What is My Purpose in Life?

What is my purpose in life?  Millions of people are desperately looking to the answer to this question.  Most people go through their entire life and never really figure this out.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am no overly religious, nor do I have all the answers for anything.  I’m simply fortunate that I discovered my purpose in life at a young age, in my early 20’s.

My purpose in life is to live an adventure, to learn something new every single day, and to help people.

Those are the things that make me happy and content.  When I am doing one or more of those things, I feel 100% fulfilled.

I realize there are MANY ways I could fulfill my purpose in life.  In other words, I don’t have to have a certain job to make my purpose a reality.

Enough about me though.  Let’s talk about you…

What is my purpose in life?  Do you know your purpose or are you still trying to figure it out?  If you’re like most people you are probably confused.

I think I can share some simple advice with you today to help you discover your purpose in life.

Here are some questions I asked myself when I was trying to discover my own purpose in life.

  1. What really makes me happy and fulfilled?
  2. What would I do with my time if I was a billionaire, and I didn’t need to work?
  3. What are my natural talents and abilities and God-given gifts?
  4. How do I like to spend my time?

Let’s cover each one of these questions in a little more detail.

What makes me happy and fulfilled?

Look back over your entire life to date.  What were your happiest moments?  Be specific and write them down on paper.  What were you doing?  Who were you doing them with?  Why do you think these memories stand out more than other memories? What part of the experience really made you happy? Chances are you will discover a trend or common theme.

I can’t speak for you, but I am happiest when I am doing something adventurous: something new, something fun. I’m also very happy when I am learning and helping other people.

What would I do with my time if I was a billionaire, and I didn’t need to work?

If you woke up tomorrow and had more money in your bank account than you could ever spend, how would you spend your time?  What would you want to do with your time?  I understand you’d probably want to buy a nice car and take a nice vacation or two, but would you want to do with your time after that?  How would you spend your time each day?  How would you want to spend the rest of your life?  Figure out the answer to that question and you will be on track to discover your purpose in life.

I read a lot every day because it helps me learn new things.  I try to do something adventurous each day with my wife, which is very fun.  And, I try to never let a day go by where I don’t help someone else.

What are my natural talents and abilities and God-given gifts?

Each one of us is 100% unique.  There is no other person in the world exactly like you.  You might not realize you have special gifts, but you do.  I would challenge you to make a list of things you are NATURALLY good at.  What do you enjoy doing the most?  Look back over all the jobs and activities you have done in your life thus far.  Which ones were you favorite and why?  Which ones did you excel in?

My natural talents and abilities are writing, reading, public speaking, communicating and leading.  I try to use those talents and abilities whenever possible.

How do I like to spend my time?

Once again, everyone is different.  Some people like being busy 24/7, while others are very chill and relaxed.  Some people like being around others and others enjoy isolation and solitude.  Write down how you like to spend your time, when money isn’t an issue.  What would your schedule look like if you DIDN’T have to go to your day job ever again.  What would you do and who would you do it with?

Most people will say partying or traveling, but I would argue you could only do so much of that before you get bored. Everyone needs some type of profession they can pursue; something that gives them fulfillment.

Putting It in Perspective

Answering these four questions can help you identify your purpose in life.  Don’t over-complicate it or overthink it.  I believe you could figure out your own life’s purpose in less than one hour.  Just keep in mind there are MANY ways to fulfill that purpose.

Once you know your life’s purpose, you can move forward and start pursuing jobs, businesses, relationships and activities that move you closer to your purpose.  That’s when you will really start to feel fulfilled, happy and content.

Discover Your Own Life’s Purpose

If you’re looking for a book to help you discover your own life’s purpose, I highly recommend this book that I found on Amazon.  It is a guide to help you figure out your life’s purpose.  Check it out here.

Closing Thoughts

You get one shot in life.  That’s it.  I believe we all have the responsibility to figure out our own life’s purpose as quickly as possible, and then to pursue that purpose.  Only then will we really have fun and fulfillment with our lives.

What are your thoughts?  What is your life’s purpose?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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