Top 8 Menard Brands

It is quite evident that Japanese women are notoriously adamant about the look and feel of their skin. They are picky about the brands and types of cosmetics and many years ago, in 1959, Daisuke Nonogawa founded Nippon Menard Cosmetic Company.

Using a direct sales format, this great Japanese cosmetics company has grown to high levels of success. Now, there are various Menard spas in high class locations around the world.

In today’s post, I am going to give you my opinion of the top 8 Menard brands.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with Menard. The information is provided as a service to our readers and we are not compensated by the company or any of the Menard Cosmetics representatives.

What we offer our customers is more than a product. We offer something intangible: Magokoro comes with every one of our products. To us at MENARD, Magokoro means a sincere dedication to brightening people’s lifestyles and contributing to society through beauty.

It means treating everyone with kindness. And it means thinking sincerely about what we can do for our customers’ beauty, then putting it into practice. We hope to be your most trusted beauty advisor and consultant. “Seeking true beauty”: to us at MENARD, these are words to live by.”

#1: Authent

This brand by Menard was developed specifically with anti-aging properties. The primary product under this brand is a cream that uses a specially blended rose extract that is exquisite.

#2: Jupier

The Jupier brand from Menard is the high quality makeups that includes:

  • Makeup Base
  • Foundation
  • Face Powder
  • Eye Coloration
  • Lip Sticks

#3: Embellir

Using the magic properties of the Reishi mushroom, Embellir has a magnificent line of products:

  • Cleansing cream
  • Massage cream
  • Lipstick
  • Foundation
  • Toner
  • Day and night creams
  • and much more

#4: Menard Herb Mask

A mask made with delicate herbs that clears your skin taking dead skin cells and leaving your complexion soft and supple. The fragrance puts you in a state of relaxation.

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#5: Saranari

These creams are luxurious. The Saranari brand provides:

  • Cleansing cream
  • Massage cream
  • Washing cream
  • Lotion
  • Emulsion
  • Day cream
  • Night cream
  • and Eye cream

#6: Beauness

This brand was developed for body care after bathing. It provides a protective barrier but does not hinder other products you use for your skin care.

The Beauness brand includes:

  • Pre lotion
  • Mask sheet
  • and Mist type lotion

#7: Tsukika

Using the mysterious Selenicereus flower, the Tsukika brand provides a delightful fragrance of freshly cut flowers in bloom.

It includes:

  • Cleansing cream,
  • Washing cream,
  • Massage cream,
  • Lotion,
  • Milk lotion,
  • and Cream

#8: Colax

And to shine the light of the woman’s soul, Menard developed the Colax brand which consists of a fantastic serum that has a floral scent for the body and an eye cream that magnifies the beauty in those eyes.

Final Thoughts

Menard has a grand reputation and many famous personalities swear only by Menard products.

Have you used any of these brands?

Tell us your experience and if you have any questions, you can post those below.

Thank you.


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