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Welcome to my traffic and leads page. Traffic and leads are the lifeblood of any online business, especially a network marketing business. Without a steady flow of leads to talk to, you won’t be in business long.

What you see below are some of my best resources on where to get traffic and leads.

Best Places to Advertise Your Business – I would start by checking out this page first. Every traffic and advertising resource I use is on this page. It covers all of my favorite places to advertise online.

Traffic Boot Camp – This is an email boot camp I put together to teach people how to generate leads online. It’s free and is loaded with great tips.

34 Ways to Get Leads – This is a mega post I wrote on this website covering 34 different ways to get leads. It’s worth the read.

MLM Solo Ads – Discover everything you need to know about solo ads.

MLM Safelists – Learn more about safelist advertising.

Direct Mail Tips – Discover the secrets of postcard marketing and direct mail.

I’ll keep this page updated each month to share the different services I’m using and testing. Thanks.

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