Top MLM Companies in Cambodia

Today, I want to share what I believe are the top 10 MLM Companies in Cambodia.

This information is just my personal opinion and is very subjective. I’ve assembled this list through independent research. I put together the list using a variety of factors such as years in business, annual sales, number of reps, the products, online reputation, plus the opinions of a few of my MLM friends. Please note I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies.

Top 10 MLM Companies in Cambodia

Top 10 MLM Companies in Cambodia

I’ll start with # 10 and work my way down to # 1. Enjoy.

# 10: Jeunesse

Jeunesse was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis on September 9, 2009. In 2018 sales were $1.46 billion. Jeunesse has been named on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing private companies for five straight years.

They do business in over 110 countries around the world. They opened for business in Cambodia in 2015 with a corporate office in Phnom Penh.

Our Mission:

The Jeunesse family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look & feel young, while empowering each other to unleash our potential.

Source: Jeunesse

# 9: Organo Gold

If you’ve spent any time in the MLM Industry, I’m pretty sure you have heard of Organo Gold. The company was founded in 2008. They specialize in coffee products, with a focus on products containing Ganoderma lucidum.

Organo Gold offers several different products ranging from personal care items and nutraceuticals to coffees and teas. Organo is based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. They do business in approximately 45 different countries.

ORGANO is a global network marketing company on a mission to change lives by helping people reach new levels of balance, freedom and well-being through our premium products and business opportunity.

Source: Organo Gold

# 8: Atomy

Atomy is doing great in the MLM World. Atomy was founded in 2009. In their first year they had $21 million in sales. The company opened for business in the USA in 2010. They opened for business in Cambodia in 2016.

In December 2017, Atomy won the Export Tower Award. They do business in 11 countries and have more than 4 million active members. They offer food, fashion, personal care and skin care items.

People should be regarded with the highest value. Atomy adheres to its Absolute Quality Absolute Price policy, and its management objective is “customer success.” The reason for this is because we are the center of God’s creation, and Atomy believes that people are the goal, not a means to an end. Thus, we will continue to be a company that loves people, and one that channels our efforts into helping our members succeed. As a result, Atomy will be a company that grows and matures together with our society.

Source: Atomy

# 7: Gano Excel

Gano Excel was founded in 1995 by Leow Soon Seng. It is based in Malaysia.

Gano Excel is one of the world’s largest producers of ganoderma, operating a state-of-the-art organic plantation in Alor Setar, Malaysia. The company has developed a range of products incorporating ganoderma.

Gano Excel’s flagship product is its line of coffees, marketed under the Ganocafé brand as “healthy coffee.” The company also markets its own line of ganoderma-containing personal care products, including facial and body creams, lotions, soaps, and toothpaste.

Yearly sales are approximately $500 million. They do business in approximately 35 countries and have more than 2 million distributors worldwide. Their Cambodian headquarters are located in Phnom Penh.

At Gano Excel, we promote health & wealth, with only one reason, Good Health gives Good Wealth. We want all our distributors to prioritize health above wealth because once they pursue health, they can start earning a lucrative income with Gano Excel’s business opportunity.

~ Leow Ah Bah, Executive Director

# 6: Nu Skin

Nu Skin does more than $2 billion in sales each year. They are a MAJOR player in the MLM Industry.

They operate in 48 countries around the world, including Cambodia. They offer personal care products, nutritional products, technology products and skin care (more than 200 products available).

Nu Skin has a 30+ year track record. Their stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company has approximately 800,000 distributors worldwide. Their Cambodian office is located in Phnom Penh.

Our mission is to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

Source: Nu Skin

# 5: Tiens Group

Tiens Group is located in Tianjin, China. They specialize in dietary supplements. As of 2008, there were more than 12 million distributors worldwide.

Their Cambodian office is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The company launched in 1995 and went international in 1997. Tiens Group’s business has spread to more than 190 countries around the world, established branches in 110 countries and regions, and formed strategic alliances with leading companies in many countries around the world.

Mission: To promote a positive, natural and healthy lifestyle.

Source: Tiens

# 4: Oriflame

Founded in 1967, Oriflame is one of the largest MLM Companies in the world, in terms of revenue. Oriflame sells personal care, lip balms, accessories and dietary supplements. Their headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to the Oriflame website, the company sells in more than 60 countries through a sales force of approximately 3.6 million distributors with sales of €1.36 billion in 2017.

We are passionate about beauty, our business and, most importantly, about our people – Oriflame employees and everyone who enjoys our products, who starts their own business, changes their lives and fulfils their dreams. Passion fuels our belief in the power of dreams to inspire, sustain, and change lives.

Source: Oriflame

# 3: Amway

What list would be complete without Amway on it? I had to include Amway in the top 10 MLM Companies in Cambodia!

Founded in 1959, Amway has become a POWERHOUSE in the network marketing industry. I personally consider it the GRANDFATHER of MLM, even though some other companies have been around longer.

Amway does around $8 BILLION in annual sales, has hundreds of products and millions of distributors worldwide. The company is privately owned and is located in Ada, Michigan.

Amway gets people into a new life of excitement, promise, profit, and hope.

~ Jay Van Andel, Co-Founder

# 2: Forever Living Products

Founded by Rex Maughan in 1978, Forever Living Products is a multi-BILLION dollar MLM Company specializing in aloe vera products, bee-derived cosmetics, dietary supplements and personal care products.

According to some statistics, there are nearly 9.3 million distributors worldwide. Their corporate office is in Arizona, and they also have a branch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We will create a profitable environment where individuals can, with dignity, be what they want to be: where integrity, empathy and fun are our guides. We will create and cherish a passion for, and belief in, our company, our products and our industry.

Source: Forever Living Product

# 1: Herbalife

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. They are a publicly traded company with more than $3 billion in annual sales.

They offer weight loss, personal care, health and nutritional supplements. Their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. The company has around 3,500 employees and does business in more than 63 countries. There are over 3 million distributors worldwide

The Herbalife mission, according to its website, is to “change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight management products in the world.”

The Herbalife Cambodia headquarters is located in Phnom Penh.

We’ve been on a mission for nutrition since 1980, and our purpose has never been more important. We’re providing access to good nutrition to communities around the world, and an economic opportunity to people who want to improve lives.

~ Michael O. Johnson, Chairman and CEO

Facts About Cambodia

Facts About Cambodia

Just to keep things interesting, here are a few quick facts about Cambodia.

  • It has a population of approximately 16 million people
  • The capital is Phnom Penh
  • The official language is Khmer
  • It is located in Asia
  • Buddhism is the primary religion
  • The Cambodian Riel is the primary currency

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. There are the top 10 MLM Companies in Cambodia, as I see it. Do you agree or disagree with my rankings? Is there a company I should have added, but left out? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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