Top 9 MLM Lead Generation Strategies of All Time

In today’s post, I want to share my top 9 MLM Lead Generation Strategies of all time.  If you’re like most people in our industry, the only advice you have ever received is to “make a list” of the people you know and then contact everyone on that list about your business opportunity.

I have to tell you that this approach does work for some people. Thousands of people have gone before you and built a successful network marketing business using that method, so it can be done.  That being said, not everyone you sponsor will feel comfortable contacting their friends and family about their business or products, so you definitely need to know some alternate lead generation strategies to share with them.

Today, we’re going to cover 9 proven MLM Lead Generation Strategies.  Some of these strategies might be new to you.  Others you might be very familiar with.  As a quick preface, I still believe it’s important to talk to people you know and the people you meet in everyday life.  This will always be a relationship and face to face business.

In addition, you still want to approach three to five people a day face-to-face, even if you are using one of these proven lead generation strategies.  And you should still approach your friends and family about becoming customers (at a minimum).

I say that because most lead generation strategies listed below will not normally produce immediate results.  In most cases, you will have to go through a short learning curve (three to twelve months minimum) to figure things out and become proficient at it.  During that learning curve, you will still want to grow your business, so that’s why you still need to talk to people.

I also suggest that you make a name list of everyone you know and contact them about becoming a customer.  You can do that by sending them a letter in the mail explaining what you do (read my post on how to do that). Once again, everyone should START with their warm market.  But after you’ve gone through your warm market, you will want to follow one of the 9 MLM Lead Generation Strategies mentioned below.

They are listed in no particular order.

# 1 Postcards – I am a huge fan of postcard marketing and direct mail.  If I was going to use postcards this is the approach I would use.  First and foremost, I would clearly identify my target market for people who would be interested in BUYING my PRODUCTS.  Next, I would buy a mailing list of people in that target market.  Finally, I would send an offer for something FREE to these people in the mail.

I WOULD NOT try to SELL my product or business opportunity from the postcard.  All of my efforts would be on generating leads.  When people responded to my free offer, I would follow up with them with a multi-step follow up process and introduce them to my products and opportunity, via a series of follow-up messages.  The benefit of doing this is that it is simple and fairly easy to do.  The drawback is that it can be expensive.  Learn more about postcard marketing.

# 2 Blogging – Blogging is another great strategy to generate leads for your network marketing business, but it is NOT a strategy that will produce instant results.  It took me almost two years to build a high traffic blog.  However, once you have a high traffic blog, it is pretty easy to maintain and it pretty much runs on auto-pilot, generating leads 24/7.

If I was to give you advice about building your own blog, I would suggest that you blog about the benefits of your products. For example, if you sell energy drinks, make a blog about energy drinks.  Do NOT make a blog about your MLM Company or specific products.  In most cases, these names are trademarks and you are not allowed to write about them online.

The benefit of blogging is that you can create multiple streams of income, it is very low cost, and you can build an international audience and team. The downside is that it normally takes a couple of years to build a high traffic blog and you have to do a lot of writing, which most people don’t like to do.

I’ve invested more than 10,000 hours building this blog.  You can learn how I build my MLM Business by blogging.

leads 24/7# 3 Prospecting Face to Face – This is the one of the oldest, easiest, fastest, and most proven ways of generating leads and building a successful network marketing business.  Study the top earners from ANY of the big MLM Companies in existence and you will see that most of them still teach the Three Foot Rule to their team (because it works).  In other words, you simply talk to 5, 10, or 20 people a day about your business.

Whenever someone comes within three feet of you, you prospect them.  This is very easy to do for people with outgoing personalities, but it can be tough for the introvert.  Another good thing about this lead generation method is that it is free to do.  And you can get started right from day one.  The major downside is that most people you sponsor won’t feel comfortable approaching strangers to grow their MLM Business.

# 4 YouTube – YouTube is a great way to generate leads for your MLM Business.  If you aren’t camera shy, you could make a channel on YouTube and you can potentially have HUNDREDS of videos promoting your business or products. As a word of caution, you never want to make videos about your company or products specifically, since that is prohibited by most companies (trademark violation or distributor agreement violation).

If you sell weight loss products, you would want to make videos about weight loss, getting healthy, etc.  You could include a link to your capture page below each video and use the videos to drive traffic to your capture page.  When it comes to video marketing, don’t expect immediate results either.  Ideally, you want to make at least 100+ videos in your first two months and then add 2-10 new videos to your channel every single week.  This will keep your momentum going and help you build up a large following.

The MAJOR benefits of video marketing are two-fold.  First of all, Google owns YouTube so they typically rank YouTube videos pretty high in the search engines.  This means you can get lots of FREE traffic to your videos.  Secondly, people like videos because they can see you, hear you and connect with you.  This is not a strategy that should be overlooked.   It’s also a free lead generation strategy.  Learn how to grow your business on YouTube.

# 5 Events – I have a close friend in another company who has a monster team.  She built her team pretty much entirely through local events.  This could include bazaars, health fairs, trade shows, craft shows, local festivals, exhibits, mall events, etc.  The beauty of events is that people come to you!  People visit your booth and you can sell your product, generate a lead or sponsor them on the spot.

When it comes to events your primary goal should be to generate leads.  Use a free giveaway and collect the name, email and phone number of everyone you can.  Follow up with each person after the event within 24 to 48 hours and you should find plenty of new customers. This works best when you team up with 1-2 of your downline and you split the cost and help each other.  You can read my post about how to build your business with events.

# 6 Classified Ads – People have been building their MLM Businesses via classified ads for more than 50 years.  Up until the early 2000s classified ads were a very popular way to advertise a MLM Business.  They still work, but you have to be creative if you want to get a good response rate.

