What to Do When a Distributor Quits Your MLM Team

What should you do when a distributor quits your MLM Team?  My immediate answer is to be nice to the person and leave the door open in case they ever change their mind, but to REPLACE them with someone new as quickly as possible.

You see, when someone quits your team, they actually do you a favor.  They are telling you that (1) they aren’t really serious about the business and (2) you shouldn’t spend a lot of your time with them.

No one likes when someone quits, but I would rather find out sooner than later whether someone is really serious or not, so I don’t waste tons of my time with a non-serious person. One of the biggest mistakes I have made in this industry is trying to drag people across the finish line and make people successful.  I wasted a lot of time doing that in the past.

Besides, you can’t resurrect someone who quits your team.  You can try, but it’s not a very smart way to spend your time.

Furthermore, it’s ten times easier to replace the person who quit with someone who WANTS to build a big network marketing business than it is to re-energize the person who quit and make them serious about the business again.  Does that make sense?

Most distributors do the complete opposite.  When someone quits they:

  • Do a survey to find out why they quit
  • They try to persuade them to get started again
  • They keep contacting the person and take in all the negativity, which hurts their own business
  • They end up spending more time with the person who quit than with the people who stayed

Why would you do that?  I see it as a complete waste of time.

You have to remember that most people quit most of the things they do in life.  And there’s very little that you can do about it.

  • Most people who start trying to lose weight give up and quit
  • Most people quit their gym membership within a week or two
  • Most people quit their marriage
  • Most people quit on most their goals

I could go on and on, but the truth is that most people are quitters.  It’s just human nature.  And trying to get these folks to re-commit to these things that they’ve quit is next to impossible to do!

  • Gyms don’t spend all their time trying to get members who quit to rejoin.  Instead, they find someone new.
  • Diet companies don’t spend all their time trying to get people to rejoin their programs, after they’ve quit. Instead, they find someone new.
  • Insurance companies, realtors and others sales professionals don’t try to re-recruit sales people who quit.  Instead, they find new people to replace them. 
  • And we both know how hard it is to get someone who has QUIT a marriage to try to come back and work it out.

The moral of the story is this: when someone quits your MLM Program, just replace them with someone else who wants to build a business.  If you’re building your team the right way and sponsoring a lot of people, you will have a lot of people quit.  It’s just part of the business.

It’s natural in any sales organization.  When I was an insurance agent, most agents quit.  My friend is a real estate broker and most of his agents quit each year.  He is always replacing people.

By quitting your MLM Team, they have identified that they aren’t serious and they aren’t worth you investing a lot of your time in them.  In essence, they are doing you a favor.

On a side note, I should make a few key points.

  • Just because someone quit doesn’t mean they won’t come back
  • Just because someone quits doesn’t mean they are a bad person
  • Just because someone quits doesn’t mean they are a loser
  • People quit for their own reasons
  • You should treat everyone with respect, even if they quit

The bottom line is to expect people to quit, don’t take it personal and be a professional when it happens.  Replace the person with a new, serious distributor and watch your team grow.

And remember, this is a business of attrition.  Expect it.  Nearly 70-80% of your team will quit each year, regardless of what you do to help them. 

What do you think about this advice?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “What to Do When a Distributor Quits Your MLM Team”

  1. It is tempting to go and try to get that person back. It is difficult when you invested a lot of time and resources in them to just let them go, but the fact is…You are right. Even if you do get them back, they probably will not stay very long, or be very productive. You are much better off finding someone new who has the desire and drive to succeed.

    This was great advice that all people should consider; not just network marketers. People do have that side of them that is the quitter mentality. I have caught myself being there at times. Quitting can become a bad habit that needs to be broken.

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