What is the Fastest Way to Build a Big MLM Downline?

So, what is the fastest way to build a big MLM Downline?  Lots of folks would like to know the answer to that question, and I think I have the answer you are looking for.

But before I tell you my answer, let me clarify my definition of fast.  My definition of fast is minimum FIVE TO TEN YEARS.  No matter what you do, there is not some magic pill or secret potion or ferry dust in existence that will let you build a large, sustainable network marketing organization overnight.  This ain’t the lottery folks.  All businesses take time to build, regardless of the industry.

As I see it, the fastest way to build a big downline in your network marketing business is to recruit QUALITY people.  This includes other successful network marketers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals.

I personally believe there is a huge difference between trying to recruit your unemployed cousin Larry vs recruiting someone who is already success minded (most people aren’t).

Most distributors in our great industry focus on recruiting unemployed, financially destitute people who (1) lack self confidence, (2) do not have any type of sphere of influence, (3) do not have the money to start or promote a business of any kind, (4) do not have any entrepreneurial, sales or marketing experience and (5) do not have any training in the network marketing industry.  As a result, they have a hard time sponsoring people and the people that they do bring into their business typically do nothing and quit.

Just to clarify, these people are still GOOD people; they’re just not good prospects for a business!

Let me tell you, that is NO way to build a large or successful network marketing business.  I’d much rather recruit five or ten QUALITY people than go out and recruit 100 people who don’t have any of the qualities mentioned above. Make sense?

fastest way to build a mlm downlineOf course, this is much easier said than done. You might be wondering WHY someone who is ultra-successful in whatever they do for a living would want to team up with you?

Well, if you have nothing of value to offer them, they probably won’t team up with you. If you’re not committed, they probably wont’ join you.  And if they don’t know you, like you or trust you, they probably won’t join you.

Why should they?   However, assuming those things are all in place, in a five to ten year period of time, you could sponsor a few key leaders and build a dynasty.

However, you do have a few things that you can do to make this strategy work for you.  Here are a few things I can think of.

1) Build a Network – No, I’m not talking about your downline.  Well, you should build that too, but your network is simply a list of people who know you, like you and trust you.  Get involved in your local community and hang around the movers and shakers.  Become friends with them. Refer business to them.  Do business with them.

Join activities such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Toastmasters, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  Hang around people who are successful, action oriented, a solid network, have confidence and a good self-image.

Get to know people without trying to recruit them right away.  Build up a large database of successful people and make it a goal to add at least one to two new people to your network every single day.

Let people know what you do for a living.  If they express an interest, give them more information.  If not, keep in touch with them and become friends (without an agenda).

A network of 500 to 1000 successful people can be worth a LOT of money to you!

2) Attend Industry Events –  Attend EVERY event you can find for our industry.  There are tons of great generic events, such as the Go Pro and Mastermind events.  These are where leaders from many different companies hang out. Seek out the most successful people you can find at these events.  Ask them questions. Get their business card.  And stay in touch with them.

Build a friendship with them over a period of years.  Very few people will stick with one company forever, and if you have a good friendship, and the timing becomes right for them, there’s a good chance some of them will eventually join up with you.

In addition, attend your own company’s events and get to know ALL the top earners, even the ones outside of your own line of sponsorship.  Who knows, you might be in a different company in a few years from now.

Make friends without an agenda.  Stay in touch with every person you meet at least once every 90 days by phone, email or correspondence.

You will be amazed at how many great people you can meet at events.

In addition to MLM Events, go to seminars and workshops about sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

3) Become Successful Yourself – No one wants to work with an amateur or non-serious person.  If you want to attract quality people for your network marketing business you have to become a quality person yourself.  A heavy hitter probably won’t join up with a dud, so don’t be a dud.

Work on your personal development.  Master your skills.  Improve your attitude.  Learn something new each day.  Go Diamond!  Consistently build your business month in and month out and never stop.

I can assure you that it’s much easier to sponsor people once you become successful than it is when you are just starting out. People WANT to team up with a winner.

Who would you rather work with: a dud or a stud?

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that it’s much smarter to focus on recruiting a few quality people (leaders and doers) into your team than it is to go out and try to recruit hundreds of followers.  Look for successful people to sponsor.

Target entrepreneurs, leadership oriented people, ultra-successful people, and other successful network marketers.  Find people with sales, marketing and business experience who have a large sphere of influence, credibility, a good self-image and strong work ethic. Focus on those folks and you won’t have to sponsor as many people to achieve success and build it big.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think is the fastest way to build your downline?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “What is the Fastest Way to Build a Big MLM Downline?”

  1. It never occurred to me to recruit existing distributors with another company. That’s a great idea! They have a proven track record of success, a built in downline for your team and they’re experienced in the MLM game. Realtors and Insurance agents are go getters. They understand the numbers game and aren’t afraid to approach people. It’s vital to their business. Everything they do is about selling their service, 24 hrs a day.

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