Top Tier MLM Companies: What You Should Know

What is a Top Tier MLM Company? And how does it work? I define it as a business opportunity that provides a large up-front commission for selling someone a business opportunity.  Rather than earning a few dollars when someone joins your team, you can earn $500, $1000 and up to $10,000 or more per transaction.

Top Tier Companies have been around about 10 years now (that I know of) and they are really growing in popularity. With so many people not getting the results they desire with a traditional MLM Company, many of these distributors are switching to Top Tier Companies, in hopes of making it big.

And while I don’t believe that promoting a Top Tier MLM Company is EASIER than promoting a traditional MLM Company, I do realize that you can earn some serious cash QUICKLY, if you know what you are doing.

Problems with Traditional MLM

If you’ve been involved in network marketing or direct sales for even a day, you probably understand the following:

• Most people you talk to won’t join your business opportunity.

• Most of the people that you do sponsor will not do anything to build their business, nor will they stick around very long.

• Most people in this industry jump from company to company every 3-6 months, excited about the next company pre-launch or shiny object.

• You could build a large organization and lose it overnight (if some your leaders decide to join a different company and take their downline with them or if you company goes away, or if your company closes down).

• It takes a long time to earn a large residual income in a traditional network marketing company. In most companies, you earn a small commission every time someone places an order ($5 to $10 commission).

• In a traditional MLM, the sign up or enrollment cost is very inexpensive (less than $500). When someone joins a traditional MLM Company, it takes the sponsor several years (normally) to earn several thousand dollars in commissions off that person (assuming they stick around), whereas they could make the same amount on money upfront with a Top Tier MLM Company.

• To make a few thousand dollars per month in traditional MLM, you normally need an organization with 1,000 or more people (customers and distributors) who are all ordering the products every month! Yes, it varies by company, but most companies require a large organization to make $3k or more per month. To make the same amount with a Top Tier MLM Company, you might need just one or two people.

If you realize these statements are true (and they are), you should ask yourself “Why am I doing what I am doing?” and “is there a better alternative?” I see so many key leaders leaving the traditional MLM world to join a Top Tier MLM Company. And, I can’t say that I blame them. Listed below, I’m going to share my top ten favorite reasons you should consider joining a Top Tier MLM Company.

Top 10 Reasons to Join a Top Tier MLM Company

Listed below, you will find my top ten favorite reasons to join a Top Tier MLM Company. Please know that these reasons are simply my personal opinion. You may agree or disagree with my reasons, and that’s okay. Here we go:

1) Reasonable Start Up Costs: In most cases, the start-up costs for a Top Tier MLM Company range from $1,000 to $10,000. In a few cases, it is either a little bit less or a little bit more expensive than that. While this is more expensive than a traditional MLM Company, it is still much cheaper than starting a traditional business, such as a franchise.

2) Large Up Front Commissions: Top Tier MLM Companies pay large up front commissions when someone joins the company. The profit ranges from $500 to $5,000 per sign up (on average). That puts immediate profits into your pocket. To earn the same amount of money off another person in a traditional MLM Company would probably take you 2-5 years (assuming they stayed around that long).

3) Immediate Income: This is similar to # 2, but most traditional MLM Companies take several years to build a large residual income. Since the profit margins are so small, you have to build a large organization with a traditional MLM Company, in order to make a large immediate income. With a Top Tier MLM Company, you can earn immediate income from day one. For instance, if you make $1,000 per transaction, you could earn $5,000 in your first month by selling five people. Try earning that type of income your first month in a regular MLM Company.

4) Higher Retention Rates: When people invest a few thousand dollars to start a business, they are much more serious. Few people will spend $2,000 today and quit in two weeks. Some people will still quit, but most people will stick around to build a business. In a traditional MLM Company, poor retention is one of the biggest issues distributors have to deal with.

5) No Tire Kickers or Quitters: In a traditional MLM Company, you end up baby-sitting grown adults, listening to their pity parties about why they can’t build a business. Or, you listen to a bunch of financially destitute, unemployed or broke people tell you why they don’t have the $50 to pay the enrollment fee. With a Top Tier MLM Company, you won’t work with this type of person. I’m not knocking people in the categories listed above. I’m just saying that I would rather work with financially secure, confident, and serious entrepreneurs who don’t waste my time or give me a bunch of sob stories.

6) Less Competition: In my opinion, you have less competition promoting a Top Tier MLM Company. Most of these companies have less people promoting the business opportunity (online or offline), than a traditional MLM Company. On the other hand, if you do an internet search for a traditional MLM Company, you will find THOUSANDS of people promoting it. This makes it hard to stand out in the crowd.

