Use Affirmations to Grow Your MLM Business

What are MLM Affirmations? And what should you know about them? One definition of affirmation I found online is “to state positively.” An example of an affirmation could be “I will lose 10 pounds this month” or “I will achieve success in my business.” Truthfully, I believe that affirmations are an important part of the success equation. I believe everyone should do daily affirmations that program positive thoughts into their subconscious mind.

People can make affirmations to help their marriage, improve their health, lose weight, save money, or find a better job. You can even use MLM Affirmations to get better results in your network marketing business. Of course, I must tell you that simply doing affirmations alone will not make you successful.  Yes, it will help you get your “thinking” right, but you still have to go out and do the work.

Affirmations can have a positive impact with your subconscious mind. I once heard that people don’t believe what they see. Instead, they see what they believe. That’s one reason that it’s vital to work on your belief system. And the best way to do that is through affirmations.

About eight years ago, I first read the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” This book has lots of great affirmations. If you’ve never read the book, you should. It’s very influential and powerful. This is when I first learned about affirmations. Another great book about affirmations is “Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

To this day, I still do affirmations. I try to visualize what I want to ultimately accomplish in life. This helps me get my thinking right.  It also helps me with my self-image and attitude.

A few example MLM Affirmations could be “I will sponsor two people this month” or “I will build my business no matter what” or “I am worthy, deserving and capable of achieving MLM Success.”

Your key to success using affirmations is to be specific and be consistent. You must first decide specifically what you want to achieve. Try to boil it down into one sentence, two at most. Once you do that, start doing daily affirmations. Read your daily affirmation aloud when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed each night. Repeat this process every day for 30 days. You will be quite amazed at what happens.

Final Thoughts

In summary, MLM Affirmations are simply a positive statement that you make to yourself, telling your subconscious brain what you want to accomplish in your MLM Business. Your statement must be specific and to the point. You should repeat your affirmations minimum twice each day, for 30-days straight. This process helps you re-program your thoughts with positive thoughts and gets your subconscious mind working to help you reach your goal. You can also apply this same process for anything else in life, not just your MLM business.  Just keep in mind that you still have to take action and do the work if you want to reach your goals.

What do you think?  What are your thoughts about using affirmations to grow your MLM Business? Leave a comment and let us know.

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7 thoughts on “Use Affirmations to Grow Your MLM Business”

  1. Positive affirmations help in all sorts of situations. There is nothing wrong with reminding yourself that you are a valuable person. They can set high expectations, but they do need to be realistic, though. If you are going to put your goals in writing, why not put the encouragement and support you need to stay on track in writing, too?

  2. I love the use of affirmations! I actually write them down and put them in highly visible places around my home (desk, mirror, bathroom, car, etc). I firmly believe that the energy you put out into the world will be reciprocated. Thus, if you put positive energy and affirmations out the result will be success and profitability.

  3. This is a super idea! How often do we tell ourselves something negative or allow negative thoughts to invade our daily lives? That’s true of business lives as well. Something goes wrong, we get discouraged, and start having doubts. I like the idea of business affirmations. I think it’s a great way to motivate yourself: think positive things will happen and you’re much more likely to go out and make them happen!

  4. I am in full agreement. I have always been a big fan of Zig Zigler, and he also states that positive affirmations are very important in a person’s life to help with success.

    I must point out that affirmations need to be reachable. I will get two people to sponsor this month is much easier to reach than I will get twenty. It is wise to start small and grow those affirmations.

    It is a proven fact that our subconscious mind picks up certain words. By speaking positive words aloud to ourselves, we are setting our inner being to be successful.

    A daily habit of speaking affirmations will give you the strength and endurance to go out and do the work needed to fulfill those affirmations.

    Great post Charles.

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