What I Do With My New Associates in Their First 72 Hours

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” ~Robert Kiyosaki

The very first thing I do with my new associates is put them through an interview process. Something may have changed from the time they say they want to join me in business and the time that they actually commit to the business. I need to find out WHY they decided to build a business.

Was it for the opportunity for more income, personal development, time freedom or just to add more FUN into their life? It is my responsibility to make sure they know they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. It is their responsibility to take ownership of their new business by taking ACTION.

I make sure they realize that they are now a business owner so they will have total control over their own time and effort. If they treat their business like the lucrative business that it is, it will reward them like a profitable business. If they treat it like a hobby and, like all “hobbies”, it will cost them. I expect them to be professional and offer to mentor them.

I let them know that the amount of time they give their new business is not the real issue, but the QUALITY of time is of the utmost importance. By working with their partner and mentor to prepare for and complete their first 10 day action track, they will be in the best position to succeed and create successful duplication in their team. Each successful action track they complete personally brings them closer to their goals.

I am totally OK with whatever they decide they want their business to look like. I explain that the skill-set and action steps are the same for both the full time business owner as well as the part time person. The difference is simply their PERSONAL GOAL and WHY they have chosen to engage in building a business.

Checklist for success

  • Schedule and complete your new associate Interview
  • Enroll in the online business coach
  • Review and set your road-map goals
  • Know your support team
  • Complete your 10 day action track form
  • Select date to begin your Action Track
  • Know and use the “Product Usage Guide”
  • Commit to personal development

I believe the associate interview is one of the most important steps to starting someone off the right way.

A successful interview should cover these issues.

  • Be clear that you have formed a partnership and you are invested in their success
  • Go over each form and question in the Getting Started Right and Success Guide, answering any questions as they arise
  • Manage expectations by encouraging matched effort to achieve goals
  • Find out if they are an audio or visual learner. Share tools accordingly
  • Find out the best way to communicate via text, email, video call, or other method, and communicate often
  • Demonstrate a 3-way call by calling your upline and introducing your new potential partner
  • Commit to using and sharing the products
  • Get familiar with your website address and what your potential partners see when they view your website
  • Get familiar with corporate websites
  • Commit to logging into the online business coach system daily
  • Show them how easy it is to stay connected by dialing into a recorded call and letting them listen
  • Have them build their circle (write down your closest friends who you want to partner with immediately) and commit to doing the 10-day action track repeatedly
  • Share the importance of attending events and show them how to find the calendar of events
  • If they are on Facebook, introduce them to our TEAM and corporate pages and be sure to let them know this is a safe place and to feel welcome there

Setting Goals with Your New Team Members

Goals give you direction and focus. Writing them down is a powerful exercise that will keep you on track and help you reach your target.

How many hours per day will you commit you your network marketing business? How many days per week will you commit to your business?

Total hours per week I am committing to my business: __________.

Income Expectations:

1st Month: __________
6th Month: __________
12th Month: __________

Remember the Rules for Success!

  1. Invite, invite, and invite some more
  2. Follow the system
  3. Sort, don’t sell
  4. The fortune is in the the follow-up
  5. Work with the willing
  6. Do not reinvent the wheel
  7. Teach others to do the same

Essential MLM books I recommend for everyone:

  1. Go Pro by Eric Worre
  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  3. Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins
  4. The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Failla
  5. Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson
  6. Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy

Sample of what I do consistently:

  • Attend the Corporate Call live, monthly
  • Listen to the Health Pro Call weekly

Daily activities include:

  • Use the products
  • Listen to the recorded field testimony
  • Login to the online business coach system

Follow the DMO (Daily Mode of Operation) 

  • Make two new contacts
  • Follow up with at least two contacts
  • 30-minutes a day spent reading or listening to personal development
  • Plant seeds by connecting with others
  • Support others on the team

It takes less than ten hours a week to learn the presentations, invite and follow up as well as teach others to do the same. It is essential that everyone have the big picture so  they can make their own informed decision toward their own financial growth.

Final Thoughts

Every company is different and uses different terminology. The one thing that is consistent is that for the person or company to be successful, products have to be moved. For big time success a duplicatable system has to be in place and followed so even the most inexperience person can plug in and succeed.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you have read and how you feel about your system. What’s working for you? What do you do with your new reps during their first 72-hours? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

About Kathy

kathy howellKathy Marie Howell, 49 year old mother of three married to the man of my dreams. My story just goes to show you that when you seek passion in your life, you often find solutions to help your dreams become reality. I got into the beauty industry to develop my talents and to serve others never realizing the profound effect it would have on my future.

I have found my experience as a Master Cosmetologist, specializing in health and wellness and coaching over the past 25+ years, has well prepared me to help others find their passion as well. My intuition and deep spirituality have led me to where I am today… living a life of purpose and joy.

I AM a MOMpreneur and blessed to be one.  I AM a coach and a cheerleader and will be your biggest supporter.  I AM here to help you navigate through our changing world with confidence. I AM here to bring innovative and new solutions to the world and it starts with an open heart and mind.  I AM here for you.

To learn more, you can call or text me at (859) 494-4802 (eastern time).  You can order the products on my website or you can get my free report for MOMpreneurs

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2 thoughts on “What I Do With My New Associates in Their First 72 Hours”

  1. This is a great post Kathy!

    It is essential that we do spend time and be patient with our new team members. We also need to realize that not everyone is “wired” the same. Many network marketers make a huge mistake I believe in using the same words and actions with all their team members. It pays to get to know the person on a one on one basis and help them develop their new business in the way that best suits their lifestyle.

    Agian I have to say, great post and it should be shared with network marketers everywhere.

    1. Thanks for the comment Greg! I have not always spent as much time as I do now on the interview section of getting someone started. I have found that I am more successful as a leader when I do.

      Most people will show me with their responses how much time I should invest in them. Changing that one thing has made a big difference in how I do business! I will always match anyone’s effort but I won’t do the work for them.

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