Types of MLM Mastermind Courses

What is a MLM Mastermind Course? In my opinion, I’d define it as a course designed to teach you vital network marketing skills that can help you grow your business. There are many types of MLM Mastermind Courses available online and offline. Some are paid while others are free. Some are taught in a one-on-one environment and others are taught in a group environment. Listed below are a few different examples of MLM Mastermind Course formats.

1. Email Training Series: This is quite perhaps the most popular type of Mastermind Course. With this type of course, you would receive a series of emails, maybe one email a day, for 5-20 days. Each email would feature a helpful training tip or idea about how to grow your business.

mlm mastermind2. EBook: This is another popular way to conduct a MLM Mastermind Course. Many successful network marketers write and sell eBooks to teach others and provide an additional income stream. This is a great way to make money, to position yourself as a leader, and to help others.  I learned a lot from MLM eBooks, especially Magnetic Sponsoring.

3. Video Training Series: Training videos, especially YouTube videos are very popular. Videos are an effective MLM Mastermind Course because they are interactive, educational and entertaining.  You can create them and post them on the internet to find new leads and customers for your business.  Many of the top earners utilize YouTube to build their brand and business.

4. Seminars: Seminars are very popular. In fact, seminars are a multi-billion dollar industry. Many top distributors host generic training seminars to teach network marketers new skills. Some MLM Companies also put on similar training.  You can earn a nice income hosting seminars.  Attending seminars is just as good because you can connect with other leaders and people who are serious about the industry.  There’s nothing like connecting with others face-to-face.

5. One-on-One Coaching: This is another popular type of MLM Mastermind Course. In this example, you might hire a paid coach (a successful MLMer) to give you some tips and insights about building your business.  I offer coaching services to help other network marketers.

Once again, these are just a few different formats for a MLM Mastermind Course.

What’s great about hosting your own MLM Mastermind Course (whether paid or free) is that you can help others and you can find lots of great prospects for your business. Best of all, you don’t need to pitch anyone. Simply focus on providing great value to your participants and many of them will naturally want to work with you.

And if you aren’t an expert yourself, you can serve as the facilitator and invite experts to speak or teach the event.  Doing that is like the best of both worlds.

Final Thoughts

In summary, a MLM Mastermind Course is a training course designed to help network marketers learn new skills. Whether you are a novice or experienced network marketer, you should participate in several mastermind groups to help learn new skills.

And if you are an experienced network marketer, you should host your own MLM Mastermind Course for your downline distributors and prospects. This positions you as the leader, helps you grow your downline and helps your team build their downline. It’s the ultimate win-win deal.

What are your thoughts? What are you favorite types of MLM Mastermind Courses?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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7 thoughts on “Types of MLM Mastermind Courses

  1. I think that all of these tips are good ones, but if I had to pick the best, assuming that you can afford it: it is one-on-one coaching. I have attended mastermind classes before, and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. There is always one person (not the facilitator) who knows everything, and is vocal about it, and can discourage others from speaking up. I benefit most when I have someone meet with me, look at my specific issues, and give me individualized advice and solutions. Assuming that it is not cost-prohibitive, one-on-one coaching is the most cost effective option that you mention here.

    • One on one coaching is great for the student, but not necessarily the best way for the teacher to spend their time (especially if they have lots of students).

  2. I have gotten some info from Steven Wiltshire and Dana Wilde. They both offer paid training and conferences. Dana’s group however, offers the opportunity to listen to several recorded interviews with successful network marketers for free. I believe her program is called train your brain. If you haven’t joined a company that has a lot of Mastermind type training these are some great ways to get it for yourself. Even if your company does offer it is a great idea to take outside courses as well because it is a great way to network!

  3. I believe in this industry it is imperative to have the proper training materials to be successful at it. All 5 methods of learning the ins and outs of this business are great. I also believe all of them are necessary as well. However, if I had to choose 2 methods of training, I would prefer to take the email training series and the one on one coaching. To be successful in this business and in life, obtaining knowledge is vital and the application of it is crucial.

  4. I knew each company hosted their own company-specific seminars and conventions, but I never realized MLM Mastermind courses even exist! I will have to find a few. Confidence has always been one of my big hang-ups, the fear of doing something wrong. Knowledge is power, thank you for sharing yours!

    • Yes, there are many generic seminars in our industry. Eric Worre and Randy Gage both do them, along with some other successful distributors.

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