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The Watkins Summit Group is a training system, motivational organization and line of sponsorship within the Watkins business.  They offer websites, marketing materials, training and motivation for members of their team.

The Summit Group was started by successful Watkins Distributors Steve and Ginnie Bretzke. Steve is a tremendous leader and business person.  Here are a few quick things you should know about the couple:

  • They have the largest team in Watkins
  • They joined the company in 1990
  • Steve is a Gold Executive with Watkins, the highest rank in the compensation plan
  • They went full-time with the business within 14 months
  • They received a one time bonus check of $100k
  • The couple lives in Missouri
  • Steve is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • He studied Electrical Engineering in College
  • They have three daughters
  • It is the largest line of sponsorship within the Watkins business.
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The purpose of the Summit Group is to train and motivate Watkins distributors within its line of sponsorship. The Summit Group provides an amazing website with tons of helpful training tools for Watkins distributors. The training includes audio, videos and even downloadable forms and products to help you get started with your own Watkins business.

The group also hosts weekly conference calls. It gives its associates their own capture page and auto-responder to generate leads. That way, they don’t have to create these things themselves. Associates can even “pool” their money together to conduct group advertising (COOP).

More importantly, Steve Bretzke provides these things for free. Once you sign up for Watkins in his downline you get immediate access to these materials.  He is obviously a great leader who understands the power of duplication.

What You Get When You Join the Watkins Summit Group

Let me start by telling you that it’s free to join the Summit Group.  Unlike most other MLM Systems, they aren’t trying to sell you a bunch of stuff or take all of your money.  Here’s a short list of some of the things you will get.

  • Free access to the training site – One you join you will get your own unique login and password so you can get immediate access to the training website.  The training website has everything you will need to answer your initial questions and get started right. 
  • Free business tools – There are tons of tools included with the training website such as capture pages, auto-responders, training, and much more. 
  • Free prospecting website – As a Summit Group member you will get your own prospecting website so you can start generating leads for your Watkins business. 
  • Free conference calls – You will get access to weekly and monthly conference calls held by Steve Bretzke and his team of leaders.  These calls provide the training and motivation you need to succeed.
  • Free online message board – You can login to the back office and post your questions on the online message board.  You can also see questions that other people are asking.  Someone successful on the team will answer your questions and provide you the help you need. 
  • Free individual coaching – Your successful upline distributors will do coaching sessions with you free of charge, to help you formulate a success plan.
  • Access to group advertising – As I mentioned earlier, the Summit Group offers several different COOP advertising where you can pool your money together with other team members to generate leads for your business.

If you’ve been in the network marketing industry for any period of time, you understand the value of a system like this, especially because it’s free.  With just about any other company or system, you would pay and arm and a leg to have access to a system like this.

My Personal Watkins Summit Group Story

I was fortunate to participate in the Watkins Summit Group system for about a year. I really enjoyed everything I learned and would recommend that anyone interested in joining Watkins team up with the Summit Group.  They really have their act together.  They care about you as a person and will do their best to help you succeed with the business.  Additionally, the company (Watkins) and its products are simply amazing.  Best of all, you can sign up for Watkins for just $39.95.  Watkins is one of the oldest and most respected direct selling companies in the world.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Steve Bretzke is a class act.  He is the ultimate MLM and Watkins Success Story.  If you were going to join Watkins today, he is the type of sponsor and upline you would want to have.  His system, the Summit Group is awesome, too.  It has all the resources and business tools you need to succeed with Watkins.  And it’s 100% free to use.

If you are currently or formerly associated with the Summit Group, I would love to hear your story. Please tell us what you liked or disliked about the system.  It would also be nice to know how long you were involved with Watkins and what type of success you achieved.  Just leave a comment to this post to share your story.

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Watkins.  Watkins and the Summit Group are registered trademarks.

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  1. I spent a couple years in the Summit Group and enjoyed it. Steve is a classy guy and his training is very good. He has some successful leaders and he works really hard to help his team. If you were going to join the Summit Group, Steve is exactly the type of leader you would want to have.

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