Top MLM Company for Baby Boomers

The top MLM Company for Baby Boomers…

It is my generation! I am a baby boomer. Do you know what the generation breakdowns are. Well, I am about to give away my approximate age… No more playing off like I am 28 anymore.

Okay so you know, these are the generation breakdowns:

  • Silent Generation – Born up to 1945
  • Baby Boomers – 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X – 1965 to 1976
  • Generation Y – 1977 to 1995
  • and Generation Z – 1996 to ?

So in today’s post, we are going to look at Baby Boomers and I am going to tell you the absolute TOP MLM COMPANY for Baby Boomers.

But before I tell you the best MLM company for Baby Boomers, let’s look at a bunch of cool and interesting facts about my generation… The Baby Boomer Generation. We are the babies that were generated from World War II.

Baby Boomer Fact: It Went Hand-In-Hand With The Suburban Boom

It was the same time when getting out of the city to the suburbs was the norm. People wanted to raise their families in these quieter areas.

Baby Boomer Fact: Why Retire?

65% of Baby Boomers plan on working past the age of 65 or not retiring at all. This brings MLM up to the forefront.

Baby Boomer Fact: About 26%

Statistics show that Baby Boomers make up approximately 26% of the population.

Baby Boomer Fact: California Has The Most

top mlm company for Baby Boomers
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California has the most Baby Boomers followed by:

  • Texas
  • New York
  • and Florida

Baby Boomer Fact: Baby Boomers Love The Internet

According to a study by Google, 78% of Baby Boomers are online.

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Baby Boomer Fact: 92% Are looking For Work

Of that percentage, 59% are unemployed and looking and the rest are employed but are still looking. This is why many Baby Boomers are interested in starting a home based MLM business.

Baby Boomer Fact: College Educations

Just over 29% of Baby Boomers have graduated from college and just under 29% have attended college without graduating.

Baby Boomer Fact: Median Net Worth

The housing bubble burst brought it down, but the median net worth of Baby Boomers is approximately $179,000.

Baby Boomer Fact: Large Foreign Born Percentage

Statistics show that approximately 10,000,000 Baby Boomers in the United States were born in a foreign country.

Baby Boomer Fact: Most Are Or Have Been Married

90% of Baby Boomers are married or widowed.

Baby Boomer Fact: Homeowners

Approximately 80% of Baby Boomers own their home.

Baby Boomer Fact: Facebook Love

84.9% of Baby Boomers have Facebook.

Baby Boomer Fact: Baby Boomer Presidents

The last 4 Presidents were Baby Boomers:

  • President Trump – Born 1946
  • Barack Obama – Born 1963
  • George W. Bush – Born 1946
  • Bill Clinton – Born 1946

Baby Boomer Fact: Entrepreneurs

More than 80% of Baby Boomers launch ventures as a lifestyle choice or to boost income.

And so much more

No matter how you look at it, Baby Boomers have a huge say in what happens in this present world. We are the business owners and we are the consumers. I am not saying other generations don’t fit in there… Millennials are catching us fast, but at this point in time, we Baby Boomers RULE THE WORLD!! Ha, ha.

Now to tell you the top MLM company for Baby Boomers.

Before I move further, I will tell you that I do have a home based business with this MLM company.

The organic products help keep us Baby Boomers feeling like we are 28. That is a fact!

We have products such as:

  • Earth Greens Powder
  • Organic Bug Spray
  • Various Essential Oils
  • and much more great products to help us live and be younger

The name of the company is Essante. I have been greatly impressed since I started the business and I know you will be impressed too. So I highly recommend that you check them out.

Learn More about Essante

You can then order some of the products to try them out, or click the opportunity and start your own home based Essante business.

It has helped me feel healthier and live wealthier. Whether you are a Baby Boomer or not, check out the information to see if it is a good fit for you.



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