United Sciences of America: A Review

They were a company who seemed to have potential for huge growth.

United Sciences of America not only had somewhat unique products, they also had a marketing method that was far ahead of its time.

But, somehow along the line, USA for short took a huge fall.

In today’s post, we are going to provide a detailed review of United Sciences of America.

Learn about this multi level marketing company, and why they are no longer in operation.

This review of USA can, and should be used for educative purposes, especially on what not to do in multi level marketing.

There are also a few lessons on marketing methods that could be used, but only if done so properly.

The Start of United Sciences of America

Robert Adler II was a man who had already made a fortune when he developed a computer that would call people’s phones and engage them in interactive messages.

As a wise businessman, he came up with a new idea.

That idea sprang to life in 1984, when he, and several other individuals began putting United Sciences of America together.

In January of 1986, United Sciences of America began aggressively marketing their products.

One of the primary tactics was claims that USA products could:

  • prevent cancer

  • prevent heart disease

  • prevent AIDS

  • control alcoholism

  • prevent arthritis

  • and more

So how could they make these claims?

USA had a huge scientific advisory board led by Dr Robert Good who was the former President of the Sloan/Kettering Institute for Cancer Research.

Other members of that board included:

  • Dr Julius Axelrod who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1970.

  • Dr C. Norman Shealy: the founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.

  • Along with 12 other highly respected Doctors.

The USA Co Founders

Besides Robert Adler and Dr Robert Good, , United Sciences of America listed several co-founders.

They included:

  • Jerri Leonard who was a former United States Assistant Attorney General

  • Haydon Cameron who was a sales expert at Cambridge International

  • Dr Jeffrey Fisher who was a pathologist, and a recognized expert on preventive medicine

  • Dr Mark Albion was an assistant professor of marketing at Harvard Business School

  • and Lawrence Muno who was President of the Association of Representatives of Professional Athletes

With all the distinguished names as founders and advisory board members, it seemed the United Sciences of America was destined for success.

The USA Products

USA had only 4 products. They were:

  1. Calorie Control Formula which was a powdered protein mix to use as a meal replacement

  2. Master Formula which had a mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

  3. Fiber Energy Bar

  4. Formula Plus which contained a huge source of Omega 3 fatty acids

The Distributor Plan

To become a distributor with United Sciences of America, a person only had to fill out an application and mail it with a check for $24.50 to receive a USA Success System Kit with manual.

At that point, they could sell the products and also start creating a down-line of other distributors.

It did help to have demonstration products, and distributors could purchase a kit that contained a month’s supply of all 4 products for $100, and the retail of it was $135.

Video Marketing

United Sciences of America’s marketing plan at that time, was second to none.

They contracted top rated personalities in the development of videotapes for possible customers.

Star Trek was a huge hit and USA utilized the narration skills of Captain Kirk (William Shatner) on their Company Introduction tape.

They used rockets launching, and banks of computers as Captain Kirk explained how our earth was being contaminated.

The Business Opportunity tape had Shatner explaining the business plan, and some well known sport’s figures jumped in with an invitation to join.

They included:

And, Dr Fisher had a 90-minute video that answered any possible question about the USA products and their medical possibilities.

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And The Media Attacked

United Sciences of America would probably still be around today, and with their marketing methods, they would be huge, but they went too far.

It has become quite evident that you just cannot claim a product will perform acts that are not proven with batteries of tests and positive results.

With USA claiming that their products could prevent cancer, and probably their biggest downfall…AIDS, NBC did a special documentary exposing United Sciences of America.

The broadcast claimed that USA was using scientific claims that were fraudulent and deceptive advertising.

Advisory Board members began to resign from the company quickly to keep their reputations afloat.

In late 1986, some commission checks did not get mailed to distributors, and others had checks that bounced.

The FDA began investigating USA of illegal pyramid scheme operations, and the States of California, Texas and New York filed suits against the company.

Many of the advisory board members said that their statements were misquoted or misused.

In April of 1987, United Sciences of America filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and halted all operations.

Final Thoughts

United Sciences of American should be the focus of all MLM companies that sell products that can be construed as medically helpful.

It needs to be shown that no claims of cures or anything of the sort medically must be stressed.

Too many distributors say things that could land a MLM company in serious trouble.

Unless the Food and Drug Administration has filed that a certain product can treat or cure, no product can claim anything of the sort.

If you notice any network marketing distributor making claims such as these, I suggest you confront them immediately.

If they do not listen, I recommend contacting the main company.

Using false medical claims can cause serious harm.

Just do not do it like USA did.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have any questions?

You can post them below.

Thank you.


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  1. Great post Greg, it’s always good to hear about what not to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the positive post but people learn from the mistakes others have made before them. This is one of those times. Do NOT make medical or health claims for a product. It will put the company at risk an make you look like an amateur.

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