Use Banner Ads to Grow Your MLM Business

What is a MLM Banner Ad? Typically, it’s a graphic display advertisement on a website. If you’ve visited any website before, you will probably notice banner ads promoting different products and services. In some cases, these are graphic Google Ads, or they are a custom ad. In almost all cases, the website owner is compensated for displaying these ads on their website.

Several years ago, banner ads were very popular and effective. Although they still work well, most people have learned to put up their blinders to MLM Banner ads and similar ads. Most people are exposed to so many advertising messages each day that they simply keep their guard up and tune out these advertising messages. I stress the word most, because some people still click on these ads.

I generate a lot of leads and sales with banner ads, so I know that it works.

If you are thinking about creating a MLM Banner to promote your blog, business opportunity or website, I highly recommend you hire a professional graphic designer to create you your own custom banner ad. You want something that is visually pleasing to the eye, and unique. If you use banner ads that are offered by your affiliate program or MLM Company, you won’t be able to stand out in the crowd, since there are so many other folks using the same ads.

Fortunately, you can have a custom MLM Banner ad designed rather cheaply on sites such as Craigslist or I had fiver banner ads created for one of my eBooks for less than $50. So, it’s quite affordable to do.

Once you have an MLM Banner ad created, you need to find relevant sites to place it on. You need to clearly identify your target market and find out which websites they visit. Once you find some high traffic websites in your chosen niche, you can contact the webmasters to find out what they charge for advertising. If possible, try to negotiate a fair price with them.

Please keep in mind that sites with a high Page Rank and traffic will charge more than less popular sites.  And cheaper is not always better.  It makes no sense advertising on a site that doesn’t get much traffic.

In addition, I also recommend you use tracking links so you can track which websites and which banners produce the best results for you. That way you can get rid of the ones that don’t work well, and keep the winners.

To track your results, you simply need to use a different tracking URL/link for each banner ad.

Final Thoughts

In summary, MLM banner ads are still an effective way to promote a business opportunity, blog or website online. Your key to success is to have a professional designer create you a quality and unique banner ad. Once you do that, you need to find relevant websites and blogs that your “target market” visits and put your banners on those sites. Finally, you must use tracking codes to determine which websites and which banner ads pull in the best results.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about using banner ads to grow your MLM Business?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Chuck Holmes
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8 thoughts on “Use Banner Ads to Grow Your MLM Business”

  1. Hi Chuck!

    First – I love you blog! I really appreciate your honest, straight forward advice – it’s totally refreshing! I am just starting out crafting a strategy on using banner ads and honestly am overwhelmed with all the options to go with on where to place them – can I ask where did you start? Was it with the method that you described above with identifying websites that was related to the target market you where after? I am having trouble staying focused on trying to the right option as I don’t want to squander my budget.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Stacey,

      I would find 5-10 good websites in my niche that get a lot of traffic. I would then contact each blog owner and find out their advertising rates. Once I did that I would test my traffic and conversions from each website I chose to see which ones are profitable. Your biggest concern is ROI, not how much you spend on a banner ad. I hope that helps.


      1. It certainly does help to hear from someone like you! I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question. Your experience and knowledge is something people charge for and I appreciate you giving it to this newbie for free.

        Thanks again –

  2. I would also recommend creating different styles and sizes of banner ads. You will then want to keep statistics on what works and what doesn’t. I have found that the newer style of banners that are set up like a page flip are very enticing to people. It is very important that your banner content is eye pleasing and draws the prospect. There are many professionals who have developed content for banners that is wonderful. I recommend Elance as a great place to find professionals.

  3. Banner ads are a great idea. You are correct in the fact that many people have “blinders” on, but there are still many who do click, especially if the ad is enticing. If you have, or develop an advertisement, it needs to be unique. Some people use popups too. They can be obnoxious, but if done correctly, they do work. They need to be unobtrusive. I also must mention that banner ads are a bit more expensive to run than simple text ads. With the right words, text ads work also.

    Good post.

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