What Would You Change About the MLM Industry If You Could

On my Facebook page I asked my group members, “what’s the one thing you would change about the network marketing industry?”  Here are some of their responses.  All I have done is remove the person’s name and image to protect their identify.

  • I LOVE the industry as it is… but if I could change one thing it would be the ‘outsider’s view’ — to see us for what we really are. A real profession.
  • I would eliminate the “you too can be a millionaire overnight without working” mentality!
  • The reputation of being a get rich quick or pyramid scheme.
  • The bad reputation.
  • I would want a mandatory DSA sanctioned New Rep Boot Camp Training about the industry for every company to put in training modules. It would have the business facts about our industry to be shared with passion and not hype!
  • For the industry to teach real marketing skills to actually sell products and not just building a list of family and friends. Most quit when they run out of that list because they have no idea about what marketing really is
  • I would want online training sessions from the company side itself with the best trainers from the world…plus video libraries, plus the best books in the company websites , all put together for a reasonable price payable every year…by the distributors ( or the company can deduct it from the income generated by the distributors)…
  • Network Marketing companies train the people only with the trainers they have in their companies, they should come out and look out for the best trainer in the world to have them in their panels…they can even sell their training products through their MLM system along with their products, whether nutrition or anything else…
  • The 2nd thing is independent 3rd party clinical tests. I think everybody must be sure that product is safe. And it must be proved scientifically. Sure, it is simple to write on the box – it works and it is safe. But 3rd party results would help choose a correct product.

There are some really good ideas here.  I’d like to chime in below here with a few of my own suggestions.

My Personal Suggestions

# 1 I would definitely require mandatory training by a validated third party source for every distributor in every company.  I would make a mandatory 4-hour block of training as part of the sign up process in every company.  This could be provided by the Direct Selling Association or another reputable third party company.  Every distributor in every company would get the same training.

# 2 I would make it a requirement in every MLM Company for distributors to have at least three to five retail customers, before they were eligible for recruiting commissions.

# 3 I would like to see companies switch to being more retail based than recruiting based.

# 4 I would like to see more companies make their products priced more competitively to similar products in the market place, so distributors would have an easier time retailing the products.

# 5 I would also like to see more MLM Companies have more “internet friendly” marketing policies that allow their distributors to create company specific blogs, videos on YouTube and articles in article directories.  Many companies rules and policies are really outdated, especially in this internet age.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are just a few suggestions for what some of our website visitors and Facebook Group would change about the MLM Industry if they could.  What do you think?  What would you change about the MLM Industry?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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2 thoughts on “What Would You Change About the MLM Industry If You Could”

  1. I am in agreement with the individual who touched on the industry teaching real marketing skills. I was undereducated about this initially and I did only rely on close friends and family to try to build a business, and then found myself lost and confused after I ran out of those individuals. I could have benefited from some more comprehensive training starting off so I didn’t have to stop and learn information I should have already had.

  2. You received some great responses from your question Chuck. I wish that MLM companies would consider all of these, because it would help all network marketing companies. I believe that is part of what has happened. When one or two network marketers use deceptive practices, it hurts all. If all MLM companies would work together to combat deceptive practices, I believe network marketing would gain more respect as a viable business.

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