7) Great Income Potential: I truly believe that Top Tier MLM Companies offer great income potential, during the first few years. However, I also realize that you can earn a small fortune with a traditional MLM Company, after five to ten years. But if you need to earn money now, the Top Tier MLM Company is the best way to go.

8) Marketing System: One of my favorite things about Top Tier MLM Companies is that they offer great marketing systems. One of the biggest struggles for network marketers is that they get involved and don’t have a good coach to help them market their business. They sign up and never hear from their sponsor again. The key to success in any business is marketing. That’s why you should join a company with a good marketing system in place. Most Top Tier Companies have a dedicated sales force and training department that follows up with your leads and team members for you. How cool is that?

9) Return on Investment: With a Top Tier MLM Company, it’s easier to get a positive return on your investment right away. In most cases, you only need to generate 1-2 sales to get your money back. After that you are in the profits!

10) Less Stressful: Personally, I think Top Tier Companies are less stressful to do. This is just a personal opinion. What I love most is that that all you have to do is focus on marketing and making sales.  You have no one to train or help.  You have no one to babysit.  You almost take out the human element completely, which is pretty neat.

List of Top Tier MLM Companies

Listed below, you will find a list of the Top Tier MLM Companies. This is not an all inclusive list. I learn about new companies every day. When I discover a new company, I will update this list. Furthermore, if you know about a Top Tier MLM Company not listed, simply leave a comment on the bottom of this page and let me know about it. Thanks.

Elite Marketing Pro

• Life Path Unlimited®

Empower Network

• Wealth Masters International

• My Top Tier Business

Controversy with Top Tier MLM Companies

While there are many great things about Top Tier MLM Companies, there are also some negative things about them that you should know up front.

First of all, many folks dispute the legality of these companies since there are NORMALLY no physical products involved.  Many of these companies are selling a SERVICE such as coaching, seminars and training, or they are selling digital products

Another controversy with these companies is the large start up costs.  Some people claim that spending a few thousand dollars or more, and not knowing what you are really getting for that money (other than a business opportunity) is shady and questionable.  For most people, a few thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend on a business opportunity, and is a lot of money to lose.

IF you don’t know how to market online properly, I would personally avoid the Top Tier MLM Companies because you will fail.  However, if you have good online marketing skills, and a good marketing budget, this type of company might be the right fit for you.

Individual results will always vary.  Make sure you do your due diligence before you start ANY type of business.  Ask a lot of questions.  Trust your instincts.  And don’t rush into it.

Final Thoughts about Top Tier MLM Companies

In summary, Top Tier MLM Companies offer a unique business opportunity for the serious online entrepreneur. Your key to success with Top Tier Companies is to find a good company that offers a service, or product, that you enjoy and find a value in. If you want to succeed and make a lot of money, you need to develop your online marketing skills.

Additionally, please know that many network marketers are now doing both business models at the same time (I do). That way, they have immediate income and long-term residual income. Ultimately, what you decide to do is up to you.

On a side note, I want to hear from you. Please share your opinions or personal stories about Top Tier MLM Companies with the rest of our online community. Why did you join a Top Tier Company? Why not? To share your opinion, testimonial or personal success story, just leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day.

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8 thoughts on “Top Tier MLM Companies: What You Should Know”

  1. Thank you for this information. I just signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to learning more. I am with a company called Enagic. Please look into it and give me your feedback. Thank you

  2. I really like the idea of getting involved in the traditional MLM format and a top tier MLM companies. It is smart in this day and time to pursue multiple sources of income because as well as something could be doing right now that does not mean it will be the case forever. So to have something to fall back on or to have a source of income for the present and the future is wonderful. Especially for someone like me who is a single mom looking to be financially independent well into the future.

  3. If you are going to make a career and life change and get into the world of MLM business, then I agree that it is smart to do your homework before making that jump. After reading this post, I wonder if going with a Top Tier company would be the smartest thing for a new to MLM. Would you recommend going with a more traditional company when first starting out? (One with a product like Mary Kay, Avon, or the like?) This might allow one to get their feet wet first.

    1. I think they both have their merits. The Top Tier Programs offer the opportunity to make an instant full time income within your first 30 to 90 days IF you know online marketing. The traditional MLM companies give you leverage and allow you to make the long term income. I like doing both myself.

  4. Thanks for sharing info about top Tier MLM companies. I am still a little skeptical for all the reasons you listed in the post. This is something I would certainly research before truly getting involved. I did see a video once, about a company that seems similar to what you are discussing here. They had three levels to make money a $50, a transitional group and a $1000 group. They compensation plan looked amazing. I just thought that might be difficult to pitch to friends an family.

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