Once again, you don’t want to advertise a business opportunity or even your products.  Instead, you want to advertise something for free and use a two-step selling process. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you could advertise a free facial and then talk about your products and business while you are giving the person a free facial. Does that make sense?

What’s great about classifieds is once you find an ad that converts well, you can scale your efforts and advertise nationwide.  You can also start cheap (most ads are less than $50) and test your results.  Learn how to use classified ads the right way.

# 7 Newsletters– I love newsletters.  My newsletters bring in most of my money in my businesses.  I’ve been doing newsletters for years and I can assure you that they work.  I learned about the concept from Dan Kennedy.

What kind of newsletter should do?  Let me give you an example.  Once again, let’s assume you sell weight loss products.  You could create a weight loss newsletter that shares weight loss tips, ideas, suggested books, products reviews and even a little bit of information about your products and company.

Your primary goal is to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.   You give it away for free and send out a copy in the mail once a month.  Your job is to get subscribers and then to let your newsletter do the sorting, sifting and selling for you.  Your newsletter will educate your prospects and will sift and sort through your prospects to find good customers and distributors for your business. Every time I mail out my newsletter I make money!  You can too. Learn how to build your business with your own newsletter.

# 8 Home Parties – Home parties are a PROVEN way to generate new leads and build your network marketing business quickly.  This concept has been around nearly 60 years and it still works great today.

Basically, you launch your business by having a home party at your own home.  You invite a bunch of people over, do a presentation and then sign up the interested people.  After you’ve done 1-2 home parties at your own home, you start doing them at other people’s homes.  The beauty of doing this lead generation strategy is that it is SIMPLE and effective.

Anyone can do it.  It can be duplicated in your team.  It’s also a proven method of building a team of customers and distributors.  What’s great about home parties is you can meet five to twenty new people in a single setting.  It’s also a great way to get referrals.  It’s very low cost, too. Learn more about home parties.

real time mlm leads# 9 Pay Per Click – PPC is another one of those love hate things with people.  Of all the strategies on this list, this the fastest way to generate leads for your network marketing business.  Even on your first day, you can generate 100+ leads.  Nothing else even comes close when it comes to the speed of generating leads.

The key is, you have to know what you are doing or you will LOSE YOUR SHIRT.  I use Bing PPC Ads to generate leads for my network marketing business.  MLM ads are pretty much BANNED on Google Adwords and Facebook, unless you try and trick them.

When it comes to PPC, DO NOT advertise a business opportunity, EVER.  That is the fastest way to go broke.  You don’t want to get yourself in trouble with your company’s legal department either, so make sure you advertise a free report, free DVD, information product, etc.  Generate your leads online and get them in your auto-responder, so you can use a follow-up sequence to convert some of your leads into customers and distributors.

With all of these strategies, this is what I recommend.

  1. Never lead with your business opportunity; be product focused.  Leading with a business opportunity is the fastest way to go broke.  No one, and I mean no one cares about your business opportunity.
  2. Use a two step selling process.  Most people will not buy the first time they meet you.  You need to use a good follow up process to get people to know you, like you and trust you, BEFORE they will buy from you.
  3. Give away something for free, such as a FREE REPORT, video or Boot Camp.  People love FREE stuff.  Whatever method you choose, make sure you are giving away something for free.
  4. Build a BIG highly targeted list.  The money is in the list.  Build a big list.  Protect your list at all costs.
  5. Follow up forever with a good follow-up sequence.  The money is in the follow up.  The more you follow up, the better you will do.  Follow up until people die or tell you to stop.
  6. Have a LONG TERM approach to your business.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You need to commit to your business and lead generation plan for at least three years.  Trying this for 90 days will get you nowhere.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are the best lead generation strategies I use (or have used) to build my MLM Business.  Just like any other business, you need a game plan, a marketing budget, a willingness to work hard and a long-term approach. This is all a PROCESS.  You won’t succeed overnight, but if you get started, learn from your mistakes, keep making adjustments, and persevere, you will succeed.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about my 9 effective lead generation strategies for your network marketing business?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

DISCLAIMER:  I hate to add a disclaimer, but I know someone out there will require me to do it.  Individual results will always vary.  You can succeed or fail with any of these methods.

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6 thoughts on “Top 9 MLM Lead Generation Strategies of All Time”

  1. Blogging is a great way to generate leads because it works for you long after you have completed a post. You spend a few minutes daily or however often you choose to blog, and then people come to you and connect with you directly through your blog. However, I also place a lot of value on direct mail such as postcards because they are quite personal and they do work pretty effectively.

    1. I love blogging. It’s a lot of work and there is a lot of competition, but if you can build a popular, high traffic blog, you will have more leads than you know what to do with.

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  3. Greg Boudonck

    Joe is right, this is great information. I especially like the use of postcards. It is a seldom used advertising resource by network marketers. I also am in agreement with the freebie to gain a great atmosphere with the prospect. I always believe samples of the product are one of the best free items to give. This way the people are getting to try the product.

    1. Samples are some of your best advertising. Postcards can be a great way to generate new leads. They are also a great way to stay in touch with people. At the end of the day, you need to find a strategy that works for you and focus on that one strategy until you have it mastered.

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  5. Joe Mardesich

    Wow, this post is a goldmine of valuable information. Anyone who grasps what you’re teaching here has in their hands what they need to get all the leads they and their team will ever need. Great post Chuck!

    1. Thanks Joe. Lead generation is one of the most important skills in network marketing. Once you know how to get endless leads you really are in the driver’s seat.

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