What Should You Do With MLM Prospects Who Ignore You, Don’t Return Your Calls, or No Show You?

So, what should do with MLM prospects who ignore you, stand you up, or don’t return your calls?

I bet I get asked that question several times per week.

The conversation normally goes something like this…

“Chuck, I’ve tried to follow up with my Uncle Jim 15 times over the past two weeks.  I’ve called him 10 times, emailed him twice and knocked on his door 3 times.  In every situation, he ignored me, did not get in touch with me or follow back up with me.  What should I do?”

In my head, I’m thinking this.

Grab a container of baby powder.  Fill up your hand with baby powder.  And slap Uncle Jim upside the head.

Wouldn’t that feel great?

I know. I know.

You can’t assault people.  I don’t condone or recommend that.

My rational side of my brain tells me to “move on to your next prospect.”

Let me be brutally honest with you for a moment.

If your prospect doesn’t return your call or email they are not interested in what you are offering them.

Get it?

They are either scared to tell you NO, they aren’t interested, or they want you to go away.

That’s it.

An interested prospect WILL call you back or return your voicemail.  A good prospect will not no show you or waste your time.

Folks, you are in the sorting business, not the convincing business.

You are looking for people who are looking.



You might want to write that down for a moment.

Amateurs sell.  Professionals sort.

Have you heard that before?

It’s the truth.

Amateurs beg and harass.

Professionals have posture and don’t chase anyone.

Here’s the real deal.

Most people you talk to will NOT be interested.

Most people who join will do nothing and quit.

However, you only need a few studs to build a dynasty.

You’re going to have to prospect thousands of people…

To show hundreds of presentations…

To sponsor 100-200 people….

To find your 1-3 ACES who produce 90% of your income.

That’s network marketing folks.

Don’t worry about the people who tell you NO.

Hell, I’d rather hear NO than maybe.  I’d rather hear a no than “I gotta go home and think about it.”

Wouldn’t you?

At least a no allows you to move on.

Scratch that wishy-washy person off your hot list and follow up with them again in six months.

Who knows, their situation might change and maybe they will be open to a new business at that point in time.

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You can also follow a lesson I learned from Dale Calvert.

When people are undecided, wishy-washy or dinking around with you, TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM.

Tell them, “Hi Uncle Jim, this is Chuck.  I’ve been trying to follow up with you two times now.  The last message you didn’t return and you didn’t show up for our scheduled appointment.  Obviously, you either aren’t interested in what I have to offer you, or this is a bad time in your life to talk to you about this.  What I’m going to do right now is scratch you off my list.  If at some point you change your mind, feel free to get back in touch with me.”

That’s it.


Dale, that was a beast mode lesson I learned from you.

That lesson has made me a lot of money and made the business fun.

I use it daily.

It’s a great takeaway.

Some people call it reverse selling.

When people stand you up, no show you, do not return your calls, or flake out on you, TAKE IT AWAY from them.

Have posture.

Scratch them off your list.

Go out and look for someone who is looking, instead of freaking out about someone who can’t make a $75 decision.

Trust me, plenty of people are looking.

It’s your job to find them.

There is someone out there PRAYING tonight that someone will share an opportunity with them.

It’s your job to find these people.

Stop dinking around with flakes who are wishy-washy and SCRATCH THEM off your list.

Do you really want to work with people like this anyway?

Scratch people off your list and you will move your network marketing business forward.

Stop chasing people.  Make them chase you.

I hope that helps.  Now, go crush it in your business.  You got this.

And have a great day while you are at it.

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4 thoughts on “What Should You Do With MLM Prospects Who Ignore You, Don’t Return Your Calls, or No Show You?”

  1. I love it Chuck!

    In many cases, prospects get into a mindset that we need them instead of the opposite. We need to sweep that mindset out from under their feet, and using the “I’ll scratch you off my list” is a great method of doing that.

    This will actually work like reverse psychology. The prospect will then wonder why you can afford to scratch someone off the list, and when they realize the truth, they will start to want what you have. The follow up at some point down the road will probably go much different than the original contact. And, don’t be surprised if the person suddenly calls wanting to join.

  2. Awesome post, Chuck.

    “Build a dynasty” Matt Morris just mentioned that on a youtube video he just did from the Great Wall of China. Building a dynasty is laying one brick at a time until you have a dynasty.
    One distributor after another until a couple people want to build that wall with you.
    Distributors who are chasing people usually don’t know how to generate any Leads yet.
    Dale Calvert is a great guy and his takeaway is brilliant.
    Once you learn how to get enough Leads you will relax around chasing people.
    No one is worth a chase. We don’t even know who we prejudge as being “great” would be great in MLM.
    Thanks Chuck.

    1. Laying bricks one at a time is an analogy. Show me someone who can generate leads on demand and I will show you someone who will be very successful. Thanks for the comment man.

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