Viridian Energy Business & Product Review

In today’s post, I will provide a Viridian Energy Review.

Unless you are completely living “off the grid,” you need energy.

Some people think that there is only one energy company they can go to for their energy needs, but since energy deregulation, there have been competitors stepping in to offer people another means of getting the energy they need.

Viridian Energy Business Product Review

Unless you are going to install a line of solar panels or 1 or 2 windmills to achieve your own energy supply, you will have to use a energy supplier to make sure your refrigerator, washer and dryer, television and lights all work.

In today’s post, we are going to look at a multilevel marketing energy company by the name of Viridian Energy.

I will provide you with the history of Viridian Energy.

I will tell you where they operate.

You will also know the leadership behind Viridian Energy, and the complete list of what all they offer in the form of products and services.

We will look at the Viridian Energy compensation plan for independent distributors.

I will also give you an insight on their online reputation by sharing reviews both positive and negative.

Neither I nor the Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way with Viridian Energy.

We are providing this in-depth review for your education, and to help you decide if you would like to have a Viridian Energy home based business or be a Viridian Energy customer.

If you have any added information about Viridian Energy and would like to share it, you can do so in the comments area at the end of this post.

History of Viridian Energy

Michael Fallquist who was the Chief Operating Officer of Commerce Energy had a vision of a sustainable energy company that did not just provide energy, but also gave back in such a way that future generations would not have to worry about where their energy would come from.

Building a team of experts, in 2009, Michael started Viridian Energy as a partner of Crius Energy, with both companies headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Supplying energy to various areas of the United States along with other products related to energy, he has utilized a multilevel marketing business format that allows people to get energized in their own homes and also make money helping other people use the “green” energy they supply.

Viridian Energy has grown fast and also does business in Australia.

They also have worldwide projects that will help sustain the world.

I will tell you more about those further on in this post.

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Viridian Energy Leadership

It is important that you understand the leadership of any MLM company before making a decision to join.

I will tell you the leadership that controls Viridian Energy:

  • CEO Paul Booth: Paul has been a huge asset to many network marketing companies. He was the Founder and CEO of DPI which has been instrumental in the designs of many MLM compensation plans. With that experience, Paul knows how to treat distributors fair.

  • COO Cami Boehme: Cami owned a successful ad agency and taught at a major business school, Cami has the drive and direction to properly market the Viridian Energy brand.

  • VP Australia Robert McFadden: Rob has been a successful MLM personality with USANA and when he met Michael Fallquist and recognized a great opportunity. Rob uses his MLM expertise to help build Viridian Energy.

  • VP Leadership Development Charla Gervers: Charla has been teaching leadership skills for approximately 20 years. She built leaders at L’Dara and BeautiControl which is the Beauty Division of Tupperware. Charla is a leader of leaders.

  • Director of Field Operations Sorba Brima: Sorba is an industry expert in energy. He majored in Physics and spent time as a consultant for Noble Americas, a major energy firm.

  • Director of Sustainabilty and Communications Hannah Wells: Hannah has spearheaded many projects to help lead a better future for our children and grandchildren. She has been a major asset since joining Viridian Energy in 2012.

  • Director Australia Alastair Stewart: Alastair is the Australian who understands MLM and how to achieve acceptance in our Southern neighbor. Alastair has been a successful entrepreneur before joining Viridian Energy.

  • Director Commercial Terri Dalmer: Teri played a key role as a leader at Morgan Stanley and brought her expertise to Viridian Energy to build the commercial role of the company.

  • Director Compliance Kim Silvera: Kim has the position that can truly make or break the reputation of Viridian Energy. She works at building profits for independent representatives while maintaining a strong integrity.

As you can plainly see, the leadership behind Viridian Energy is top notch and focused on building a strong company that is also working for a better future for the Earth.

Viridian Energy Products & Services

Viridian Energy does supply energy to various markets across the United States and Australia, but it does not stop there.

Plus, when a customer pays their utility bill each month, a needy family is given electricity for 1 day.

Independent representatives, otherwise known as Associates have other products and services that can be sold.

Let’s look at them:


  • Natural gas plans.

  • Solar panel installation. Viridain Energy offers several plans with as little as $0 down to install solar on your home.

  • The Ecobee3. This is a “smart” thermostat that allows you to program the temperature levels all throughout your home. It controls both heating and air conditioning room by room.


  • A green method to supply all your business energy needs, Viridian Energy offers several plans for commercial customers. And, you can share with your customers how environmentally set you are with emblems and decals to show you are “Green.”


  • Viridian Energy has also noticed that people are paying outrageous prices to travel. You earn points that allow you to gain huge rewards while you travel either for business or pleasure.

