Two Secrets of the Six Figure Earners in MLM

Here are two secrets of the six figure earners in MLM that I recently learned about. I’m not sure where I read it, but there was an interview/survey of more than 100 top earners in the network marketing industry and they were asked two questions.  Here are the two questions:

1.  How many people did you personally sponsor?

2.  How many reps produce 80% or more of your income?

The answers to these questions are pretty mind blowing.

The answer to the first question was 50 to 150 people.  Most of these top earners personally sponsored somewhere between about 60 and 90, but the range was 50 to 150 people.

So yes, it’s important to sponsor people, but you don’t have to personally sponsor HUNDREDS of people to make it to the top ranks.

The answer to the second question was even more impressive.

The distributors answered that 80% to 90% of their income came from one to three people in their organization.  That’s it!

Think about that for a moment.

It just validates the importance of finding a few key leaders AND helping them succeed.

Of course, you will probably need to go through a lot of people to get to find those one to three people.  But, it’s worth it.

If I told you I buried three gold bricks under a big pile of rocks, how long would it take you to grab a pick and shovel and get to work?

Let me guess, you’d be out the door and working in less than one minute!

Would you be willing to sift and sort through a lot of rocks if you knew you could find three gold nuggets?

Of course you would!

Every time you get a NO you are one step closer to finding a winner.  Every time you sponsor someone you are one step closer to finding a winner.

These two secrets of the Six Figure Earners in MLM really opened my eyes.

The first one wasn’t as big as a surprise as the second one though.

The bottom line is this.  Work the numbers and you will find a few sharp people.  Work with those few sharp people and you will earn a REALLY nice income for doing it.

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Two Secrets of the Six Figure Earners in MLM”

  1. I also like the analogy you provided here. When we consider the fact that we know there is gold in a pile of rocks, there are very few people who would walk away without looking, but in a similar way to network marketing, we would have people that would just search for a few minutes, and then they would walk away. There would be others who would expect others to do the searching for them. And then the smart ones would be those who find a team and offer to split the profits and they would all search for the gold together.

    Great post Chuck!

  2. What a neat analogy. You are correct: if you told me (or just about anyone else that I know) that there were gold nuggets in a pile of rocks, you can bet I would start digging, with my bare hands if I had to, knowing that every rock (every no) that I removed from the pile got me that much closer to my goal.

  3. To be honest, I did not imagine for a moment that a six figure salary would ever be possible, okay at least not in MLM for starters. The numbers are also astonishing to say the least. 2 to three prospects generating majority of the six figure income? Okay that is new to me. The sharp people are really hard to find, I must guess. If found, I am convinced there are really good catches. I am also surprised that the top earners do not sponsor many people. Does this mean that I can rise the ranks in less than a year? Sorry for sounding ignorant (yes I already know there is a post detailing a five year plan). Just curious, as I am so energized about his.

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