Udimi Solo Ads Review & Case Studies

On this page, I will be sharing my my own Udimi Solo Ads review, along with my own Udimi case studies.  Whenever I do a solo ad, I will share my results on this page so you can see what is working and what isn’t working well for me. As a quick legal disclaimer, I am a satisfied Udimi customer and affiliate. And of course, individual results will vary.
udimi solo ads review

Udimi Case Study # 1

I did a solo ad experiment on Udimi yesterday.  Udimi is a solo ad service provider that lets you rent access to other people’s email lists.  Basically, you determine how many clicks you want to receive, you pay a set price, send them your email, and then they send out your email to their list on your behalf.

I’ve been using Udimi for several years now.  I’ve had great luck with some of my solo ads and bad luck with others.  You definitely have to test and figure out what will work best for you.  Sometimes, even just changing a few words in your subject line can make a big difference.

To the best of my knowledge there are around 800 to 1,000 different sellers on Udimi.com to choose from.  You can sort by niche, price, reputation, etc.

What I really like about Udimi is that they are a third party vendor and they monitor the solo ads to make sure they are legit, and both the buyer and seller are protected.

My Results

udimi solo ads case studies

I purchased 100 clicks from a vendor for $38.  The vendor charged 35 cents per click x 100, which equals $35.  There is also a $3 fee that Udimi charged, bringing my total to $38.

From that, I received 130 clicks and got 22 opt-ins.  My cost per lead was $1.73 ($38/22 leads) and my conversion rate was 15% (22/130).  My actual Cost per Click was just 29 cents ($38/130 clicks).

I did not get any immediate sales from the solo ad, but I expect several of my leads to convert within the next few days. I have a very good follow up system for these leads.

My Ad

Hi %firstname%,

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My Takeaway

Overall, I consider this solo ad a huge success.  I am very happy with the 30 cents cost per click.  My conversion rate of 15% was a little lower than I’m used to, so I might need to test some different capture pages and subject lines.

Ideally, I’d like to have it around 20 to 25 percent.  I’m also very happy with my cost per lead. Whenever I can generate leads in the to range, life is good.

What Now?

I encourage you to go to Udimi and buy a solo ad.  Do a small test and see what type of results you can get.  Just make sure you send people to a capture page first.

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