Walkaway Income in Network Marketing: Can It Really Be Done?

Today’s post is very exciting to me.  It’s something that everyone thinks about, few people talk about, and even fewer people really understand.  That topic is walkaway income in network marketing income.

If you’ve spent any time at all in our great industry you have probably heard the phrase “walkaway income.”  For some people, the “lure” of joining our industry in the first place is that they can build something one time, eventually remove themselves from it, and still get paid.

That’s a pretty powerful concept when you stop and think about it.  Very few industries even offer someone this opportunity.

Is this really possible in our industry and is it normal?  I should start out by telling you that there are people in our industry who do have true walkaway income.  My mentor is one of those people.  Many of these folks have been inactive in their business for YEARS, sometimes even decades, and their income stays steady and/or grows every month, year after year.

This happens because they built their business right (by building leadership) AND they partnered with a rock solid company.

However, this is not the norm!  For every person like this in our industry there are probably 100-200 top earners working harder to maintain their business than they did to build it!  Few people ever mention that, but it’s the truth.  Many top earners work 80-90 hours per week just to maintain their business, yet they talk about time and money freedom to their team members and prospects.  That always makes me laugh!

Most successful distributors build teams that depend on them for everything.  That is a huge mistake as I see it.  You want things to be system dependent not people dependent.  If everything depends on you, as soon as you slow down, get sick, want to retire, take a vacation, or stop, your business dies a slow death (and sometimes a quick one!).  Can you relate?

For the rest of this article I want to share my own insights about “walkaway income” and explore it in greater detail.

First off, our industry does offer incredible leverage and if you do build your business right (by building leaders) there should come a point in time where your business will take on a life of its own, and grow significantly each month, with or without you.  That really is the ultimate goal as I see it.  Keep in mind it will probably take you 10 to 15 years to get to this point.

The only way to really make that happen is to build solid leaders in your team, ideally two or three really good leaders in each leg of your organization.  The more the better.

There is a common saying in our industry that “three will make you free and five will make you rich.”  Once you find three dynamic leaders in your team life gets much easier for you. And if you can find five or more leaders, you really can get rich. I agree.  The more leaders you can find and develop the better off you will be.

I should also chime in and tell you that not all top earners want a walkaway income.  Many people love their network marketing business and enjoy doing it every day.  I would be one of those people.  As my business continues to grow, I will always be active in it.  Not because I have to, but because I want to.

To me, this industry is a labor of love and my calling in life.  I enjoy helping others and being in the trenches every day.  It gives me great fulfillment.  I have no intention of just sitting in a rocking chair and waiting to die.  I will retire into my business not from it.  

The beauty of this business is that it is flexible and you can adjust it to your lifestyle.  You can also do it from any country in the world.

I would also add that even if you plan on slowing down your pace, there will always be something to do in your business, even if menial tasks.  For example, you will always need to be accessible to your personally sponsored people.  You will also need to place your order.  You will always need to track your income and expenses.

You should always attend events, at least your annual convention.  And you should meet with your team members from time to time.  This doesn’t have to take much time, but it will take some time.  If you build your business right, you should be able to maintain it in just a few hours per week.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my own insights on “walkaway income” in network marketing.  What do you think about it?  Is it possible?  Do you know anyone living the dream? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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6 thoughts on “Walkaway Income in Network Marketing: Can It Really Be Done?”

  1. It would seem to me that a walk a way income is what anyone and everyone should want. It is important that you get key leaders in your down line so this is possible. I would also go so far as to tell people that your desire is for the business to run without you. If they see that you trust them to manage the operation, they will be more apt to step up their responsibilities.

    I don’t think many network marketers actually consider the walk a way income aspect, so it is good that you wrote this post. I believe it would be a great subject of even a network marketing book. Hint, hint.

    Very good post Chuck. Keep the good stuff coming my friend!

    1. Even if someone never gets walkaway income, that’s fine. If you can build a steady income of just $2k to $5k per month that doesn’t take much time to maintain, that’s pretty significant.

  2. I’d have to say that the flexibility of Network Marketing was the biggest appeal for me. I really hated being tied down and stuck at my regular job and I wanted something that was going to allow me to live a more freeing lifestyle. Being able to make a steady income without being “stuck” so to speak has made me so much happier.

  3. This is an invaluable advice.

    I’ve never heard of the saying “three will make you free and five will make you rich.” The tip to remember is, build 3 to 5 leaders in your team and in each leg in your downline. Thanks for sharing!

    Most beginners are mislead to believe that they can create passive income overnight. But that’s not going to happen. However if you build your business the right way, and are persistent, you’ll gradually reach there. Or at least, you’ll have more freedom of time.

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