What Held Me Back in Network Marketing for So Many Years

What held you back in network marketing for so many years, Chuck?

I had a close friend ask me this question recently and it really hit home. It definitely got me thinking.

Lots of things held me back in network marketing.  None of it had to do with the industry itself and everything had to do with me.

Some of the basic things that held me back in network marketing include:

  1. Lack of skills
  2. Poor training
  3. Employee mindset
  4. Not being persistent and consistent
  5. Bad attitude
  6. Not giving any one specific company enough time
  7. Not following a system
  8. Not following a mentor
  9. I wasn’t mentally prepared for big success

While all of these things definitely had a big impact in my results, and held me back in my network marketing business, there is ONE THING that really stands out in my mind.

That one thing is LACK OF FOCUS!

Let me begin by telling you that I am a creative guy.  I am also a doer.  I enjoy doing multiple projects at one time and being busy.

To clarify, I’m not talking about promoting multiple MLM Companies at once.  I simply like to do different things throughout the day, and I get bored VERY easily, especially if I’m not challenged.

Maybe you can relate, maybe not.

I thrive on being a task master and outworking everyone I know.  I am happy when I am OVERBOOKED, OVERWORKED, and WORN OUT.

The idea of taking a vacation or day off actually annoys me.

For anyone who has a RED personality like I do, I know you can relate.  If you have a different personality, you probably think I am crazy!  That’s okay.  Thank goodness we are all different.

The truth is, my lack of focus in network marketing was my real enemy.  I didn’t even realize it.

I have just recently learned that you can do ONE THING exceptionally well, or you can do a few things okay.  It’s hard to be ultra-successful at anything, if you aren’t 100% focused on it.

We only have so much time in the day.  When you look at people who are at the TOP of their game, they are 100% focused on what they do.

For example, an Olympian dedicates their entire life to their ONE sport.  They don’t try to open a business, write a blog, have a career, AND do their sport at the same time.  They might have a day job to pay the bills, but EVERYTHING else they do is geared on their chosen sport.

Their sport is their LIFE.  It is their 100% FOCUS.

Successful network marketers are the same way!  Their business is their life and 100% focus.

No, I’m not saying these folks don’t spend time with their family or don’t do anything else.  What I am saying is that their work life is focused on one thing: achieving success in network marketing.

Everything they say, think and do is geared around their network marketing business.  Building their team is their obsession.

That is where I have fallen short over the past fifteen years.

You see, I have a large eBay business, two mega successful blogs, a coaching business, and I try to write a couple of new books each year.

It’s no wonder I never hit the “mega” success I desired in the network marketing industry. Yes, I’ve made money, but not at the level I desire in my heart.

There wasn’t enough time to make it happen. I simply spread myself way too thin and didn’t have the time or energy to focus exclusively on what I wanted most: MLM Success.

To clarify, I’m not telling you that network marketing has to be your 100% focus.  If you just want to make a few thousand dollars per month, or if you have a greater passion in life, you can still do this business part-time and succeed.  You might not be a top earner, but you could still change your life in a positive way.

But, if you want to make it to the top and be a six or seven figure earner, you need to put everything else (other than your family) on the back burner and make this business your 100% focus.

That is the key to success.

FOCUS.  Focus On One Thing Continuously Until Successful.

I see so many folks every single day going down the same rabbit hole I did.  They are multi-taskers trying to do network marketing, affiliate marketing, working a part-time job, a full-time job, and trying to make money online.  Or, they are trying to build their MLM Business 100 different ways!

What these folks don’t realize is that it is much easier to do one thing EXCEPTIONALLY well then try to succeed with 10 different things.

You must be laser like focused.

You need the sniper approach, not the shotgun approach.

Success in anything, on a grand scale takes 100% commitment and focused concentration.

You already know that.  It’s not rocket science.

But, are you focused?  Honestly?  Is your MLM Business really your # 1 focus?  Is it what you want most?

And if it is your # 1 focus, does your calendar and appointment book reflect that?

Wanting something is the starting point to success.  But, you must also have the focused concentration, work ethic and hustle to make it happen.

I believe there are three types of people in our industry.

  1. The people who dream about being successful, but never do anything
  2. The people who dream about being successful and put in some work, but also do other things and are not 100% focused
  3. The people who dream about being successful in network marketing and are 100% focused on making it happen

The people in the # 3 category are the ones who ultimately succeed and hit their goals.

I want MLM success as much as I want the air I breathe!  Until your desire is that serious, you will not make it big.

Assuming you have the desire, you need the same level of focus in your business, if you ever want to make it to the top.

Fortunately, I finally learned this lesson and have applied it in my business.

And you know what?

It has completely changed my business in a good way.  I have put EVERYTHING else I do on the back burner.  No more coaching.  No more eBay.  No more make money online. No more blogging (it’s about 95% outsourced) and I now focus all of my work hours on my network marketing business.

Within the next few months I expect to be the # 1 earner in my company!  That is the power of focus!  I’m nothing special, but now that I am 100% focused I feel unstoppable.

I hope you will learn from my mistakes and follow my advice.  If you want to succeed in network marketing, or anything else in life, in a big way, you need to be 100% focused on it!

I hope that helps.  See you at the top!

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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