So Viridian Energy offers multiple methods to earn as a Viridian Energy Associate.

Viridian Energy Compensation Plan

The Viridian Energy Compensation Plan is quite unique in comparison to other MLM energy plans I have seen.

What I really like is how transparent Viridian Energy is about this plan.

They provide a PDF that describes the plan completely, but to just give you a synopsis, I will list some key factors:

  • Associates receive points with customer purchases of energy or bundles. 5 customer points = a revolution and each revolution in a 28 day period attains you $100.

  • A solar contract gets the Associate $1,000.

  • Viridian Energy offers Mentor and Leadership bonuses.

  • Associates also receive residual pay on enrolled customers.

  • Viridian Energy also offers a car program for Silver Circle Associates.

Now keep in mind that the compensation plan goes much deeper and I suggest you research the PDF at the Viridian Energy website I will link to at the end of this post.

What Others Are Saying About Viridian Energy

When I look at the online reviews and comments about Viridian Energy, I find a mixed response.

In my opinion, much of this comes from people being “burned” by past energy companies that used the multilevel marketing format.

One of the primary concerns I have found regarding the rates charged by Viridian Energy is that they are variable.

But it has been shown that since being in operation, the rates from Viridian Energy have been consistently lower than the local energy provider in that locale.

One of the highest selling points with Viridian Energy is the fact they they have no contracts, but some debaters state that having a fixed rate contract may be more wise in consideration of a sudden spike in energy prices.

We can look at that in 2 ways – yes, you may be playing it safe, but if energy prices do not spike, you are paying higher rates and have to for the set period of the contract.

But without a contract and variable rates, you also do not always know what your bill will be.

You can always switch back if you are unhappy since there is no contract, but switching can also be stressful.

I will say that there has been a few circumstances in which people in various localities became disgruntled with Viridian Energy, but that has also happened with non MLM energy suppliers.

One thing that people should note is that Viridian Energy has received a B rating from the Better Business Bureau.

That is a feat in itself because the BBB does not look very highly on MLM businesses.

How Viridian Energy Is Working Towards A Better Future

One of the huge factors that makes Viridian Energy a major player in the energy market is their push to keep it “Green,” and help sustain the resources that will help our future generations have a good lifestyle.

I mentioned how they supply energy for a needy family for a day with each bill payment.

They did not stop there.

Viridian Energy has multiple projects around the world to help lead to a better Earth.

Let me explain:

The Amazon Preservation Project

Viridian Energy committed to planting 5,000 native trees in the rain forest.

Each year, Viridian corporate leaders travel to South America and plant trees by hand.

7 Continents In 7 Years

There are many humans who are living with little or no electricity.

Viridian Energy has set out a 7 year project to help change some of this.

Of course, 1 of those projects is the Amazon tree planting.

Here is each project:

  1. In February of 2012, Viridain Energy installed solar power in several regions of Ghana, Africa.

  2. In July of 2013, Viridian performed a huge project in Indonesia. They planted trees, piped in fresh water and installed solar panels.

  3. In June of 2014, Viridian Energy traveled to Fiji to plant trees and pineapples along with installing solar power.

  4. In March of 2015, Viridian Energy installed solar panels were installed in a remote region of Nicaragua.

  5. In May of 2016, Viridian went to Albania to help residents feel safer. They installed solar street lights, and a turf soccer field lit with solar lights.

Sun Plus One

Sun Plus One is a means of Viridian Energy teaming up with others to supply solar power to needy people.

Earth Month

For 1 month every year, Viridian Energy puts in extra hours in a volunteer way.

The objective is to remove trash from waterways, parks, forests and any other place that has trash.

viridian energy reviewFinal Thoughts

Overall, my impression of Viridian Energy is quite positive.

They have been showing that they do care about the Earth and mankind.

Yes, they are also in business to make a profit, but that is how it works.

Without profits, how could they do the good they do?

Viridian Energy is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

They also were awarder the DSA Ethos Award in 2012.

Viridian Energy is on Social Media:

If you are possibly interested in becoming a Viridian Energy Associate or customer, you can visit their website at:

I predict that Veridian Energy will grow bigger and stronger over the next few years.

I did check to see if they have come to Puerto Rico yet and I see they haven’t.

If Veridian Energy executives are reading this, we could use your expertise here on the island.

We will keep a close eye on where Viridian Energy starts offering their services.

What are your thoughts?

If you are a Viridian customer or associate, we would be happy to hear your experience, but please remember this is a no recruitment zone.

You can leave your comments or questions below.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Viridian Energy is a registered trademark. We are not affiliated in any way with this company. The information provided is for your education.

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