Use Third Party Tools to Build Your MLM Business

One of the best things you can do to grow your MLM Business is to use third party tools. Third party tools are nothing more than a brochure, a CD, a DVD, webinar, or something else that explains the products and business opportunity for you.

They can be a tool that you had made up yourself, something your network marketing company did, or something another company manufactured for you.

One of the biggest challenges in MLM is that most new distributors do not believe in themselves.  They lack self-confidence.  They watch you give a polished business presentation and they say to themselves, “I could never do that.”

It’s actually very common.  I’ve found that most people lack confidence, and if you told them they had to learn how to give a 60-minute business presentation to someone, or speak to an audience of people, they would avoid it all costs.

This is where third party tools come in.  You want to keep your business so simple that even a caveman could do it!

You want people to look at you and say to themselves “if that guy can succeed with this thing, I’m going to blow it up!”

When you use third party tools to grow your business, you keep things simple.

Your prospect sees that all you did was hand them a DVD and tell them to watch it.

They think to themselves “I could do that!”

Or, you invite them to watch a recorded webinar or video that explains everything in greater detail.

Or, you meet with your prospect at a coffee shop and the two of you watch a DVD on your laptop.

Or, you hand them a three page brochure that explains everything, and you tell them to read it.

Or, you invite them to a recorded phone presentation that is offered by your company.

I could go on and on here, but the bottom line is that third party tools are where it’s at.

Use third party tools whenever possible and get your team to do the same thing!

Keep your business fun and simple and it will grow.  Make things complex and hard to do and your team will plateau and die off.

Keep things so simple your newest distributor can use third party tools right from his first day in the business and get results!

What are your thoughts about using third party tools to grow your business?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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7 thoughts on “Use Third Party Tools to Build Your MLM Business

  1. Third party tools are good for people who struggle with confidence or find themselves to be more introverted. You are still sharing the needed information, but in a manner that better suits you and your prospects as well. It is a much more pleasant experience watching a short presentation or reading a small brochure than watching someone struggle through a presentation of their own because of nerves. Then you can just follow up with the prospects to provide them any additional information they request. Good method.

  2. Amen to this post Chuck.

    So many times, people try to sell their MLM idea, and they come off sounding like a doctor or lawyer. They speak way “above” the prospect and it turns prospects off. the other thing that sometimes happens is “too much information, too quick.” This makes it all seem overwhelming. I know when I was younger, that was one of the first things that would make me turn tail and run from an MLM opportunity.

    Using simple 3rd party tools makes good sense, especially the ones that have a proven track record.

      • You are very welcome Chuck. I wanted to also mention that a good third part system that can work well these days is a simple eBook. An eBook is easy to develop. You just use your Microsoft Word program and write it and then put it in PDF format. You can use the same program to make a nice cover and give that away with a link to a capture page. DVDs are also very simple to make these days too. A person would be unwise in their MLM to not use all these resources.

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