts include belts, hoses, fans, cords, brush rollers, bags, switches and wands.

In the event you need a replacement part for your Kirby vacuum, you have several different options.

If you do an Internet search, you will find several dealers that sell these Kirby Vacuum Parts on their website.

This is a fast and easy way to get the Kirby vacuum parts you need.

Before you just fork over your money to the first website you find, I recommend you check out a couple different websites and price shop.

The prices can vary significantly, so if you shop around you can really save some money.

Another great option to get parts for your old Kirby vacuum is to contact your local Kirby distributor.

If you do not have a local distributor, you can call the company and they will help you find a distributor.

When you talk with the distributor, ask for a discount.

They might just give you a deal!

You never know if you don’t ask.

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You can also check eBay or Amazon for parts.

Sometimes you can find a really good deal on a used or new part on eBay.

Some people take apart the vacuums and sell the parts piece by piece to make a good profit.

The inventory on eBay changes daily, so check back often.

Although Kirby vacuums do have a long life-span, things do break from time to time.

Obviously, it’s much cheaper to replace a part or two, compared to buying a whole new vacuum.

Another key thing to check is to find out if your vacuum is still under warranty.

If it is, contact the company and see if they will resolve the issue free of charge, before you spend your own money.

On a side note, you could make money by placing ads in local papers, or on Craigslist, that you buy old Kirby vacuums.

When people call you, you can offer to buy their old vacuum for a reasonable cost.

At that point, you can strip down the vacuum and sell it for parts.

Or, you can repair it and sell it as is.

I found several people on eBay who were doing this.

After all, people do this with vehicles and other types of equipment (power tools, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, etc.); so there’s no reason you can’t do this with Kirby vacuums.

Just food for thought.

Final Thoughts

kirby heritageIn conclusion, Kirby manufactures high end vacuums.

In the event your vacuum breaks or needs a part replaced, you have plenty of options.

Your best bet is to contact the local distributor who sold you the vacuum.

If you can’t get in contact with them, you should call the corporate office to find another distributor.

And if that doesn’t work, you can simply do an Internet search to find a distributor or website that sells parts.

Just make sure you check to see if your vacuum is still under warranty first.

What are your thoughts?

Where do you get your own Kirby vacuum parts?

Leave a comment and let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Kirby is a registered trademark.  I am not affiliated with the company in any way.

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10 thoughts on “Where to Get Parts for Your Kirby Vacuum”

  1. We always go to this local appliance repair person. He is quite knowledgeable and has access to a lot of resources that I either wouldn’t have access to or wouldn’t begin to know how to access. Plus he is great at explaining things to me and making sure I get the right part for the right price. I did come across the Pinterest page for Kirby vacuums that was mentioned by Amy and that is also a really great informational tool.

  2. I find parts for my Kirby on eBay. I also buy lots of used vacuums at yard sales and break them down for parts. You can also check out some of the websites online.

  3. I did a little research on Kirby vacuum cleaner parts, and found that Kirby has a board on Pinterest devoted entirely to replacement parts and bags. Kirby actually has several interesting boards, including Kirby history. At any rate, the site that I found with the biggest selection is TotalVac.com. The Kirby section of their site is arranged by model, making it very easy to find appropriate vacuum cleaner parts.

  4. I get my Kirby Vacuum repair parts online. There are several different websites that sell replacement parts for the Kirby. Just do a quick Google search and you will find what you are looking for.

  5. I found a couple of local vacuum repair shops that either have Kirby parts or have access to great resources to order them. The local option is a good choice in the event you are not exactly sure which part you need or which version of it is required for your particular model.

    1. In today’s world, that’s probably a good starting point. Visit your local vacuum repair shop and see if they can help you with repairing your Kirby Vacuum. Most of these shops have a trained technician on site. If the price they quote you is a bit expensive than by all means shop around online and order the part yourself and then take it back to the shop to have them fix it.

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