How to Use Third Party Tools to Grow Your MLM Business

Today, I want to take a few minutes and educate you about how to use third party tools to grow your MLM Business. These are valuable lessons I have learned from the School of Hard Knocks during the past 17+ years.

Understanding Your “Average” Distributor

The first thing you need to understand is the mindset of your new distributor, or even your average distributor. Most distributors lack the CONFIDENCE to give a good presentation. They have very little belief in themselves, the company, the products and the industry.

The average distributor does not know what to say or do. When it comes to explaining the company or products, they are SCARED TO DEATH they won’t be able to explain things correctly or answer their prospect’s questions. The last thing they want to do is look dumb in front of their friends and family.

The average distributor NEVER even gets started with their business because they think they need to know everything BEFORE they get started. Of course, there are some exceptions to these norms, but not many. This is where third party tools come in to play.

How to Use Third Party Tools to Grow Your MLM Business

Reasons to Use Third Party Tools in MLM

Third party tools solve most of the problems I just talked about. Here’s why you MUST use them in your business.

# 1: Keep the Business Simple

A confused distributor does NOTHING. Write that down and remember it. You need to keep your business so simple, even an 8-year old could do it. If distributors have to learn how to give a presentation and be able to answer questions and objections, most people who do join your team will not take action.

# 2: Give a Consistent Message

When you use third party tools to share the business and products, ALL of your prospects get the same message. This is very powerful if you understand it.

# 3: Don’t Come Across as Perfect

While most people could not give a good presentation on their own, a few select people can give a MAGNIFICENT presentation. That sounds like a good thing UNTIL you realize that if you give a prospect a perfect presentation they will IMMEDIATELY THINK they have to give a perfect presentation to succeed in the business. As a result, they will not join you.

# 4: Removes You From the Equation

Using third party tools removes you from the equation and makes your business duplicatable, just what you want. For example, ANYONE can share a video with someone else. Anyone can invite someone to a home party, conference call or webinar. Does that make sense?

Example Third Party Tools in MLM

Here are some example third party tools you might use with your network marketing company.

# 1: Conference Calls

These are very common. Most companies do a weekly opportunity call that you can invite your prospects too. There is normally a short business presentation followed by Q&A and training.

# 2: Hotel Meetings

While these aren’t as popular as they used to be, hotel meetings still work. You can invite someone to your weekly meeting and someone else can share the business presentation with them. The major benefit of doing things this way is the social proof. Your prospect will see other people succeeding in the business, which gives you more credibility.

# 3: Webinars

Webinars are very effective. Think of a webinar as an online meeting with a presenter and attendees. Webinars can be live or recorded. You simply invite your prospect to the webinar and the presenter does the selling for you.

# 4: Videos/DVD

Videos are a great third party tool. This is what I use with my own team to share the business. We have a simple 10-minute business opportunity video our team members can share with their prospects. This could be a YouTube video or a DVD.

# 5: Power Point Slides

Power Point Slides could be considered a third party tool as well. You could have slides for a presentation that everyone on your team uses to share with their prospects.

# 6: Brochures

Most companies have some type of brochure that you can hand to your prospect that explains the business and products in short detail.

# 7: Booklets

Some reps and companies have created 8 to 12- page booklets that give a complete business presentation. Your prospect can read it in 10 to 20-minutes and have the information they need to make an informed decision.

# 8: Audio CD

Many network marketing companies use an audio CD that you can hand to your prospect. They can listen to the CD at their own leisure and hear a complete business presentation.Be the messenger not the message ~ common MLM quote

How to Recruit with Third Party-Tools in MLM

What I’d like to do right now is share my success strategy on how to recruit with third party tools in MLM. This is a very simple formula anyone from any MLM Company can use.

# 1: Use the Curiosity Approach

The first thing you need to do is use the curiosity approach with your prospects. Basically, you’re asking them if they are keeping their options open and looking for a side hustle. If they say YES, you can ask them something like this:

If I shared a short 10-minute video with you that explains how to create a side hustle and earn an extra $500 per month, would you be willing to watch it?

# 2: Share a Third Party Tool

If your prospect is interested in learning more, you can share the third party tool with them. It’s important that you set up a time to follow-up with them BEFORE you send them the information. For example, you could say this:

Joe, I’m going to send you the short video in the next few minutes. When would be the best time for me to follow-up with you to see what you liked most about the video? Would tomorrow at 5pm or 8pm be better for you?

Confirm the appointment and get off the phone. Do not, under any circumstances, tell them the name of your company or try to explain things in detail to them. This is a huge mistake many novices make. The more you say the more you sound like a salesperson and the higher the likelihood you will talk them out of doing the business.

# 3: Three-Way Close with Upline Mentor

The final step is to do a 3-way close with your successful upline mentor. Let them answer your prospect’s questions and close them for you. You can just sit back and listen and learn. This process is SO simple and it works like hotcakes. I hope you will try it with your team.

Reasons to Use Third Party Tools

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my thoughts on how to use third party tools to build your MLM Business. Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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5 thoughts on “How to Use Third Party Tools to Grow Your MLM Business”

  1. Third party tools are good for people who struggle with confidence or find themselves to be more introverted. You are still sharing the needed information, but in a manner that better suits you and your prospects as well. It is a much more pleasant experience watching a short presentation or reading a small brochure than watching someone struggle through a presentation of their own because of nerves. Then you can just follow up with the prospects to provide them any additional information they request. Good method.

    1. Exactly. Remove yourself from the equation whenever possible. Even if you are a good presenter, you want to use third party tools to share the business, so you can keep the business simple. How you share the business with others is how your prospect thinks THEY have to share the business with others. Not everyone can give a good presentation, but everyone can share a video.

  2. Amen to this post Chuck.

    So many times, people try to sell their MLM idea, and they come off sounding like a doctor or lawyer. They speak way “above” the prospect and it turns prospects off. the other thing that sometimes happens is “too much information, too quick.” This makes it all seem overwhelming. I know when I was younger, that was one of the first things that would make me turn tail and run from an MLM opportunity.

    Using simple 3rd party tools makes good sense, especially the ones that have a proven track record.

      1. You are very welcome Chuck. I wanted to also mention that a good third part system that can work well these days is a simple eBook. An eBook is easy to develop. You just use your Microsoft Word program and write it and then put it in PDF format. You can use the same program to make a nice cover and give that away with a link to a capture page. DVDs are also very simple to make these days too. A person would be unwise in their MLM to not use all these resources.

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