What to Say to Your MLM Prospects to Pique Their Interest?

What to say to your MLM Prospects

People ask me all the time, Chuck, “what should I say to my MLM Prospects to get them interested in the business?”

what to say to prospects

I should start out by telling you that there are no magic words. There isn’t one simple phrase that works every time like hotcakes. Trust me, I’ve looked, and I’ve never found it! 

That being said, the words you say, how you say them, and how you arrange your words make a big difference (thanks for teaching me that Big Al) with your prospects.

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to speak to your prospects.

Ideally, you want posture and confidence, so you do not come across as needy or desperate. Remember that people LIKE to do business with confident, successful people.

Next, make sure you focus the conversation on the other person. If it’s all about you, the other person will be annoyed.  Remember that people LOVE to talk about THEMSELVES.

When in doubt ask questions and become a good listener. If you learn how to do that you will be welcomed everywhere you go. People LOVE a good listener!

Also, put a smile on your face and show your pearly whites (just make sure you check your breath). A genuine smile makes a BIG difference.

Rather than thinking you need to “get” someone, think about how you could “help” someone. When you have that servant attitude it will be very transparent with your prospect.

Trust me, people know when it’s all about you, or if you actually have a genuine interest in helping them.

Your number one goal, before you make your offer (pitch) is to identify your prospect’s NEED or PROBLEM.

Ultimately, you want to figure out the person’s hot button and then offer them a solution to their troubles.


Because at the end of the day, most people don’t give a crap about your business or products. People care about what’s in it for them! Never, ever forget that.

Simply put, identify a NEED and then offer a SOLUTION. That is our job.  We are SOLUTION PROVIDERS.

Before I share some simple phrases or scripts you could say to your MLM Prospects, I want to share one more valuable tip with you.

There is a phrase I learned many years ago. I wish I could remember where I learned it from, but I can’t. The phrase goes like this:

If I, would you?

In other words, if I did this, would you do that? This is the law of reciprocation. You do something for someone else and then they naturally do something back to reciprocate.

Using this phrase gives you great posture and shows that you care. It makes the other person open to what you are offering them (in most cases) because you are doing something for them first.

Use that phrase whenever you possibly can. It makes a big difference.

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Now that we have that simple training out of the way, here are some simple things you could say to your MLM Prospects. Just make sure you identify their NEED or PROBLEM first and then pick the example below that best fits their situation.

For Someone Who Is Unhappy at Their Job

If I could show you a way to supplement your current income without interfering with what you are currently doing, would you be willing to check it out?

For Someone Who Wants to Lose Weight

If I could show you a simple way to reach your weight loss goals, would you be willing to check out a product I represent?

For Someone Who Is Busy but Wants More Time

If I shared a video with you that would show you how to have more time, money and better health, would be willing to watch it?

For Someone Looking for a Home Business

If I could show you a way to save money on your taxes, create an extra income stream, and meet new friends, would you be interested in learning more?

For Someone Looking to Supplement Their Income 

If I could show you how to make an extra $500 to $2,000 per month, part-time, without interfering with your day job, would you be willing to watch a short video that explains what I do? 

For Someone Looking to Be Home with Their Kids 

If I could show you a way to potentially replace your income, and work from home full time, so you could be there with your kids, would you be willing to meet with me over a cup of coffee for thirty minutes?

For Someone with a Long Commute

If I could show you a simple way to create a home based business, so you could eventually get rid of your long commute, would you be willing to listen to a 20-minute recorded call that explains what I do?

The Big Takeaway

Always remember that you are in the sorting business. It’s not your job to convince anyone. You are looking  for people who are open minded and looking to improve something in their life.

Here’s a big HINT: not everyone is open or looking, but plenty of people are. Talk to enough people and you will find them.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few different examples of what to say to your MLM Prospects. I hope you will study this training and apply it in your own business.

What are your thoughts? What do you say to your MLM Prospects? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “What to Say to Your MLM Prospects to Pique Their Interest?”

  1. My approach is to always listen…People will start talking about how they feel about personal things whether they realize it or not. If hear several times that they are so unhappy with their weight, I will approach with testimonies that I have heard or say “This is what I do”. I then listen for their response before I continue. Sometimes their response will be a bunch of excuses, other times they want to hear more. Using your approach of asking the question could possibly open the door quicker and definitely worth the try.

    1. Yes, the more I ask questions and listen, the more sales I make and the more people I recruit. On the other hand, when I used to do all the talking myself it was very difficult to recruit anyone. Food for thought.

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