Using the Phone to Grow Your MLM Business

As I see it, the telephone is the most important tool in your network marketing business.

Yes, the internet, fax, and direct mail are great too, but nothing beats the phone.

The phone lets you work fast and work smart.  You can talk to more prospects on the phone in one hour than you can online or face-to-face.

The phone is a great way to follow up.  It’s personal and effective.

You can get your message to your prospect much more effectively by phone than by email. Emails have no “tone of voice” and they can be taken out of context pretty easily. Besides, most of your emails get deleted without being read.  Some never even make it to your prospect’s inbox.

The bottom line is it’s harder to find and sign up good prospects by email or face to face, than it is by phone.

I’m sure you receive LOTS of emails each day about business opportunities and things to buy. Most of these emails hit your spam box or get deleted without getting read.  How many of these things do you actually read or buy?

On the other hand, how many folks actually call you (not counting auto-dialers)?  If you’re like me the answer is “not many.”  For every 500 emails I get, I might get one call, if that.

And even though the phone is so effective, most network marketers are scared to use it.

They feel comfortable calling their mom, friend or family member, but tell them to call a prospect and they will act like the phone weighs 500 pounds.

I’ve been there and I can relate.

The truth is, the phone is your friend!

Once you actually realize the potential of how the phone can help you build your network marketing business, you will learn to love it.

You don’t need to use the phone to SELL.  Most network marketers think that way and that’s why they are scared of the phone.

The purpose of using the phone is to follow up with prospects and sift and sort through prospects.  The ultimate goal of call is to sell the APPOINTMENT, not the business opportunity. That’s it.

If you are trying to sell on the phone you are building your business the wrong way.

At the end of the day, you have a few options.

You can hide behind your computer and try to build your network marketing business online. That works for a select few, but it’s much easier said than done.  How many folks do you know who have built a successful, lasting business, strictly online?

Or, you can learn how to use the phone to grow your network marketing business.  You can work smart and get MORE done in less time by leveraging the phone.

using the phone to grow your mlm businessTruth be told, you could build a large business in a few short years simply by working the phone for one hour per day.  In an average hour, you could probably make 30 calls and talk to five to ten people.  If you did that every day your business would explode.  You’d talk to two thousand to four thousand people per year if you did that.

The bottom line is that we are all pressed for time.  Having conversations by phone with your prospects allows you to control your schedule and time, work from home in your pajamas and work smart!  If you aren’t using the phone you should!

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to tell me what you think about using the phone to grow your MLM Business.  I look forward to hearing from you.

*** This is part of a mini-series.  Read the original post.

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4 thoughts on “Using the Phone to Grow Your MLM Business

  1. I too have been there and it is scary early on. I remember having moments where I froze or ended up babbling because I couldn’t figure out what to say. It can be nerve wrecking because you want to impress them and not embarrass yourself. But it is all about attitude. Embracing the benefits of using the phone to build your network will allow you to be more at ease and natural. And then pretty soon it will flow from you like running water without you even having to think about it.

  2. You are very correct with this. I like the fact that you said not to use the phone necessarily to sell.I believe the best way to meet someone overall is face-to-face, but the phone should be at the top of the list for sifting and sorting prospects. As you said email and fax helps, but in many cases, they end up in the trash or spam folder. Using the phone is much more personal.Great post Chuck

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